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Chapter 1: Last Chance

Three teenagers skated down the street, jumping, grinding, flipping their boards, laughing, and having a good time as they found their destination in a suburban area. The smallest of them was dressed in a white sweatshirt, a black skating helmet, and the hood of the sweatshirt up. The small person's face was concealed. Upon arriving at a huge mansion under construction, the hooded figure jumped over a medium sized wall; skateboard in hand, into the deserted back yard with a nice empty pool.

A couple of seconds later, two guys that were tall and muscular jumped over the wall as well. They laughed triumphantly and started skating in the empty pool when another group of three guys walked up to them, but with bikes instead of skateboards. The tallest of the group already skating in the pool stopped and got up off his board, looking at the intruders.

"No, no, no. Sorry bro, this casa isn't su casa. No way." The tall brunette teenager glared up at the bikers.

"Get out." The apparent leader of the three bikers said stubbornly.

"There's like six other empty pools," another one of the skaters jumped into the conversation.

"That aren't as deep." The biker smirked.

"You're not that good." The brunette skater laughed as the other skater in the group dressed in the white hoodie just sat at the edge of the empty pool, watching everything unravel.

"Whoever goes off this roof," The biker pointed up to the highest roof of the abandoned mansion, "onto the slide," He pointed to the long, small blue slide on the lower roof, "and into the pool stays."

No words needed to be exchanged as the white hooded skater stood up and the leader of the three bikers raced to the door of the mansion, running up the steps to the highest roof.

I found the cure to growing older
And you're the only place that feels like home
Just so you know, you'll never know
And some secrets weren't meant to be told
But I found the cure to growing older

The biker was the first one to go. He quickly grinded with the side bars on his bike down to the lower roof, and onto the slide.

I'm the first kid to write of hearts, lies, and friends
And I am sorry my conscience called in sick again

Once airborne, he did a back flip, landing in the pool, but once he went up one of the sides of the pool and was in the air again, he lost control of where he was going and had to jump off his bike before he ran into the wall along with his bike.

The two skater boys just laughed and yelled, "Come on T.L! You got this!"

And I've got arrogance down to a science
Oh, and I'm the first kid to write of hearts, lies, and friends

Now it was the skater's chance as they jumped onto their board, onto the solid little side of the ladder, grinding on the trucks of the board and then jumping off the ladder a little early to flip their board in the air, landing gracefully on one of the lower roofs.

Douse yourself in cheap perfume it's
So fitting, so fitting of the way you are
You can't cover it up
Can't cover it up

The petite hooded figure did an ollie, going down the small blue slide and once airborne again grabbed the body of the board while bending a little so they could spin mid air with it. Getting back into normal position, the skater landed the trick and went up on the pool, getting more air again.

Douse yourself in cheap perfume it's
So fitting, so fitting of the way you are
You can't cover it up
Can't cover it up

The other skaters cheered their approval as the figure dressed in white flipped the board and grabbed it in mid-air right in front of the bikers in a mocking way and then landed at the would-be ramp of the pool, going straight for a wooden board. The mysterious person rode their board up the long plank of wood, but wasn't expecting a huge glass window to be there as they smashed right through it, losing their board and landing on their face ungracefully.

The other skaters ran to their friend's aid immediately, helping their semi-injured friend up as the person in white shook the glass shards off. The alarm to the house suddenly started going off.

"Shit! Let's get out of here!" one of the skaters hollered. And with that, everyone ran. The person in white was the only one to go a different direction, leaving their skateboard as they jumped over the wall and started running, discarding the sweatshirt, their black helmet, and hidden beanie underneath their helmet.

Long blonde hair now flowed freely in the wind as she ran down a dirt road; she could hear the sirens of the cops.

'This isn't the first time I've made out with law enforcement. We've kind of had this ongoing flirtation.'

The blue eyed girl turned a corner only to see two big police cars going down that street. Coming to a sliding halt, she started running down the other direction of the dirt road, running towards a main street.

'We've been on some dates, broken up, got back together, but honestly until now I haven't been ready for anything steady.'

She casually started walking down the street, acting as if nothing was wrong when she heard the cops cruising behind her and a female voice came out from one of the cars through speakers over the sirens. "You're pushin' it, Lilly." The blonde threw her head back and rolled her eyes.

'But, you know, people change.'

The petite girl suddenly took off in full sprint down the street.

'And I felt like maybe I was ready for a more serious… courtship.'

Half-an-hour later, the blonde was holding up a board, taking her mug shot, flipping off the camera and in the next moment, she was sitting in court with her mother.

'Meet the court.'

A redheaded woman cop stood up from her seat. "It looks to be about fourteen thousand dollars in property damage."

"Lilly." The old, sweet looking judge looked at the young blonde girl, sitting in her seat with her arms crossed. "I assure you, incarceration is not as much fun as it sounds. This is your last chance, if you mess up one more time, you're going straight to juvenile hall. That's all, you're dismissed." And with that, the old lady all in black slammed down her hammer, making the decision final.

A couple of hours later, Lilly sat in room at home when she heard a soft knock on the door.

"What is it?" The blonde sighed, rubbing her temples. It had been a long day and her head was killing her after smashing through that window like that.

Her mother walked into the room, looking like she was there to handle business. "Lillian, I've had it. We're moving to Malibu. Pack your bags, we're leaving tomorrow."

