Inuyasha flicked his gaze from the clock back to the football game he was attempting to pay attention to. Ten thirty he growled darkly And she still isn't back from her date with that fucking wolf.

Kagome Higurashi had been his housemate for the better part of a year now. She'd been sharing a one-bedroom apartment with her friend Sango, the girlfriend of his then-housemate Miroku. When the couple finally decided to live together, Kagome confessed to feeling like a bit of a third wheel and announced that she was moving out. Since she was essentially homeless, he'd had no choice but to let her stay. Not like he wanted her to, but Sango wouldn't shut up about it, so he relented.

Unknown to Sango, and indeed anyone, he and the young nursing student had been fuck-buddies for the past 6 months. It all started after one of her overnight clinical shifts. She'd come home crying at 2 am because some old broad had kicked the bucket. Not caring about his state of undress, she'd burst into his room and flung herself at him, crying her damn eyes out. What started out as brushing away her tears changed to kissing away tears, which changed to kissing her lips, and then…well…

He gazed back at the clock reading 10:31. Fuck he ran a hand through his hair impatiently she said she didn't even want to date this asshole. If she was unhappy then where the fuck is she? What if she doesn't come home tonight…what if she stays over at his place?

He bolted to his feet at that one. No fucking way was she staying over with some wolf. Kagome always slept here, in his house. She was safe here. She belonged here. She said she'd be back not that late his scowl darkened as he paced what if that fucking wolf is forcing her to stay…what if that asshole kidnapped her


The remote now squished in his fist, Inuyasha stood stalk-still while processing that thought. He turned to the clock, 10:35. Too fucking late he decided and started for the door. Just as he reached the entrance to their foyer, he heard a car door slam.

Ah so the wench is coming home he deduced with a smirk, and then leaned against the entryway preparing his questions for the tardy bitch. Inuyasha listened carefully for any sign that the wolf had followed her to the door but there was no delay in her keys jingling in the lock. He managed to school his face into a look of indifference just as she opened the door.

"Hey" He offered casually.

"Hey yourself" she sighed tiredly and kicked off her shoes against the wall, then without prompting she offered "That was the longest date ever."

He still remained silent but raised an eyebrow to indicate his interest

"Kouga was very nice and everything" She moved to the closet and opened the door. "He was thoughtful and charming" she pulled out a hanger to use, apparently ignoring the growling that issued from the hanyou. "Kind of possessive though"

"Did he try anything with you" Inuyasha asked urgently "You could have called me and I would have come to get you" And beat the living shit out of him he smirked.

Holding her coat and coat hanger, she peaked around the closet door to smile warmly at him. "Nah" she said, moving to hang the coat up "he was harmless. He'll make a good friend, but it felt like something was missing. A spark, chemistry …"

"...heat?" Inuyasha whispered in her ear from directly behind her as he gently pushed the closet door closed. She turned her body to face him as if to talk more but he just lightly shoved her against the closet door.

"Inuyasha?" she was kind of breathless and his name came out a soft whisper before he kissed her, at first soft but it progressed quickly into a possessive embrace. He squished his hard body against her soft one as he buried his face in her neck

"Urgh" he pulled back from her neck "I can smell that wolf all over you! He did try something! That bastard!" he tore away from her and looked ready to bolt at the door when she grabbed his arms

"He put his arm around me at the movie Inuyasha" Kagome told him in a delicate voice "It's not a big deal. Really. Kouga's just my friend." Her eyes looked so pleading at that moment that he guessed he could wait until the next time he ran into that bastard wolf before pounding his face in.

Pressing her back up against the closet he glared at her turtleneck sweater for the offensive smell. Since when does Kagome even wear turtlenecks? He asked her as much. She glared at him "Well since Someone jumped my bones last night I had to wear something to cover up the evidence" she rolled her eyes "it would have looked pretty bad to show up for a date with a neck covered in hickeys."

He smirked at her and pulled down the neck of the sweater to admire his work. He had been hoping it would be enough to stop her, but apparently she didn't want to hurt Kouga's feelings. Sliding two hands on top of the folds around her neck, he looked up at her "This feels kind of itchy"

She shrugged "It's not the most comfortable but…INUYASHA!" she shrieked as he ripped the sweater clean in two using the neck. "Just because it was kind of uncomfortable doesn't mean I want it ruined!"

He tossed the pieces away and smirked back down at her "I have to get this scent off you Kagome." He eyed her skirt " Do you want me to ruin that too or will you be a good girl and step out of it." She glared at him but made a little show out of taking her skirt off to reveal her panties. Suddenly she looked worried "Inuyasha don't you think we should take this somewhere a bit more…private"

He was on her again and she was back against the closet. "Nope" was his response as he returned his nose to her neck, reveling in her scent. The wolf stink still lingered, he pressed closer to her hoping that his scent would cover it. He wondered if that bastard had noticed his smell on her and had said anything. Then he remembered a mostly naked Kagome and stopped thinking about anything else.

Kissing her neck, he soaked up her little needy noises as her fingers moved to the hem of his t-shirt. He refused to leave enough space between them for her to pull it off so Kagome contented herself with sliding her hands up and down his back under the shirt, then past the waistband of his sweatbands to grab his ass.

He thrust against her from surprise and pulled his head back. When their eyes met, she gave him a wink and then jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist. "Mmm yeah bitch," he groaned, returning to her neck as she tipped her head back and started grinding her core against his obvious erection.

"I don't want it slow Inuyasha" Kagome breathed "C'mon…I was counting the minutes until that date was over so I could come home to you" He rewarded that statement by running his thumbs over her still bra-covered nipples, eliciting a sharp increase in breath from her and further friction at their hips.

He couldn't wait either. Using his claws to rip the sides of the panties he flung those off behind them. Her arms, which were wrapped around his shoulders, moved to push the already low hanging sweatpants down and to grip his cock. He hissed as she carefully eased him to her opening, letting gravity sink him deep into her. Kagome's hands made it up to thread through his hair as their mouths met in a harsh kiss. If she was squished against the closet before, now she was positively crushed, his hips slamming in hers at incredible speed. The sound of skin on skin echoed in the tiled entryway as her soft gasps and his deep moans joined the chorus. Finally he felt her body start to tighten.

"C'mon Kagome, scream my name" He punctuated it with deeper thrusts "Tell the world who is fucking you so good." he whispered the next thing that came to mind "Tell it who you belong to"

Her dam broke "INUYASHA" she screamed, convulsing against him. It drove him over the edge and his back arched as he came in her. He sunk down on his knees and then gently rolled them over so she sat in his lap, his back against the wall.

When her breath returned to her, she let out a little giggle "It's a good thing I'm on the pill Inuyasha" she looked over at him shyly "if I never know when you're going to attack me."

"I'll take you whenever I want wench" he teased, rolling his hips a bit to indicate that he was ready for another go. She groaned, "Can we at least get away from the door? There's a bit of a draft" She shivered as a little gust hit her sweat-covered skin.

Inuyasha growled at the door for a minute, as if in anger for the wind of having the indecency to touch her when she was naked. He scooped her up and carried her easily up to his bedroom. He was the only one who would ever get to touch her like that. Ever.