"Oh Grace babe not again"


She hated the words (in Graces mind they became one word, as though they were only meant to insult or demean her) as thoroughly as she hated her living room at the moment. Her once pleasant living room, which in Graces opinion needed a complete makeover because of course, this way they simply couldn't go on living in it. AJ stood against the doorframe, watching his wife make her way from one side of the room to the other while she swept her hair backwards constantly. Her little ticks like the sweeping of the hair normally endeared her to him, and now, with her six month pregnant belly protruding from underneath the snug sweater she wore, he was even more inclined to find her absolutely charming, sweet and loveable.

He would feel that way, if she wasn't busy driving him up the wall. Their marriage was one of the sort any man could wish for but once a year Grace would get what she called "a fit of the fiddles" (an expression he never heard anyone else use) and she'd want to move out, rearrange the house, or leave the country alltogether. Of course, moving every year wasn't manageable with their jobs and life, leaving the country was no picknick either, so Grace would feel she was stuck with the only option left to her: rearrange everything they owned. AJ only assumed that way at least she felt like something had fundamentaly changed.

Of course he wasn't blind, the time of her "fits of the fiddles" always coincided with the date her father died. As if his death had forever taken her inner peace and she was reminded of that once a year. He had hoped that the pregnancy might have altered things now, but if they had, it was (in AJ's opinion and he would never speak out loud with Grace within earshot) only for the worse.

Never underestimate a woman's hormones... he thought wryly, while he made his way over to the coffee table to help a struggling Grace who kept shooting him dirty looks, fully realising that once more, he recognised defeat...

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