"What!?" The teenager practically screamed. "Mom! No! This isn't fair! I have friends here!"

"You know what's not fair Lillian?" Her mother pulled out the fine. "14,000 dollars in damage Lilly and guess whose stuck with paying it, AGAIN. I'm sick of going to court at least once a month for your stupid stunts and being left with the ticket. This is your last chance, and I'm not going to let you ruin it. Now pack your bags." And with that, her mother left, ending the argument.

The Next Day

Lilly let out an angry huff as she tossed her bag into the trunk of her car, she refused to ride with her mom, she could drive herself thank you very much. As she was getting in the car, her two friends Mike and Zack walked up to her.

"Lilly, dude, I heard what happened. I'm sorry you got busted." Zack said regretfully.

"Don't worry about it guys, it's not your fault." She smiled a little, standing next to her 1968 Chevelle convertible that was blue with white stripes.

"I heard you're moving to Malibu. We're going to miss you… we'll come visit you some time, we promise," Mike said with a sad smile on his face, leaning in to give the distressed girl a hug.

"Yeah, don't forget about us, okay?" Zack smiled, hugging her once Mike was done.

"I love you guys." Lilly gave them a small smile and got in the car.

The boys just stood there and waved as the watched Lilly and her mom drive away in their cars.

The Next Week

It was Monday morning as Lilly ran down the stair of her new house, grabbing her backpack and swinging it onto her back. It was her first day at her new school and she was going to be late. She grabbed a pop tart as it bounced out of the toaster and put it in her mouth, running towards the door and grabbing her skateboard. She looked in the mirror one last time, pulling her white hood of her open jacket over her black hat with the bill sticking out. You could actually see her face in this outfit.

Today she was sporting a white shirt with a random black design on it with a white comfy open jacket with black stripes going across it and on the hood there was a volcolm symbol on it in red and white. She had on a nice black hat with the hood over it nicely, tight, yet a little bit loose jeans ripped at the knees, a stylish belt, and her favorite white and black Circa brand skating shoes.

Once she saw no flaw in her outfit, she quickly ran out the door, skateboard in hand, pop tart already eaten. She skated as fast as she could, sure she could have driven to school, but where's the fun in that?

The blonde let out a relieved sigh when she saw the school up ahead and then saw a bench. She grinned and jumped into the air with her board, flipping it in the air, and then grinding on the bench. A figure on the sidewalk watching her caught her attention as she started grinding on the bench.

The girl watching her had dark brown curly hair, with deep blue eyes full of awe. The slim girl was wearing a short pink skirt, a black tight shirt, and some heels.

'Wow, she's… beautiful,' Lilly thought as she watched the girl. She couldn't take her eyes off of her, but she felt her board give a sudden jerk, stopping abruptly while she was still in motion. Tumbling to the ground, she felt her face smack down on the cold, unforgiving pavement. She could hear her board clatter down to the ground somewhere close to her and then heard a gasp and the sound of high heals clicking on the ground.

"Oh my god, are you ok?" The blonde heard a strong southern accent as she rolled over, trying to focus on the person leaning over her.

Her blue eyes slowly came into focus, looking at the brunette angel with the sun shining through her hair, making it look as if she was glowing and it really made her blue eyes sparkle.

"I uh, um…" Lilly stuttered, she couldn't believe how nervous and embarrassed she was. "I-I'm fine." She finally managed to say as she slowly stood up, shaking her head to shake off the dizziness.

"You don't look fine… you're bleeding," the southern girl persisted, a worried look on her face.

Lilly could feel a warm substance slowly sliding down her lip and she wiped it away, looking at her fingers to see that she was, in fact, bleeding.

"Eh, it's just a split lip, I've had worse." The blonde just shrugged it off, wiping the rest of the blood off.

"Well uh…" The brunette awkwardly shuffled her feet. "Are you new here? I don't think I've ever seen you around." She blushed.

"Yup, my name is Lilly, I just transferred here from Florida. And you are…?"

"Miley." The blue eyed angel finally looked back up at Lilly, smiling big, showing off her pearly whites. Lilly couldn't help but smile back, her smile was contagious. "Oh geeze, I think we're going to be late." Miley sighed, looking at the time.

"Oh well, it's ok. I don't want to be here anyways." Lilly simply shrugged, picking her skate board back up as she started walking to school with Miley.

"I hope you don't mind me asking, but . . . why did you transfer here?" Miley asked as she walked a little faster to catch up to Lilly.

The blonde stopped abruptly. 'Do I really want to her to see me as a trouble maker? A punk . .?' Lilly looked down to the ground, trying to make a decision. "It's not important." She finally looked up, putting on her best fake smile.

Upon arriving at the school Lilly pulled out her schedule and looked around.

"Need help?" Miley smiled, taking the schedule and glancing over it. "Well, it looks like you have first, second, and sixth period with me."

"Cool" Lilly simply shrugged, readjusting her hood and wiping off some dirt on her jeans. "Lead the way."

Miley grinned and linked arms with the unsuspecting skater, starting to drag her towards their first period, English

"W-whoa, hey, slow down." Lilly was tripping over her own feet, trying to keep up with the brunette.

"Well if we don't hurry, we're gonna be late." Miley grinned and then opened up the door to their class right as the late bell rang.

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