Didn't like the way they ended Jus in Bello so I'm changin' it. Uses some lines and may have some slight spoilers. Belongs to the CW and Eric Kripke.

"Not to pressure you or anything, but what are you planning to do about us?" Dean Winchester asked.

"I'm gonna kill you," FBI Agent Victor Henricksen answered. The boys looked at him in surprise. Was he still possessed? How would that be possible? "Sam and Dean Winchester were in the chopper when it caught on fire. Nothing's left. Can't even identify then with dental records," he continued. They grinned softly. "Rest in peace, guys," the agent added. Sam was the first to shake his hand. Then, Dean and the agent did the same. "Now, get out of here," he suggested.

"Yeah," Sam said. They walked out as Victor began dialing a number. Sam had only gotten a few feet when a familiar feeling came over him. He winced, trying not to draw attention to himself, but Dean instantly knew.

"Sammy?" he asked. Victor looked at them in concern.

"Uh, hold on," he requested. A little girl came into the station led by the deputy.

"Hi, I'm looking for two men," she said. Then there was a flash of white light.

"Sammy!" Dean cried.

"We gotta go! We gotta go now!" Sam shouted. Unsure of what was going on, but sensing that there was no time to waste, Agent Henricksen quickly got Nancy Fitzgerald and Deputy Phil Amici, and herded them out the door.

"Follow us back to our hotel!" Dean shouted.

"You got it," Agent Henricksen agreed.

"What's going on? I thought it was over," Nancy said shrilly. She was quickly pushed into the agent's car and they all took off. Minutes later, they were at the hotel.

"What happened?" Victor asked.

"I had a vision," Sam answered, taking the aspirin his brother offered him.

"A vision?" the others asked.

"There was this little girl---she walked into the station. Then there was a flash of white light and then---"

"I think we get the picture," Nancy interrupted. Meanwhile, a little girl walked into the station, led by the demon that had fled.

"They're not here," she said in a cold voice.

"But they were just---" the demon began. She put her hand up. The room filled with a bright, white light, and there was a scream of pain. When everything cleared, the man who had led the girl in was dead.

"The Boy-King wants to play? Fine, we'll play," she declared. Then, in a puff of smoke, Lilith disappeared, and the station went up in flames.