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Chapter 10:Charge of The Light Brigade

The multiple firing arches' cross in space, plasma bursting across space. Spearhead ships exploding into balls of flame and thousands of tiny shards. Fighters shredded by spearhead weapons as they attacked.

Alliance, silver sail, ships of all sizes filled space. Main guns ripped through the larger spearheads as secondary weapons took out the smaller, attack craft. Thousands of fighters swarmed, dancing like starlings, through the weapons volleys. A group of ten coordinating an attack on a spearhead. The multiple, concentration of phasers penetrating the shielding and ripping into the hull.

Three Briori ships had joined the battle. Their weapons seemed to burst, like ripples in a pond, taking out several ships at a time. Debris floated in space, shards of ships hull, bodies bounced into the shields and then were ripped apart by stray weapons fire. Fighters swarmed the large cruisers and battle ships as they tried to find holes the defences. Explosions ripped through space and multicoloured bursts of flame lit up the area like a fireworks display.


On the bridge of the Voyager, Captain Janeway was trying to keep an eye on the monitor in her armrest wile Paris did an admirable job of staying within the Victories shields.

"What is going on out there?" Tanner was watching the battle from the station behind the captain. "The Briori are ignoring our ships, why are they firing on these spear heads?"

"It is logical to assume that they are older enemies to the Briori than you are." Tuvok was still trying to get the shields back on-line and charge the phaser array, but so far, he had not had any luck.

"Torres to the Bridge."

"Go ahead B'Ellana." Janeway raised her eyebrow at Chakotay.

"I think we can use the plasma to re-enforce the shields, it'll take a bit of work but we can do it." The channel went quite wile B'Elanna waited for a reply.

Janeway and Chakotay were both looking at Paris who looked as confused about his wife being in engineering as they were. "How long will it take?"

"We've already made a start Captain; it should be complete in five minutes."

"Very good, B'Elanna, when you've finished I would like you to return to your quarters."

"Captain..." B'Elanna began to protest. "I am needed here and..."

"Return to your quarters Lieutenant, That's an order."

"Aye Captain." The communications cut off as a nearby ship exploded sending debris crashing against the Victories shield.

"So much for taking it easy." Paris returned to keeping his distance from the Victory as it fired.

Chakotay glanced round at Janeway and then to Paris. "She's never been one for sitting back and doing nothing."

"Shields are up, phasers on-line but the torpedoes are still locked, Captain."

"Thank you Commander, Tom, take us out."


The Voyager moved out of the Victories shield and opened fire on four spearhead ships. The phasers ripped through their hulls, the blasts engulfed the Voyager as it headed towards a large group of black Dart fighters that had targeted a Briori ship. Firing upon two of the Darts the phaser beams sliced through the first Dart fighter as a toreador exploded upon impact, obliterating the second. Cutting beams emanated from the ends of the Briori pylons, four from each. These thin lines criss-crossed and moved independently as if there had a life of their own, slicing through ships in their dozens.

Wave after wave of Darts descended on the Voyager, their plasma torpedoes slamming into the shields, five or ten at a time. Cutting beams, quantum torpedoes, plasma waves ripped through space as the battle continued. Three large Alliance ships had converged on the shimmering squid shaped object and were hurling singularity torpedoes, plasma torpedoes at it. They were also firing their main plasma guns and phaser beams but noting seemed to be having much, if any, effect on the creature.

Suddenly the Alliance ships broke off, moving away swiftly. Still hurling volleys at the escort ships and the immense squid, they pulled back to a distance as a fissure split space and the squid slipped into it followed by the Spearheads and Darts. The Alliance ships moved into a diamond formation and hung in space, Voyager made its way to the Victory as the Briori ships held their position.


On the bridge of the Voyager, sparks showering from burst conduits and panel glass littering the floor. Paris was still at the conn and trying to make best seed to the Alliance lines wile Tuvok attempted to coax more reserve power into the shields.

"What's our status?"

"We have wounded on all decks. Hull breaches on desks three, seven and fourteen. Power cuts on decks four, seven and loss of artificial gravity on desks three through ten."

"Mr Kim, get repair teams to start with the gravity plates and the power grid. Tom..." Janeway stood up and sprinkles of glass fell to the floor from her clothes.

"Captain Janeway," Tanner was still at the operations console. "The Briori have opened a channel."

"Let's hear it."

The voices that came across the communications sounded like a thick liquid more than speech. "Space had ripped, one last time, the rock has chipped, and now the crime. They swarm from Mazak√°rr has taken flight, spreading fear into the night. This battle may be lost, yet we must fight, at all cost." The channel closed.

"What was all that about?" Paris had turned to look at Janeway and Chakotay.

"Mr Tanner, do the Briori normally talk in riddles?" Chakotay had turned to look at the commander. He was sure that this security officer must know more than he was letting on.

"I have no idea, the last time we had any dialogue with the Briori was over a hundred years ago, that's when the war started." He was as in the dark as the others, he had never even heard a Briori speak, it had been almost amazing to hear that fluid sound over the communication system.

"You've been at war for a hundred years? They obviously have far greater power; I do not see why they have not destroyed you?"

Janeway looked at Tuvok, she knew what he meant but there were much better ways of saying it. She turned to Tanner. "Mr Tanner..."

"Captain," Kim cut her off. He sounded worried. "I'm reading an energy build up in the Briori ships. They're preparing to fire."

"This is how it started."

Everyone looked towards Tanner, the Briori fired for no reason. Janeway couldn't understand they had just fought along side them. The Briori ships had powered up so the Alliance had opened fire. "Mr Tanner..."

"The Alliance ships are powering up main guns." Again, Kim had cut the captain off, this was becoming a regular occurrence and she wasn't too keen on it.

"Hail the Alliance fleet."

"Subspace anomalies forming." Every one looked toward their monitors. "Briori ships are entering the anomalies?" Kim couldn't understand it, they were preparing to fire, he was sure of it.

"Mr Kim, Hail the Victory."

"No reply." Kim tried again.

"Captain, the Victory is bringing its main guns on-line."

Janeway turned to Tuvok, she couldn't believe she was hear it, the Victory was about to fire on them and, with their shields so low, they had no defence.


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