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Chapter 12: Rev 22-20

"I want you to . . . Show me how much you really love me." Miley said softly as she grabbed Lilly's hand, guiding her hand up her outer thigh.

"Are you sure?" Lilly looked at Miley, trying to contain herself.

There was no hesitation in Miley's eyes as she leaned up and kissed the blonde and pulled away, saying with confidence. "I'm sure."

Lilly hovered above the gorgeous brunette beneath her, eyes still closed and lips slightly puckered; that kiss just took her breath away. When Lilly finally opened her eyes her nerves magically disappeared as the desire sunk in; Miley was looking up at her, begging her with her eyes and who was Lilly to deny the goddess beneath her.

Lilly dived in to claim Miley's lips as her own once again but was stopped by said southerner. "Wait . . . This isn't fair." Came Miley's soft voice while Lilly just looked at her with confusion etched all over her face. Miley just bit her lower lip in response as she looked up at Lilly with mock innocence. "I'm all exposed and you're still wearing clothing . . . Could you . . . Take it off?" The brunette slowly slid her index finger up and down Lilly's arm.

The blonde just nodded dumbly as she quickly grabbed the hem of her shirt, tossing it aside, and straddling Miley as she attempted to undo the button of her jeans with shaky hands, but she found it quite difficult with Miley looking up at her with that lustful gaze, running her hands up and down the blonde's thighs.

Lilly stopped fiddling with the button from hell when she felt a soft hand stop hers. "Here, let me do it." Miley said in a husky voice as she slowly undid the blonde's button and then proceeded to slide the zipper down even slower. Lilly closed her eyes, reveling in the feeling of Miley's hand so close to where she needed it. Miley sat up with her hand still holding Lilly's zipper and brought her lips close to the blonde's ear. "All done." She said softly in her southern drawl, causing Lilly to involuntarily shudder from the building excitement.

Miley slowly licked the outer edge of Lilly's ear before she took the blonde's earlobe into her mouth and tugged on it a bit. "Stand up." Miley said softly. Lilly quickly obliged, shakily standing up on the bed in front of Miley, trying to keep herself steady on the mattress which became increasingly hard when she felt Miley's hot breath tickle her stomach right below her belly button, but just above her pants as the brunette slowly slid her hands up the surfer's thighs. When Miley reached the top of the blonde's pants she proceeded to slowly pull them down to Lilly's ankles, kissing her now exposed thigh as Lilly stepped out of the pants and kicked them aside. Before Lilly could even lay back down on the brunette Miley unexpectedly bit onto the hem of Lilly's underwear and slowly slid the garment down the blonde's legs and quickly disposed of it. Lilly turned a deep red when she realized she was now exposed to the southerner, but her bashfulness soon disappeared when she felt Miley slowly and sensually kiss her left hip.

"That's it." Lilly said softly to herself as she got back down, straddling Miley; capturing the brunette's lips with her own in a fiery kiss as she snaked one of her hands behind Miley's back and undid the clasp of her bra with great ease before she tossed it to the side. When that was taken care of Lilly slowly eased Miley into a laying position as she kissed down to the brunette's jaw and then made her way to her neck.

As Lilly slowly kissed and then bit Miley's pulse point she slid her hand between them, grabbing the brunette's underwear and sliding it down a bit as Miley raised her hips to make it easier for the surfer girl.

"Oh god Lilly." Miley closed her eyes tightly, digging her nails lightly into Lilly's back as the blonde sucked a bit on the spot she bit. "H-hurry up. I can't wait much longer." The brunette begged as she undid Lilly's bra and tossed it aside, then kicked off her underwear that the surfer had managed to get down pretty far.

"Are you ready?" Lilly said softly into Miley's ear as she slowly slid her hand up the brunette's inner thigh; Miley just nodded vigorously in response. Lilly pulled her head back a bit, looking at Miley's face as she suddenly pushed two fingers into the brunette, pressing her thumb against the bundle of nerves just above where Lilly had just penetrated Miley with her fingers. The blonde watched Miley in awe as the brunette's head rolled back and her eyes widened, glazing over with pleasure as her jaw hung open.

"D-don't stop." Miley snapped her head forward, looking up at Lilly with pleading eyes as her body trembled, desperate for more.

