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"Tsunade-sama! Kakashi-kun's team is here for a new mission," Shizune announced. Her black hair shimmered in the sunlight that streamed in from the windows.

"Kakashi-kun? Nevermind...we'll talk about that later...OK?" Tsunade nodded her head. Hazel brown eyes glittered mischieviously. "Send them in..."

Naruto rushed in. His spiky blonde hair was slightly longer now. The cerulean blue of his eyes never changed though. "Gyah! Tsunade baa-chan! Guess what!" yelled the overexcited teen. Suddenly, Naruto was halted and whiplashed near violently. Kakashi had grasped Naruto's collar before he could pounce on the Godaime Hokage. Not that she minded or anything. It was like having her little brother back.

"Sorry, Hokage-sama. Naruto can be a little..." Kakashi grappled for the right word.

"Overexuberant?" Shizune hinted. She blushed slightly as Kakashi gave her a thankful smile.


Tsunade shook her head in bewilderment just as Sakura and Sai walked in. Sai took one look at Naruto and burst into a fit of laughter. Glaring at the pale boy quite pointedly, Godaime Hokage decided to relieve Kakashi of holding Naruto back. "It's so good to see you all in one piece. But don't you think you should rest?" Naruto immediately hugged Tsunade in a fierce bear-hug.

"Awwww...but Tsunade baa-chan! I'm all fired up and ready to go on another mission! And besides, Sakura healed us all with her medical ninjutsu!" whined Naruto. To prove this, Naruto lifted his shirt. Running up along his abs was a pale scar. "See?"

"NARUTO! Put your shirt down, baka!!!" Sakura knocked him in the head as she yelled. Turning to her sensei, Sakura hung her head and laughed at his antics. "Sorry, Shishou... he's a complete moron."

"Nee-chan!? Why did you hit me?!" Naruto shouted indignantly. He got up and started to dust himself off. Sticking his tongue out at Sakura, Naruto earned another well placed slap across the face. "OW!"

'Those two...almost exactly like me and Nawaki...too friggin' adorable.' Tsunade remembered. She began laughing at the pair and soon Shizune joined in. Kakashi couldn't help but grin and chuckle. He had known these two for so long that he already knew how it would end.

"Heh that you two are quite finished. Ahem. Hokage-sama, I'd like to know if you'd rather we stay in the village and rest for a while or if we're to go on another mission," Kakashi stated. His silvery hair glimmered beautifully in the light of the setting sun.

'Wow...Kakashi looks so aristocratic right now. He's very handsome!' Shizune thought involuntarily. When she realized that she had actually thought that, Shizune blushed a bright red. "H-Hokage-sama...may I leave now? I have to go to the hospital to check up on a couple of patients. They were expressly put into my charge."

"Very well, Shizune. When you're done however, I want you to come back. We have some..." Tsunade gave a sideways glance at Kakashi, "important matters to discuss." Sakura noticed the look that the Godaime Hokage had given Kakashi-sensei and Shizune. She had also noticed the way that Shizune kept blushing.

'OK. Somethin' is up. And I plan to find out what!' Sakura declared inwardly.

At the hospital, Shizune dove into her work. Two patients had come in the previous day in critical condition. Thankfully, four of the other medics had stablized them. Shizune still had to check on and treat them however. Unfortunately, her mind kept wandering away from the matters at hand, only to settle on a certain silver-haired copy ninja. 'Darn it! Why do I keep thinking about him?! From all the symptoms I have...this can only be...NO! It can't be...' the raven-eyed medic nin argued with herself. Figuring that the thoughts would just whither away, the medic nin returned to working.

Meanwhile, at the Hokage's office, Team Kakashi stood waiting for the deliberating to be over with. Tsunade finally looked up from the report of the mission and simply said, "I believe that you should rest for a bit. You can't keep going on missions endlessly. Besides, this might actually put me on the council's good side for a while."

"Aw well, Naruto. Looks like we have to wait for a new mission," Sai frowned. His recent discovery of bonds and how to create them had melted his somewhat...jerkish forefront. He learned to appreciate Naruto's bond with Sasuke. He's...still working on getting Sakura to actually talk to him. Giving a small smile and a polite wave, the ANBU Root nin walked out of the Hokage's office.

"Shishou? May I speak to you after Naruto-san and Kakashi-sensei leave?" questioned the pink-haired kunoichi. Seeing the blonde nod, Sakura turned back to her teammates. Kakashi gave a polite nod and exited the room. Naruto decided to stick around for a while longer.

"Tsunade baa-chan...I-I talked with...the Kyuubi. He said that we could...merge somehow..." Naruto stammered while pressing his index fingers together. It was a nervous habit that Hinata used to have.

' you really like Hinata-chan so much that you picked up one of her habits?' Sakura thought sadly. She was sad because this meant that he hadn't found his normal amount of courage to tell the young Hyuga girl.

"Naruto-chan. The Kyuubi told you that you could merge with him?" clarified the blonde Hokage. Her youthful features were set in a serious face. Naruto gazed at her nervously and began to tremble.

"Tsu-Tsunade've got a really serious look on your face. Y-you're scaring me. Am I gonna be OK? I mean if me and the Kyuubi merge?" Naruto asked anxiously. His blue eyes were watering slightly and Sakura remembered when this had happened once before.

::FLASHBACK:: "That was a cool speech and all, Naruto...but if we don't stop that bleeding, you're gonna die!" Kakashi had replied in a light, cheery voice. At that, Naruto shuddered and turned a bluish, concerned color. The Jounin said, "Hold still for a minute and let me take a look at it."

Sakura had started yelling at her overzealous teammate, "Naruto! You have a self-abusive personality! It's called masochism!" She had her hands on her hips and was glaring at the blonde boy ferociously.

"'ve got a really serious look on your face. You're scaring me. Am I gonna be OK?" asked the frantic boy.

The copy ninja paused a moment and finally replied, "Yes, you'll be fine." With that, the Jounin finished bandaging Naruto's hand. ::END FLASHBACK::

"Well, I guess I'll go. I'm gettin' hungry anyway...I'm gonna get some ramen! Bye, Sakura-chan, Tsunade baa-chan! Ja Ne!" shouted the blonde ninja. Waving a hurried good-bye, he dashed out of the room. Sakura turned to her sensei and before she could say anything, the blonde woman said, "You want to know what's goin' on with Shizune-kun and Kakashi-san. Right?"

"Yeah. I saw the looks that you gave Shizune-sempai and Kakashi-sensei," Sakura said as she nodded.

The Godiame Hokage hadn't realized that Sakura's observation skills were THAT good. Smiling inwardly, she contemplated on whether or not she should wait for Shizune to get here. That would make explaining a whole lot easier. At that particular moment, a light knock sounded at her door followed by Shizune sticking her head in. She hesitated at first, seeing as Sakura was there. "C'mon and get in here, Shizune. Sheesh. It's not like we're gonna murder you or anything," Tsunade laughed.

"The way you can make light of such things astounds me, Hokage-sama," Shizune snorted. This caused Tsunade and Sakura to giggle and point at each other. Looking down, Shizune coughed lightly.

The blonde Hokage took this to mean that they could start discussing the issue. Catching the worried stare of her first apprentice and closest friend, Tsunade said, "Don't worry, Shizune-kun. Sakura-chan has seen the looks and besides...don't you think that as his student, she would know what to make of it all?" A knowing smile graced the blonde woman's lips and she giggled naughtily.

" perv..." sighed the two younger women. They smiled at each other and thus began a long conversation that took up most of the night.


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