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"Gracefully she's circling higher."

"I was too late..."

Angel was driving back to her home in a big country area that seemed to be in the middle of no where, constantly blaming herself for the two year old girl's death from the call she had earlier. She had ran into the burning house crawling and carefully searched for the kid's room. She found the door that led to the girl's room. After she opened the door a huge, thick cloud of smoke embraced her as she had found the child, screaming in pure agony in a crib with flames surrounding it. The smell of burning flesh seemed to linger on her body, haunting her. The MVA from earlier in the day wasn't so bad but having a relative killed in action the day before wasn't comforting her a bit. His car had mysteriously been cut in two, in a big field. A certain search and rescue vehicle had followed the girl who had been at the scene, it seemed that she was sincere about her job. It was interesting. He knew she must be kicking herself, as he often did the same when nothing could be done to save the victim of whatever situation it happened to be that he was called to. After about an hours drive the girl pulled into her driveway and got out of the car, suddenly noticing the rescue squad vehical pulling up behind her car. She walks up to it as the lean faced about middle aged looking man said, "We cannot save someone everyday. All we can do is try our best and hope they survive." His eyes were a cool green beneath short brown hair. A straight nose lead one's eyes down to his full soft pink lips set in a strong jaw.

"...Have we met before?"

Shakes his head, "Not formally, though I have seen you in action." He climbed from his vehicle and offered her a hand. "I'm called Rachet."

She takes his hand after a minute and shakes it, "'s Angel."

He grips her hand warmly, "A pleasure, Angel." He couldn't help but notice the smells that clung to each of them like a horrible cloud following one around to remind them of what the day had held. She stands for a minute before speaking again, "W-would to come in?"

"I wouldn't want to be a bother, I'm sure you're tired from the day past." He protested mildly, being polite, as they had only just met. She nods, giving a gentle smile, " live far from here?"

At first hesitated at answering her question as he really didn't live anywhere in specific, but he could hardly tell her that he was an alien robot that stayed in a massive base with others like him so he replied, "Not terribly far, no."

"Ok, well...I'm pretty sure we'll meet again?"

He nods, "I do hope so." He smiled and finished with, "I hope you can sleep at least a little tonight."

Angel's blue eyes looked down as the events of that evening flashing through her mind, remembering the scorched body of the little girl, "Don't count on that..." She looked up as he reached over and lightly placed a hand on her shoulder, "If nothing else, drink some warm tea." With that he climbed back in the hummer and drove away. The girl stood there for a few minutes pulling at her braided ponytail until she finally walked inside, her two cats greeting her with soft mews. After feeding them she walked upstairs to take a quick shower. Her thoughts seemed to take over as the warm water washed over her pale body, 'Rachet...I've never seen him before...' She got out grabbing a towel, 'At least...I don't think I have...'

After putting on her white, silk night gown she went into her room and opened the window to let the night air in. She leaned her elbows against the window for awhile, resting her head in her hands, letting the warm wind blow through her long black hair and the full moonlight shine on her face. The stars were sparkling in the night sky, "God, please send me an angel..." She whispered, "I can't do this on my own anymore. Things just keep getting worse...but I can't let these people down. Give me the strength I need to protect them..."

As Rachet glided over the roads he turns over the thoughts in his head. 'Perhaps this girl could be useful. I wonder how she will react to knowing I'm an Autobot if I were to tell her...' his train of thought followed that line, unaware to himself that he somewhat liked this girl, more than he thought he did.

I discovered recently that a lot of people think firefighters have it overly I just wanted to write this fanfic. If you don't like it then don't read it, no flames please...