Lilly quickly snapped out of her daze. "Sorry." She said softly as she put her body into pushing her fingers in and out of the writhing brunette while she applied more pressure with her thumb and started to rub the bundle of nerves that were causing Miley to squirm. While Lilly was busy pleasuring Miley, Miley reached down with one of her hands and placed two fingers over Lilly's own weak spot and started to rub Lilly at the same speed. The blonde gasped a bit, pausing her movements for a second, but was spurred back into action when Miley dug her nails a little deeper into her back causing the blonde to moan lightly from the pleasure and pain combined.

"Faster." Miley said as she bit Lilly's shoulder lightly to stop herself from crying out from the pleasure. The blonde immediately complied, picking up the pace and resting her forehead on the pillow so her hot breath was hitting the brunette's neck. "Oh God." Miley moaned loudly, picking up the pace as well and adding more pressure with her fingers.

"F-fuck." Lilly moaned loudly as she went even faster to match Miley's pace; panting as both of their bodies became covered in a light layer of sweat. "You're so beautiful." Lilly breathed out before she started to suck and nibble on the southerner's neck.

"A-ah!" Miley moaned loudly as Lilly unexpectedly added even more pressure onto her thumb and curled her fingers deep inside of the brunette before she straightened them and started pushing them in and out of her again, but even faster and harder.

Lilly suddenly hit a certain spot deep inside of Miley that caused the brunette to moan loudly and buck her hips a bit. "Right there. D-don't' stop." Miley said breathily as she closed her eyes, feeling herself getting closer and closer to her orgasm. Lilly didn't need to be told twice as she started to hit that same spot over and over, fast and hard while she started to mercilessly rub Miley with her thumb, which the brunette eagerly did back with her fingers.

"I-I'm so close." Lilly moaned out as they both went at the same relentless speed.

"Say it Lilly . . ." Miley dragged her nails down Lilly's back before she gripped the back of Lilly's shoulder tightly as she felt herself getting closer and closer. "Tell me you love me."

"I love you." Lilly panted into Miley's ear. Those three magic words were what sent both girls over the edge. Lilly gritted her teeth to hold back her cry of ecstasy while Miley dug her nails deeper into the blonde's back, not holding back her cry of ecstasy at all as they came together.

After they both rode out their waves of pleasure Lilly collapsed on top of Miley, breathing heavily as she pulled her fingers out of the exhausted brunette.

"Wow . . ." Was the only thing that came out of Miley's mouth a minute later as she looked up at the ceiling with a far off dreamy look.

"Yeah . . ." Lilly said with the same look on her face as she rolled off of Miley and laid next to the brunette.

A big smile suddenly formed on Miley's face as she rolled onto her stomach, looking up at Lilly with her twinkling blue eyes. "Will you say it again?"

Miley's smile was most definitely contagious, because the next thing she knew Lilly had a silly grin on her face as she leaned down and kissed Miley softly, pulling away a couple of seconds later. "Miley Ray Stewart . . I love you."

Miley's smile got impossibly bigger when she heard those words. "One more time?"

"I . . ." Lilly kissed Miley then pulled away. "love . . ." The blonde kissed the tip of the giggling southerner's nose as she finished her statement. "you."

"I love you too." Miley smiled as she wrapped her arms around Lilly's neck and rested her head on the other girl's chest.

"You know . . . I think there's definitely going to be marks on my back tomorrow. Who knew Miley Stewart was a wildcat in the bedroom?" Lilly grinned, playing with Miley's luscious curly locks. The brunette blushed a deep red before she hit Lilly in the stomach. "Ow." Lilly laughed as she held her stomach a bit.

"Don't be such a baby." Miley stuck her tongue out at the still laughing blonde.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeey . . . I'm not a baby." Lilly pouted.

"Of course not." Miley smirked before she leaned up and pressed her lips against the pouting blonde's lips.

"I'm not."

"Good night Lilly." Miley smiled as she nuzzled her head into Lilly's chest.

Lilly couldn't stay mad at the adorable brunette. "Good night Miley." She leaned down and gently kissed the top of Miley's head before she relaxed and they both drifted off into a deep, peaceful slumber.

The next morning Lilly woke up to an empty bed and the smell of sizzling bacon and pancakes. The second the scent hit Lilly's nose a big smile formed on her face and she quickly got out of bed, throwing on her shirt from the night before and underwear. The blonde started to run down the stairs, but slowed down when she heard Miley singing with the radio. Lilly peaked her head around the corner only to see Miley dancing around in her t-shirt and underwear, singing into the spatchula.

