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"Damien Amadeus Kaid? What kind of name is that?" Kanda asked not too kindly. He didn't enjoy the fact that a man had snuck up on him. "You can't be a normal man to have come here without any of us noticing. Besides, your clothes look far better than those of a traveling showman." Kanda sent icy glares to the man.

"My name is the one my parents gave me, and as for my clothing options, I'm fairly successful in my line of work. And you didn't notice me because you were too busy chasing the red haired lad with that toad sticker of yours." Damien said with a growl.

"Come on Yu, let's not start a fight," Lavi said, ignoring Kanda and facing Damien. "Please forgive the rudeness of my friend. My name is Lavi, this is Lenalee, and the one with the toad sticker is Kanda, but feel free to call him Yu. And the old panda is— OWW!!"

"I'm not a panda, stupid apprentice!" Bookman exclaimed with a sharp blow to the side of Lavi's head.

"A pleasure to meet you all. I would ask you to accompany me to my lodging for a hot meal, but you look like you're in a hurry. Please excuse my interruption and have a good day," Damien said, turning so as to hide to sly smile on his face. He knew that the offer for hot food and warmth would be too much to pass up, so he wasn't surprised when Lenalee shouted,

"Wait, please!! Mr. Kaid, we aren't in that much of a hurry. Besides, we have nowhere to go. Please let us accompany you."

Damien smiled warmly at the group and gestured them to follow him. The group walked for about five minutes when they arrived at a modest but pleasant cabin. Damien opened the door and let them come and sit by the crackling cherry flames. There was a pot simmering over the fire and the smell of a rich beef stew immediately caused the exorcists' stomachs' to growl. Damien chuckled at the sound and grabbed five large bowls from the counter. He ladled in generous servings of the stew and passed out the bowls. He then went back to the cabinet and grabbed a sixth bowl and ladled the stew into it as well. Lavi was the first to notice.

"Why are you making six bowls? There are only five people here," he stated. Damien simply laughed, saying,

"The last bowl is for my wife. She's in the back room, preparing the beds."

"You have a wife? I guess it makes sense, you having a large pot of stew ready and all… Wait! What do you mean beds? Do you have children?" Lavi asked.

"No, no, we just were married yesterday. She was making beds for the four of you," Damien said with a cheerful grin. Bookman was suspicious.

"How did she know that we were coming? We have yet to see her."

"Well, I saw you through the window of course," A silken voice answered. The exorcists turned to see a young woman in a simple but elegant dress walking towards them. She had large, deep blue eyes, long black-blue hair and pale skin with a delicate figure. "Hello, my name is Yume Kaid. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Lenalee stared, Lavi was in strike-mode, Bookman blushed, and Kanda blinked. They had never seen a woman with such features before. Lenalee was the first to speak,

"Hello. My name is Lenalee, the one with red-hair is Lavi, the older man is Bookman, and the other is Kanda. It's nice to meet you too."

"Well, now that we are all acquainted, why don't the four of you tell us why you're walking around in the snow? It doesn't seem to me that you are from around here," Damien questioned, his eyes glittering with interest.

"Well, we are exorcists from the Black Order, and we are looking for our comrade who went missing a while ago," Lenalee said, her eyes misting over with thoughts of Allen.

"What is his name? Maybe we could have seen him," Yume asked, giving Lenalee a warm smile and a reassuring hug. "You must really like this boy if you're crying over him. Was he your lover?"

Lenalee blushed scarlet at the comment. "No, he is like a brother to me. I don't like him that way. His name is Allen Walker, and he was kidnapped by some very bad people."

"Bad people? Kidnapped? Are you sure he was kidnapped and didn't go willingly?" Damien asked Bookman. He shook his head.

"No, he was kidnapped. One, the person accompanying him was told to run back to the Black Order. Two, Allen hates the clan of Noah. He wouldn't join them for anything in the world. Three, Allen was knocked unconscious. Therefore, kidnapping is the most obvious explanation."

"So it would seem… What does this Allen look like? Damien and I could have the townspeople look for him if you would like," Yume offered.

