A/N: This is my first Boosh fic, so I'd love to hear what you think. Be honest, please. Even if it's rubbish. The first chapter's a bit short, but there will be more to come soon, hopefully. Not sure exactly where I'm going with this though, so it may end up slashy, it may not.

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Vince reached carefully down the side of the sofa in his quest for the remote control. It wasn't there. At the other side of the room, Howard was conducting a fingertip search of the carpet. Vince tried not to think of what might have gotten stuck between the cushions over the years, and forced his fingers down further, until they came into contact with something hard and metallic. Not the remote control, definitely, but something interesting. He grabbed at the object and pulled it out. It was some kind of pendant. It appeared to be made out of silver, a rounded shape with a strange design carved into it. It was pretty cool. And it would go great with the new t-shirt he'd bought yesterday. "Hey, Howard, look at this,"

"Have you found it?" Howard stopped what he was doing and turned around to see Vince staring in fascination at a necklace. He rolled his eyes and wondered over. "Where'd you get that?"

"Down the side of the sofa. Naboo must have lost it years ago." He reached to place it over his head, but Howard was too quick and grabbed the pendant out of his hands before he could do it.

Irritation flashed across Vince's face, "What are you doing? I found it! Besides, its not going to look good on you, is it?"

"We don't know what this is," Howard pointed out, "You found it in a shaman's flat, it could have some kind of mystical powers, it could be dangerous."

"I just want to try it on."

Howard shook his head, "No, not until we know what it is. Wait until Naboo gets back, then ask him if you cam borrow it."

Vince didn't like to be told no. He reached out and snatched the pendant from Howard's hands, as he did, there was a moment when each of them had one side of the mystical accessory touching the palm of their hands. A wave of nausea passed over both Howard and Vince and they both simultaneously dropped the pendant, which fell to the floor and disappeared in a cloud of pink smoke. When Vince opened his eyes, it was to see himself looking decidedly ill, sitting next to him. "What..?" he muttered, his hand automatically reaching out to touch the other man.

The man who looked like Vince leaned backwards out of reach, he appeared just as puzzled. "Who are you?" he asked, "What's going..."

Confusion clouded Howard's features as his own voice sounded alien to his ears, and a hand automatically reached to his lips, fingers brushing against his hair as they went. His forehead creased, and fingertips slowly explored his face. It wasn't his face. His moustache was gone, his features all the wrong shape. He looked at the man sitting next to him, the man with his face, and realisation began to form. Slowly he tore his gaze away and reluctantly looked down. He was wearing Vince's clothes. No, he was wearing Vince's body. And Vince... Vince was...

Howard swallowed and raised his gaze to look himself in he eye. "Vince, I think we've got a bit of a problem."

Vince reached forward and grabbed a small mirror from the table in front of them, held it in front of his face. He'd guessed what he was about to see, but it didn't prepare him for the shock of looking in the mirror and seeing someone else's face. Even when that someone else was someone he's seen every day for almost as long as he cold remember. "Yeah, you reckon?" He placed the mirror back where he had found it, Howard picked it up and stared at his reflection. Vince gave him a few seconds to absorb the shock before he spoke, "So, um, when did Naboo say he was getting back?"