Zirconia: Sorry, it's been awhile but ere's the last chapter. There will be a sequel!

Ratchet looked at Philip.

Philip looked right back.

"Oh man," Michael and the others were peeking into the room through the door, "Should be go in?"

"No!" Jason replied, "Not yet. Ratchet just finished explaining everything from Cybertron up to what happened a few hours ago."

Angelina bit one of her fingernails while looking over the other two, "They've been quiet and they've just been staring at each other for a good five minutes now..."

Then, Philip stood up with his hand on his forehead, "This is all just a little to much for me to take in right now." After saying this, he stood up straight and placed a hand on the holoform's shoulder, "Welcome to the group, by the way. Just...get someone to warn me before something this dramatic pops up again, ok?"

The firefighters outside were all quiet and pushing up against the wall when he turned and walked out. Philip knew they were there but decided to just ignore them, walking past them and muttering, "I swear, pretty soon there's going to be others popping up in loud colored vehicles."

Right about that time Optimus, Ironhide, Bumblebee and Arcee drove up in vehicle mode.

Philip just stopped in his tracks, sighed while looking down and turned to go back into his office without a word.

"What's his problem?" Ironhide asked when Angel and Ratchet made their way to them.

"We should just let him be for awhile."

The group of robots and firefighters all gathered around and began to talk about this and that, along with introductions upon the other firefighters meeting the Autobots.

A few weeks had passed and Angel had found a new home in a more roomy area in North Carolina. A lot of land and there was only one other house within site and no one lived in that one. It wasn't far from the fire department and it wasn't to terribly far from her family members and the Autobot base.

Angel had just finished unpacking when she recieved a call on her cell phone, "Hello?"

"MVA, in front of Times Turn Around, at the intersection. Care to help?"

Before anyone could say anything else, she grabbed her gear and ran outside. Ratchet already had his door opened, waiting for her.

Angelina just laughed after jumping in, "It's so much easier now that you don't have to hide anymore."

"It feels good not to hide anymore!"

The two stopped laughing and went to the crash site, hoping to save some lives before it was to late.