"Well, Allen has grey/blue eyes, white hair, and a scar on his left, and his left arm is black and looks somewhat deformed. He is fifteen years old and he usually wears a black cloak like the ones we are wearing. Oh, and he always has a golden golem flying around him. Its name is Timcampy," Lavi said.

"Interesting hair color for a fifteen year old…" Damien mused, secretly glad that his hair color had changed during his transformation. He glanced at the exorcists, then the window. The snowfall had rapidly become a blizzard and he knew that the exorcists would be forced to stay. That gave him time to at least decide what to do without blowing his or Lulubell's cover.

"Well, I think that our guests should get some sleep. It has been a long day and I'm sure that they will enjoy the beds and warmth of the fire. Now, off to bed. Damie-chan, let's go to bed as well," Yume said with a smile. She hugged her husbands' waist and pulled him into a passionate kiss that left the exorcists even Kanda blushing.

"Well, I think that we should go to bed… thank you again for the meal. Come brats," Bookman said, still blushing. Damien merely waved and continued to nibble on his wife's ear. The exorcists went to the back room to find four beds spread out on the floor and two beds. Yume came around the corner released Damien from her tight embrace.

"Okay, boys on the floor and girls in the beds. And yes, that means you Damie-chan. Well, let's go to bed, shall we?" The exorcists smiled at the young bride and shed their cloaks to lie on the soft blankets and pillows. Soon, every exorcist was sleeping soundly and the two Noah were sneaking off to Rhode's dream world where the Millennium Earl was waiting for his children to return.

"Well, what do they want besides thwarting my plan to cleanse the world of these horrid humans?" The Earl asked with the huge, ever present grin on his face.

"They are only here to find Allen Walker and rescue him from the horrible 'bad people' that kidnapped him and are holding him against his will," Damien said, trying hard to suppress a giggle. Lulubell and Damien had returned to their normal forms and Damien reverted to his 'light' form.

"It seems that I've hit my limit father. I don't think that I'll be able to retain that form for large increments of time. Sir, I can't attack the exorcists now. I'm simple not strong enough to defeat them all at once. I think that we should wait until I have been fully trained before I can properly engage them in battle. But only if this pleases you," He said with a low bow.

"I agree that Damien isn't powerful enough. He's only had so many days of training. We need the exorcists to leave us alone long enough for his six month training period to come to completion. But on the same note, we can't have the exorcists give up on him," Lulubell said thoughtfully. The Earl nodded in response. Suddenly, Damien spoke up, saying,

"What if I appear in random towns in this form? Just long enough for them to see me, but I disappear as soon as they start to chase me. That's where Rhode comes in. I'll need to escape quickly so that they can't capture me and take me back to the Black Order. Will that work, Father?"

"Maybe, but you will need to stay in your 'white' form long enough for them to see you Damie-chan," The Earl said, adopting Rhode's nickname of choice.

"Yes, I believe that it will… you will have to lure the exorcists around on a wild goose chase, and still complete your training. Can you do that?" The Earl asked, happy that the fact that his son was formulating a plan to trick his former allies. 'He will truly be my greatest servant.' The Earl thought with glee.

"Damie-chan, I suggest that you appear in that form for a little while in town. That way, 'Yume' can make the announcement to the townspeople and the exorcists will have leads to follow. Also, if you could appear to Lenalee or something, that will ensure that they keep searching for you," Lulubell said.

While the Earl and Damien considered this plan, she started to set the stage for Damien's "escape." It was obvious that he couldn't just walk around town, calm and composed. No, he would need to be frantic, terrified, always watching his back. Perhaps if she broke him up a bit… She voiced these opinions to the Earl and he readily agreed.

"Also, Damie-chan, you can't always have me chasing you. Can we get Tyki and Rhode to have a go as well? I don't want the exorcists starting to think that a pattern is forming. Let the amount of time constantly change. But never let the exorcists get a hold of him. Master, can you make Lero pull that disappearing trick?" Lulubell asked with sudden interest.

"I think that is a wonderful idea. Okay, Damie-chan, or rather Allen Walker, I think that you will need to 'appear' to you 'friends'," the Earl said to Damien, using finger quotes on the words appear and friends. Damien nodded and turned to Lulubell.

