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Warnings: Some violence in later chapters.

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Chronologically this story would take place just prior to End Game and continuing the story.

'Stardates' – there is no cannon explanation as to the workings of a stardate so I have created my own explanation.


Through A Glass, Darkly


The immense shadow cast across the moon appeared as a squid, it's tentacles reaching across the plains, writhing toward the centre of the system. An immense black pulsing mass gliding through space like death flowing toward his victim.

Zak sat beneath the broad leaves of the silver palm tree. The apple grass soft against the back of his legs and the cool sea breeze wafting against his skin as he watched the blue clouds drift skip across the emerald green sea. A black spot against the sun was alike a grain of dirt on a polished surface but it grew.

The darkness was coming closer, the tentacles reaching out toward him. He sat there as it came closer, the darkness growing, covering the golden ball of warm light. The blue clouds had all but vanished from the shimmering sky when the screams started.

Zak had no where to go, no home to run to and no wife to hold him when darkness covered the sun, plunging the world into an abstract night of shimmering green shadows and howls of terror.

Raising his head his face was bathed in the iridescent green glow emanating from the tentacles of the darkness. What was to become of him? Were the stories true? Zak sat, the apple grass was growing cold, he wondered if it was as soft in Gela'siek. Would his life weigh heavy against his heart and so pull him up into Seka'siek or would he be allowed to pass over the ridge.

The green light covered the planet as the pulsing tentacles encompassed the globe. The static snapped and crackled as the atmosphere shifted and sparked against the dark tentacles. Mist seeping through the atmosphere swirled and snaked in the air. The millions on the planet below were running, scattering like ants before a falling tree.

The pulsing tentacles now encompassed the globe. Small gaps between them allowed a view onto the surface as millions ran, scattering like sand in a storm. The green pulsing raised to a constant glow and then the planet killer fired.


Chapter 1: Up Inside The Cyclone

The bridge was quite, random beeps from the panels notifying anyone listening that the scanners were still sweeping the area ahead and round the ship as it travelled on it's way home, data was being shunted from one terminal to another through countless junctions, unheard by all who were on duty. The dim lights gave the mood of early morning, in space time means nothing. But time can drag in space, as it did for Lieutenant Tom Paris.

Sitting at the conn, watching the computer automate the flight wasn't the most thrilling way to spend the night shift but Tom knew better than to disengage the computer subroutine and take the helm. His light blue eyes glanced over the read outs, inertial dampeners were varying from point fiver zero and point four seven. Guidance sensors were off by point zero three but correcting.

As Paris read over the readings for the trinary system they were passing his thoughts drifted to his dear wife and their unborn daughter, it wouldn't be long before he held her in his arms.

The turbo lift door slid open and Ensign Kim walked onto the bridge and stepped behind operations. Entering his access code the terminal displayed the hourly reports from ships department heads.

"How's B'Elanna?" Harry was checking through the reports and only when he had finished going through the Engineering report he realised Paris had not answered him. "Hey Tom." Paris still seemed fixed on a conn readout. "Tom! What are you looking at?" Kim moved round from his station and passed down the few steps to the lower bridge. Walking past science Kim hopped up onto the front platform.

Placing his hand on Paris' shoulder. "Tom, what are you looking at?"

Paris jolted as he looked round at Kim, the shock on his face to see someone standing behind him brought a smile to Kims. "What are you looking at?"

"Oh, nothing." Paris looked back to the helm readout. Something had caught his eye, a displacement in the warp field. "There's a graviton flux two light years off our port."

The operations and tactical stations both begin to sound, a low warning bleed and on both, sections of the back panels were flashing orange. Kim walked round to his station as Ensign Ayala stepped out of the turbo lift and passed behind the tactical station.

Kim knew that the graviton flux was the reason both operations and tactical had started sounding. His heart was beating fast as he accessed the port sensor array. The blue glow coming from the LCARS display flickered in his brown eyes. The anomaly was registering a eight point five and the drag on the warp drive was showing a twenty percent increase on hull stress.

"The graviton flux is causing a wave displacement."

"The displacement is causing a distortion on the port nacelle." Paris was reading through the helm diagnostics. It was as if the flux was acting like a magnet on the warp field.

Suddenly the ship jerked, the warp core power output jumped forty-seven percent.

"We're being pulled toward the centre of the graviton flux. Attempting to redirect power to the shield grid." Alaya was franticly redirecting power from non essential systems but he already knew it was not going to be enough. The dark hair on the back of his neck stood up, his heart was pounding. Even in the blackest days of the Maquis he had never felt so scared, he knew there was something very wrong but he couldn't work out what it was.

