It had been a long week, and Abby Sciuto was tired. Tired of the overwhelming amount of evidence that she couldn't seem to process fast enough, tired of being barked at by Gibbs, tired of being taken for granted and tired of being alone…. Just plain fucking tired of everything.

"Watcha got for me Abbs?" Gibbs asked as he briskly entered her lab for the 3rd time in the past two hours.

"Nothing! Jesus Gibbs! I told you I would come up and get you when I found something!

"We need something now Abby! This guy's gonna walk if we don't get something on him soon."

"Well I don't know what to tell you Special Agent Gibbs, because I cannot bypass chain of evidence, I cannot make my machines go any faster and I cannot pull answers out of my ass! So you're just going to have to be patient and wait like everyone else!" Abby finished, slightly out of breath from her impromptu rant.

Gibbs eyed Abby then stepped in closer to her. Very close. He put his mouth next to her ear and whispered, "I'll be back in one hour and you'd better have something for me." Then he kissed her cheek and turned and walked out of the lab.

She shivered and cursed her body for responding to him. She hated how much she loved him. She hated even more that she couldn't let herself act on her feeling towards him. She wouldn't let herself. She knew Gibbs rule number 12 and she wasn't about to make a fool out of herself by telling him how much she loved him just to be shot down. Their friendship meant to much to her to risk that…. But it was getting harder and harder to hide the way she felt, she figured that maybe if she pushed him away, her feelings would disappear. So far, it wasn't working.

An hour later Gibbs strode back in just like he promised, only this time he walked up to her and handed her a Caf-Pow!... which she promptly took it and dropped it in the trash.

He glared at her. "Did I do something to piss you off Abby?" He said in his most intimidating voice.

"Do you want the damn results or not, Gibbs?" she spat before turning on her heals and heading over to her computer.


"The DNA from the blood at the crime scene belongs to a Petty Officer Tarah Mayson, 23 years old. I pulled her service records and background. Here." She said as she shoved the files at him and walked through the sliding glass doors and to her desk to retrieve her belongings before heading home. It was late and she just wanted to get out of here, wanted to get away from Gibbs and his ice blue eyes and his voice and ugh! Everything!

Gibbs followed her into her office and blocked her path as she went to leave.

"What the hell is going on Abby? What's wrong?" he demanded.

"Nothing Gibbs. Nothing is wrong. Just leave me alone." And with that, she walked around him and out of her lab. Glad to be going home.