"Sister, I'm going to need my exorcist coat. You know the one I was wearing when Rhode brought me here the first time. Also, I think that I'm going to have to be a bit… beat-up. Just try not to do anything that will interfere with my training, ne?" Damien said with a slight grin.

"Alright, Allen, I'll do it, but just remember that you asked for it," Lulubell giggled with a corpse grin. Allen braced himself for the pain. She was certainly going to have fun with this.

Scene change to the exorcists

Lenalee tried to sleep, but every time she tried, she had dreams, more like memories, of Allen and her group of friends. Sighing, she got out of the warm bed and headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She saw that the snow had stopped and all was calm around the cozy cabin. She sipped the water before heading outside into the cold night. The full moon was hiding behind the tree tops. Lenalee sighed and looked into the forest before returning to the warmth of the cabin. She crawled into the comfy bed and closed her eyes.

Lenalee was running through the trees, chasing someone she knew was important but didn't know who. She ran, begging the person to stop. Finally, the figure stopped at a waterfall. The water seemed close to freezing, but the constant churning of the streams feeding it kept the water moving. A warm, damp fog rose off the snow covered rocks. Lenalee ran beside the figure, breathing hard. It was dressed in a black, knee length Exorcist cloak and a hood covering the head and shadowing the face. As the moon rose over the treetops, Lenalee noticed that the cloak was torn and tattered, complete with blood stains and forest debris. As soon as the silhouette noticed Lenalee, it removed its hood. Lenalee gasped at the sight.

Allen was staring at her. His handsome face was covered with cuts and bruises. A small trickle of blood escaped his lip and his right eye was swollen over and bleeding. He was clutching his left arm to his chest, and Lenalee saw that three of the fingers were bent at awkward angles, obviously broken. He had holes in his right arm, but the bleeding had stopped long ago. His formerly snowy hair was dyed brown and red from his dried blood. Twigs, leaves, and sweat clung to him as his chest heaved up and down, gasping for air. His visible eye was glazed over with fear and he was constantly muttering. Lenalee stepped closer, causing Allen to stumble backward, closer to the slippery, snow and moss covered rocks.

"Allen, what happened to you?!" Lenalee cried, pained by the broken look of her comrade. She took another step forward, and Allen inched closer to the roaring falls. "Just calm down, I'm not going to hurt you," she said, trying to soothe the damaged boy. Allen shook his head and whispered,

"You'll just like the others. You'll tell them where to find me. They won't get me again. I'd rather die." Allen whimpered in pain from the sudden outburst and his body reacted with a massive spasm that sent him tumbling over the ledge. Lenalee rushed toward him, only to miss his hand by millimeters. His face was a mixture of bewilderment, pain, and relief as he plummeted to the bottom of the falls.

"AAAAALLLLLEEEEENNNNN!!" Lenalee screamed into the night, sweat pouring off her forehead and running down her neck. Kanda jumped up, unsheathing Mugen in the progress. Lavi yelled as he came into consciousness, earning a sharp blow across the head from Bookman.

"OOOWWW!! That hurt old man!" Lavi howled. Kanda was still posed for attack when he turned to Lenalee.

"Where? Did you see that stupid bean sprout?! Oi!!" Kanda snapped at Lenalee. She shook her head and mumbled,

"Nightmare. I'm sorry for waking you," she said, tears running down her face. It had seemed so real. He was in such bad shape that it tore at her heart when she simply remembered the bloodstained Allen. What had the Noah done to him? She had never seen Allen look that afraid or… or… crazy. It was like a different person. She sighed and resigned herself to sleep again.

That morning…

The Exorcists woke to the smell of bacon, eggs, coffee, and hot bread. Their stomachs rumbled in response and they quickly dressed and folded the bedding neatly. Afterward, they filled into the kitchen where Yume was stirring eggs in a large skillet. Lavi mouth watered at the scent.

"Good morning. I hope that you all slept well," Yume said with a glowing smile. The group nodded and Yume motioned for them to sit at the table. She gave each person a generous portion of eggs, bacon, and bread. She poured the coffee before sitting down herself. "Dig in," she commanded, much to the relief of the exorcists.

