Last chapter guys…

One week later.

Yassen carried his suitcase out to the car. Hunter was sitting in the driver's seat, ready to drive them up to the airport at Exeter. Laura gave him an awkward hug and Jack shook his hand.

Yassen looked out over the silent ocean. This place had almost become part of him. He turned away for the last time and slid into the passenger seat. Jack and Laura waved sadly as the car struggled up the steep hill and round the corner.

They reached the crest of the incline and Yassen looked back, tears prickling his eyes again. He wiped them away and opened his hand. An envelope nestled in his cupped palm.

He carefully opened it and three pieces of paper slid out. One was a photograph, him and Holly holding up targets and grinning at the camera. He gave a watery smile and unfolded the other two pieces of paper.

One was a quick note, scrawled untidily on a brochure for the hotel. Yassen recognised Jack's handwriting and ran his eyes over the page.

'Yassen, Holly gave this to me before she left to give to you. Good luck. Jack and Laura.' He smiled again and unfolded the last sheet of paper reverentially.

'Yassen, I hope that you like the photo. I got Hunter to get it developed. If Jack keeps his promise, you're on your way to Malagosto by now, good luck! You'll be amazing, whatever you decide to do. I'm going to miss the lot of you, but you most of all. I hope you have a good life, whatever happens make sure that you're happy.

All my love, Holly.'

Yassen smiled and held the paper against his heart.

The plane journey passed in an instant, he re-read the letter until he knew it by heart. When they touched down in Venice, Hunter led Yassen through the maze of canals and buildings to the sea. A sleek white yacht was waiting, cream leather deliciously cool in the heat.

The driver seemed to have come off the same assembly line as Spider; he wore a dark suit and sunglasses. Yassen was glad that Hunter was there, although he was far more formal than he had been in Cornwall. Conversation eventually petered out and they finished the journey in an uncomfortable silence.

The sand was a brilliant shade of gold, a gleaming wire between the water and the emerald tree line. A wooden jetty reached out to welcome them and a man in an immaculate white suit stood waiting. He helped to tie the boat up and then moved to help Yassen out of the boat.

Yassen ignored the proffered hand and pulled himself on one of the support posts. He was still holding Holly's letter and the photograph. The man shook hands with Hunter and set off along the jetty, carrying Yassen's huge suitcase as if it were feather.

Hunter laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Yassen, welcome to Malagosto." Behind them, the sun set, dying the sky blood red. Yassen walked off of the jetty and into the rest of his life.

Well, there it is. I hope it's ok with you and I'm starting my next one ASAP thanks for reading and sticking with me!