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Inuyasha swore violently as he tripped over Kagome's dangling train for what seemed like the hundredth time. Stepping carefully while Kagome giggled, he lumbered up their stairs and down the hall to his bedroom, his hold on her earning its name as bridal style. Kicking the door open, he maneuvered his mate through the threshold with what would have been practiced ease were she not the human equivalent of a giant creampuff.

"Easy with the dress Inuyasha." Kagome cautioned as he let her down out of his arms. "I want our daughters to be able to scorn it for a more fashionable dress in the future."

Peeking over at his wife, Inuyasha smirked as Kagome ruffled out her skirts. He knew she was keeping a secret from him and was just waiting for her to burst.

As she set about getting the hanger ready for the dress, Inuyasha careless began removing his own formal wear as quickly as possible. Fucking tie was strangling him, causing his eyes to water when Kagome was walking down the aisle. No fucking way was he crying, his eyes were just leaking.

"Unzip me?" She smiled at him over her shoulder. Tossing the cuff link he'd just managed to unsnag from his sleeve onto the dresser, Inuyasha ambled over to help rid her slim body from the enormous dress.

"You know," his claw easily caught the zipper pull "when I first saw you in this dress, I thought some sort of demon was swallowing you." He tried not to seem eager to see what kind of lingerie she was wearing under that dress. Miroku confessed to having peeked in her bachelorette present and commented that it was quite…provocative.

"Inuyasha!" she scolded, sounding amused, "just help me get out of this thing so I can beat you up."

"Oh, kinky." He smirked as he reached the end of the zipper "Is this one of those things you were waiting to tell me until we were married and I couldn't back out?"

Kagome rolled her eyes and stepped out of the dress "If either one of us is kinky, it's you. Remember that night in the kitchen when you…" Inuyasha stopped listening in favour of staring aghast at Kagome's underclothes.

Cutting her off mid-sentence, he couldn't contain himself any longer. "What the fuck are you wearing?"

Kagome looked down and giggled. "It's special underwear to make me look good in my beautiful dress." It was awful. It was a weird shade of peach and in a creepy shape. Grabbing Kagome's hand, he yanked her towards him to rip it off and into a million pieces. Nothing that ugly should be anywhere near Kagome.

She pushed him away. "I want to wash off all this make-up." Kagome dragged a hand across her eyes and winced at the black that came off with it. "I'll just take a second."

Kagome sauntered over to a bag on the floor and toted it over to his small en-suite bathroom, winking at him as he shut the door. Inuyasha busied himself removing the rest of the suit, not bothering to be careful with it. He was never, fucking ever, dolling up like that ever again.

Stomping on the rumpled suit once or twice for good measure, Inuyasha wondered what he should do while he was waiting. Hopping on the bed, he wondered if Kagome was really okay with his suggestion that their first night as husband and wife was here in their house. Maybe it wasn't romantic enough for her? Should he have had rose petals or some other fucking romantic shit?

He'd been planning on striking a sexy pose when Kagome opened the door, but she came out sooner than he expected so she caught him looking confused in his boxers on the bed. She opened the door and leaned heavily on the doorframe, giving him a heavy lidded gaze, her face devoid of make-up…just the way he liked it.

He liked the rest of the outfit too. Miroku wasn't kidding when he said epic. Tight and red, there was a top-thing that looked really complicated but shoved her breasts up so they looked ready to spill out. Barely there bottoms and some strange stockings completed the outfit, along with a pair of very pointy looking shoes.

"It's all yours baby." She grinned wickedly and started walking towards him as he growled with anticipation. Her sultry look altered to one of surprise as she toppled over into a very Kagome-esque heap. Pouting up at him from the floor, Inuyasha couldn't help but chuckle.

"You're my Kagome alright." He reached down to her off the bed, wrapping arms around her waist and hoisting her up into his lap. "And I love you."

She blushed. How the wench could be blushing over that when she was in that get-up was beyond him. "I love yo….oh…" he tipped her head back and started lapping at his mate mark, goosebumps rising on her shoulders and spilling across her amplified cleavage. Her hair had been carefully pinned up for the ceremony, the mark on display for anyone who knew to look. Now it tumbled loose and free, Inuyasha eagerly running his fingers through it, weaving the strands to pull her head back to give him better access.

"Mmm…wait…Inuyasha…hold …oh…on…" Kagome shoved him away, so hard that his back hit the mattress.

"What the hell?" he glared at her. The whole wedding was difficult to get through with a raging hard on thinking about the night to come, did he have to endure more?

"There's…" Kagome gnawed on her lip nervously "…something I need to tell you."

Crossing his arms between them, he quirked his head to the side in curiosity. "Well? Out with it, wench."

She sent him a glare that was only half effective as it was filled with worry. Letting out a breath through his nostrils, Inuyasha uncrossed his arms to run his hands up and down Kagome's bared limbs. "Whatever it is Kagome, just get it out."

Looking queasy, she suddenly blurted, "I'm pregnant."

Inuyasha looked at her in what he hoped was surprise. "You're…pregnant…"

She looked down. "Remember how I lost my pills? I warned you we couldn't have sex, but then there was that time on the stairs, and in the garden, and at my mother's house…anyways when I went to get more pills, the doctor told me I was pregnant."

"I see…" Inuyasha paused and opened his mouth to tell her how happy he was or something but what came out was "I already knew."