Soon, all the food was eaten and the Exorcists were smiling, fulfilled. Lenalee had calmed down from her earlier fright. All thoughts of the nightmare had left her mind and she was happy. However, those feelings came rushing back when she looked out the window to see a waterfall.

'Was a waterfall always there?' she asked herself. She couldn't remember seeing it earlier, but it was snowing the last time she looked out of the window. As she looked again, Allen stumbled past the window, but collapsed. 'What?!' Lenalee's mind screamed as she jumped out of her seat and ran out the door, startling everyone else. She stopped and bent beside Allen's trembling, wet form; she cried silently. The Allen that lied at her feet looked exactly like the one from her nightmare. Lavi rushed outside shouting after her.

"Lenalee, what's wro—"He cut off after spying Allen's crumpled body lying in the snow. He ran to Allen's side, picked him up, and carried him inside. He laid Allen beside the fireplace and examined his wounds. 'How can anyone live after sustaining such injuries? He has at least five broken ribs, three broken fingers, a broken nose, a broken ankle, a black eye, and God knows how many cuts and bruises. Well, at least he's breathing.' Lavi thought. Tear's continued to stream down Lenalee's face and Allen's chest shakily rose and fell.

"Good Lord, is he alright?" Yume asked, bring a pale of hot water and a couple of blue towels. She set them beside Lavi and began to wash Allen's wounds, stopping only when he whimpered. Soon, Bookman, Kanda, and Lavi went to work, setting the broken ribs, fingers, nose and ankle. All the while, Allen was screaming and twisting under their hands, causing himself more pain.

"Damn it Bean Sprout, hold still," Kanda yelled. Allen only thrashed harder, shouting,

"Stop it! Don't touch me! Let me die! I won't tell you anything about my friends! No Rhode! Don't hurt them. Kill me, just don't hurt them!!" Allen continued to wail as the others cleaned and dressed his wounds. Lenalee was horrified, and she started to weep for her comrade. Lavi and Bookman looked pained. Kanda could only stare. How could this crumpled form be the Bean Sprout that he had fought with on so many occasions? It was unlike anything he had ever seen.

Finally, Allen stopped moving and fell silent. His regular breathing indicated that he was asleep and the others relaxed. They sat at the kitchen table and discussed how they could transport Allen home without harming the boy on the way. While they were talking Yume went to Allen's side. Suddenly, the floor around Allen and Yume shimmered and they disappeared before the exorcists could react.

"What the Heck!" Lavi shouted, running to the spot formerly occupied by Allen and Yume. 'What kind of sick joke was the Earl playing?' Lavi thought. While he was thinking, a heart-shaped door appeared out of thin air and Rhode jumped out giggling maliciously.

"Thanks for finding Allen of me. I was wondering where he went. Now I can play with him some more." Rhode continued to laugh. Lavi jumped at her, his eyes full of rage.

"Give him back! He doesn't deserve this kind of torture!" Lavi screamed as he continued his attack. Then, for no visible reason, Lavi's legs stopped moving. He tried as hard as he could, but he couldn't move from his position. Behind him, he heard a flute playing a soft tune. Lavi managed to turn his head and see Damien playing a flute. As he played, the other exorcists fell over. "What are you doing Damien?" Lavi screamed. "These people hurt Allen and they're trying to kill us!"

Damien smiled at the red haired youth before removing his top hat and pulling his hair off his forehead. Lavi gasped at the sight of the crosses. 'This can't be happening! He can't be a Noah! He would have killed us on sight.' Lavi's head screamed.

"Actually, I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm helping Rhode escape with Allen and introducing myself at the same time," Damien said with a bow. "Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Bookman. My name is Damien Amadeus Kaid, Noah of Music." With that said, he stepped through Rhode's door and waved goodbye. As soon as the door disappeared, Lavi was free from the Musician's grasp and the others were waking up.

"Lavi, what happened?" Lenalee asked with a yawn. Lavi sighed and simply answered,

"They got Allen. And they have a new family member."

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