Second part.

Hermione's thoughts.

Try listening to Celine Dion's my heart will go on, when I proof read this I was listening to it, it made me cry.

Hermione Granger watched as her one love got married.

From her place several seat back she saw his head swivel to her quickly as his future wife walked down the isle. Even after all those years his cold grey eyes could still pierce her heart, still send her heart into a flutter. Even after everything he did to her. Because she loved him. A single tear dripped down her cheek as they said their "I Do's" and no one noticed, not even him.

She watched as they danced the first couples dance at the party after. She watched as his wife gave him a lingering kiss. She watched as he broke it and looking over to her and as their eyes met he smiled.

Another tear dripped down her cheek.

She knew she shouldn't feel this way. After all those years he called her mudblood but she couldn't help it. After all those years he bullied Ronald and Harry. She loved him.

She loved the way his eyes lit up when he mocked her.

She loved the way his hair was always gelled to perfection.

She loved the way he stayed light in the end.

She loved the way he almost died because of trying to save his family.

She loved the way his face was shaped like a Greek God.

She loved the way his smirk could light up the night.

She loved him.

She knew when she got married it was the end. They had no chance. She had to do her duty, he had to do his. A mudblood princess and a pureblood prince. It wouldn't have worked. She never told him how she felt.

She couldn't.

It hurt too much.

Because she loved him, to much to get hurt.


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