Lilly just smiled and leaned her shoulder against the wall, crossing her arms as Miley sang and danced with her back to her.

"It's like I've waited my whole life for this one nigh---- LILLY!" Miley dropped her "microphone" when she turned around and saw Lilly leaning against the wall. Lilly just laughed a bit and pushed off the wall, walking over to Miley as she quickly picked up the spatchula. "H-how long were you standing there?" The brunette blushed a deep red, turning her attention to the food, trying to distract herself and keep herself busy.

"Long enough." Lilly smiled as she wrapped her arms around Miley's midsection, kissing her neck softly as she hugged her from behind. "I never knew you knew how to shake your ass like that." Lilly said playfully, smiling against the brunette's neck.

"Oh, you have no idea." Miley grinned as she swayed her hips a bit, grinding her tight rear right into Lilly's crotch, causing the blonde to involuntarily moan.

Lilly suddenly turned Miley around and gently pressed her back against the counter, giving Miley that intense look with her baby blues that always made her knees go weak. "How could someone like you possibly love someone like me?" Lilly smiled lightly as she rested her forehead against Miley's, keeping the eye contact.

"Must be lucky I suppose." Miley smiled as she loosely wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck.

"Yeah, must be." Lilly leaned in the rest of the way and gently pressed her lips against the smiling brunette's The kiss started to quickly heat up as Miley's tongue found it's way into Lilly's mouth and Lilly's hands found their way to Miley's firm rear end. The brunette couldn't help but giggle as Lilly picked Miley up by the back of her legs and placed her onto the counter so she was now in between them. Lilly started to suck and nibble on Miley's neck while the southerner buried her hands in Lilly's glorious blonde locks when they suddenly heard someone clear their throat.

Lilly opened her eyes to see Robby Ray standing in the living room with his arms crossed with Jackson behind him, holding their bags.

"Shit." Lilly cursed under her breath as she quickly jumped away from Miley.

Miley turned her head to see her very unhappy father standing in the living room. "Oh . . .hi daddy." Miley smiled innocently as she jumped off the counter.

"Don't hi daddy me Miley Ray. What is all this about?"

"Daddy . . . I love her." Lilly grabbed Miley's hand, smiling reassuringly at the brunette.

"Well that's fine, but how long has this been going on? And what exactly did you think you were going to do on my clean kitchen counter?" Robby Ray raised his eyebrow, crossing his arms, and tapping his foot impatiently.

"Wait . . .you're not mad that I'm dating a girl?" Miley let go of Lilly's hand and walked to her father, confusion written all over her face.

"Of course not darlin'. I'm not some close minded hillbilly. If Lilly makes you happy then you should be with her . . . . As long as it doesn't interfere with your life and your . . .priorities."

"Thank you daddy!" Miley smiled as she suddenly hugged her father.

Robby Ray just smiled as he hugged his daughter. "Now I would really appreciate it if you two went upstairs and put some clothes on."

Both girl's blushed a deep red as they made their way to the stairs with Lilly behind Miley. Lilly was about to walk up the stairs when she heard Robby's voice. "Truscott!"

Lilly felt the color drain from her face as she turned on her heals. "Y-yes sir?"

"I'm watching you. I'm going to treat you just like all of Miley's other love interests. I got my shot gun by my bed if you hurt her." Robby said sternly.

"Y-yes sir. I'll never hurt her. I promise." With that said and done Lilly made a mad dash for Miley's room. "I think your dad just threatened my life . . ." Lilly said with wide eyes as she closed the door behind her while Miley just laughed.

"Daddy threatens all of the people I'm dating with the shotgun." She smiled as she put on a pair of jeans.

"He's not really going to shoot me . . .is he?" Lilly gulped a bit.

"Nope." Miley smiled and kissed Lilly's cheek before she lightly bit it playfully. "Well . . .I mean . . . unless you give him a reason to." The brunette added as an afterthought as she pulled away.

"Oh thanks a lot for the reassurance." Lilly glared at the grinning brunette as she put on her pants. "So um . . . What was up with your dad and your "priorities"? What was that about?"

"Lilly . . ." Miley sighed as she sat on the bed and looked down. "I have to tell you something . . . I've been keeping it from you for a long time . . ."

"What is it Miley? You know you can tell me anything." Lilly had concern written all over her face as she sat down next to her girlfriend, gently placing her hand on her shoulder.

"Lilly." Miley looked up, locking eyes with the blonde. "I'm Hannah Montana."

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