"We're being pulled toward the flux, warp field failing!" Paris was trying to re-engaged the warp drive but the field collapse had caused a feedback surge through the plasma buffers. Glancing at the helm readout the distance to the graviton flux was shirking fast, in a few minuets the Voyager would come in contact with the outer skin of the anomaly. Paris could still not re-engage the warp field, he had no alternative. "Red alert"

The bridge lights lowered, bars of red flashed all round the room. The inertial dampeners were failing and Alaya could find no way to bolster the shields, they were now down to ten percent and would soon collapse. Kim was still checking the readouts from the port sensor array but the readings made no sense, he reinitialised the sensor grid and had just started a new sweep from all the primary and secondary sensors when the turbo lift doors slid open.

Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay marched onto the bridge.

"Report!" Was Janeways one word order as she moved down the three steps to the command platform. Her soft blond hair hanging to her shoulders framed a worried but strong face.

"Warp field's collapsed, impulse engines are off-line."

"We're being pulled towards a graviton flux captain." Kim was still scanning the sensor readout as it listed up. "The flux is giving off positively charged gravitons and Verterons. It's pulling us toward it."

"Shields?" Chakotay turned round to face tactical as Commander Tuvoc stepped from the turbo lift and relived Alaya.

After cross checking the shield grid Tuvok gave his answer. "Shield collapse in ten seconds. Gird wide failure. Aft emitters are burnt out and dorsal emitters have locked."

"Five seconds to graviton flux!" Paris had tried everything, the warp field had failed, the impulse engines were off-line and now all he could think about was how much he wanted to be with B'Elanna right now. He would never get to touch her face again or run his hand along her ridged forehead, which she hated him doing, but the saddest cut of all was he would never get to hold his baby girl.

Captain Janeway sat down and braced herself against the chair. "Brace for impact."

"Shield grid failing." He would never see Vulcan again.

"Impact in three seconds!" His parents would never know what happened to him.

"Warp core output at two hundred and ten percent." He had been running for so long but to end up on the far side of the galaxy, the wonders he had seen, the spirits had been with him. "Two hundred and twenty percent."

The ship tipped and plunged into the graviton flux, the hull shimmered as it entered the eye of the vortex.


Inertial dampeners came back on-line. The bridge was still pulsing red as Alaya picked himself up off the floor and Paris sat up from his position, spread Eagle over conn. Tuvok had already started accessing systems and re-routing power in an attempted to raise the shields.

"Damage report Mr Kim?" Janeway had managed to stay in her seat, more than could be said for Chakotay who was standing up and dusting himself down.

"Minor hull damage to decks three through six, reports are coming in, twenty six crew injured, all minor captain. Power systems still operational and only minor damage in engineering." He was amazed, it had felt like they were all going to die. "Long range sensors are off-line but short range are still working."

"Where are we?" Chakotay was standing in the middle of the bridge. His heavy frame overpowering in the pulsing red lights. "Cancel red alert." He was glad to have survived. Then a thought flashed through his mind, was Seven ok? He didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Seven of nine to the bridge." Her voice still filled with authority even over the communications channel.

"Go ahead." Janeway was surveying the damage round her. Minor relay bursts and some loss of power to the odd panel, but her ship had faired well, thankfully. Flicking her hair back she glanced at commander Chakotay, she could clearly see how relived he was to hear Seven's voice, mind you, so was she.

"Captain, I require you in matrix's."

After four years Seven still had not grasped the finalities behind protocol on how to address a senior officer, but that not important now. "Seven, what happened?"

"I am unsure captain. We appear only to have moved five hundred meters."

"What do you mean, we appear to have only moved?" Janeway got enough cryptic answers from Tuvok she didn't want them off Seven as well, especially now. She wondered what was wrong with a straight answer? Her train of thought was cut off when Paris sounded the alarm.

"Captain, subspace anomaly forming. Fifty thousand meters off our bow."

"On screen."

The screen flicked to life, space. Black endless space surrounded them and then, in the centre of the screen a glowing blue point appeared. The point spread like a star, four arms lengthening out. The top and bottom arms stretching long, pulling the point into a strand of hazy blue light and then the side arms, pulling the strand out, widening it. The soft blue fissure in space hovered before them, twenty times the hight of the ship and four times the width, for a few seconds, flecks of white light like twisted shining silver flicked out of the aperture to fade in the darkness. Then it came out, appearing from the hazy blue in a streak of light to come to a dead stop a mere ten meters from the entrance. A long curved object reaching up to flatten off at the top. As wide as the anomaly and as high, no markings and no windows, it slowly moved toward the Voyager.

Janeway had not moved, Chakotay seemed fixed to the floor and Paris sat with awe at the object now approaching them.

"Shields?" Janeway knew before asking that there was no hope.

"Shields are still off-line captain, the main phaser banks are depleted and the photon torpedo launcher is off-line." Tuvok continued with his usual logical calmness. "Should it have hostile intent we have no way of defending our selves."

They all watched as the long silver object drifted closer to them and finally entered optimal firing range.


Author's Notes:

I hope you've enjoyed the first chapter, I have re-written parts of this chapter to make it flow better, I hope it is now easier to read please R&R.