Written when I had to sit in school when it looked like a blizzard outside.

It was like watching a complicated dance she didn't understand. It was beautiful and held a mystery and it captivated her. The little droplets of water frozen into crystals fell delicately to the ground, landing in soft, gentle heaps. It was quiet. There wasn't the steady patter the accompanied rain. It was silent and steady and all consuming. It was like a blanket come to cover the ground, coating the trees in ice, making them glitter.

It looked like a picture. It looked like something that couldn't quite be real, but it was. The field that she had walked on that fall was now a rich white snow field, and it seemed a shame to walk through it and ruin the beauty.

It was frigid. It was cold and as pretty as it was, it was rather uninviting. But still... it held mystery. It had an allure. It caused an unexplainable wanting.

For Elphaba Thropp, the wanting was far more real than for others. All of the other students could run out and play in the snow like children again. For her it truly was untouchable. For all snow was, was frozen water. And once it melted it would be as deadly to her as a bucket... Snow, her one private prison. Beauty she would never be able to touch, to taste.