Her jaw dropped. "You already….knew?" she asked, trying to make sure she understood him.

He shrugged in response and tapped his nose, as if to remind her how sensitive it was. The first night he noticed, he considered telling her but to be honest he was kind of freaked out. Sure he wanted pups, but he hadn't really thought it all the way through at the time. His knee-jerk reaction had been to deny the change and run to Miroku's house. After calming down a bit, he let the excitement take over. He had secretly been buying things for the baby for a week now. He wondered how old the kid had to be before she let him buy it a sword.

"You already knew!" She screeched. Inuyasha's ears flattened to his head. He was surprised it had taken this long to get to the screaming part. "I can't believe you Inuyasha! You selfish bastard how could you not tell me!"

He rounded on her "How could I not tell you! How could you not tell me! You must've known for weeks."

Kagome looked angry and sheepish "I tried…but with the wedding…we were so busy…"

She calmed down and snuggled back into him. "I guess we still have some communication stuff to work on, huh?" He snorted into her hair.

The enormity of the situation hit him. "We're having a baby." He breathed, his eyes wide and his heart racing.

Kagome leaned back to stare up at him. "We're having a baby." She affirmed, smiling. Both of their grins grew until they couldn't anymore as he smothered her in a hug.

"Jesus Christ," he just couldn't seem to catch his breath today, "I love you."

Kagome pecked him on the mouth "I love you."

When their eyes met, an awareness passed between them. "I love you." He repeated, leaning in for a kiss, his eyes fluttering shut.

"I love…you…" her response was smothered in his kiss. Hot and wet, his lips possess hers, pouring all their love and affection into the embrace. Her hands threaded into his hair to pull them impossibly closer, her lingerie felt hard against his stomach.

His hands trailed to her back and fiddled with the complicated tie that ran up the back. He continued to fiddle for a minute more before groaning into the kiss in frustration. What the fuck was this thing? He poised one claw to slice Kagome's soft body free when she pulled it apart herself with a series of popping sounds.

"Snaps." She winked at him as she tossed it aside, "I know my impatient Hanyou." She tweaked his nose. "I'll bring it back out to play sometime when you're feeling less…hasty."

Yanking off her shoes, he paused to kiss her. "See, I knew you were kinky."

"Yeah, yeah." Clearly too distracted to argue, Kagome let him win in favour of pulling down his boxers. His erection sprung free as he eyed her miniscule panties.

"These need to come off too." He pulled at her hips, trying to get her to angle them up to get it off. Instead she pulled herself over his leg and sprawled at the head of his bed.

"No need." With a grin of sin, she parted her legs to reveal the crotchless panties. Inuyasha gave her a rougish grin as he pushed her legs apart to lay down between them. Propping his head up on his hands, Inuyasha took a languid lick of her pussy, going slow and enjoying himself.

Kagome clearly became impatient with his pace. "Harder Inuyasha…Please baby…" Giving in he lapped at her, flattening his tongue to give it extra strength. Massaging her nub with his tongue, her back arched as she had a little orgasm. He was saving up for later, so he abandoned his post and kissed his way up her stomach, taking care to kiss both nipples before devouring her mouth.

"What do you say? Should our first time as husband and wife be the good old fashioned way?" She grinned, reaching down to stroke his already hard cock. Spreading her legs she guided him home with ease. After fully entering her, Inuyasha froze, his arms locked to keep his position hovering above her.

"Inuyasha?" she tilted her head up to his troubled expression.

"Is this okay? For the baby, I mean?" It was getting hard to talk, Kagome's confusion causing all kind of interesting pulsing in her internal muscles.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she smiled at him "The doctor said it was fine." She pumped her hips for emphasis. "C'mon baby, I want you to squish me under your big, muscular body."

He tried, he really did. But his fucking arms just wouldn't relax. Kagome just smiled at him and then winked "Well not quiet the old fashioned way, but I like it." She pushed her hips up towards his and let them fall again, her pace slow and teasing.

She kept going that slow, taunting him with her heat. His hips started pumping of their own accord, frustrated with her slow pace. He turned his face at her "Faster Kagome!"

The Cheshire cat grin stayed on her face "What's the matter baby?"

He growled, his arms lowering so his forearms rested on either side of her face, his body lying along hers. He shoved her legs up and took over the pace, rutting into her and using his arms to keep her little body from scooting up the headboard.

"Ah yeah Inuyasha!" She panted, her head writhing in pleasure, her hands gripping his arms to have something to hold onto.

He bellowed as he came, the feel of him cumming triggering Kagome's orgasm. Panting, he slumped against her.

"That was fun." He mumbled into her shoulder. Kagome's slim hands came up to toy with his long hair. Letting her glow in completion for a moment, Inuyasha calculated his next move. Nervous about the pregnancy, he had yet to suggest this position but in the past Kagome seemed pretty up for anything. "How about something alittle less…traditional?"

Kagome looked at him with excited eyes. He pushed off her to give her room to mauver and she lay docile, waiting for him to position her. He flipped her on her stomach, sliding a pillow under her hips for extra padding, just in case. She sent him a sarcastic look over her shoulder, but it quickly turned to a look of arousal as he positioned his feet on the outside of her shoulders, his hands supporting his weight from behind. With her legs spread wide his rejuvenated dick entered her, the angle had him seeing stars. When she closed her legs together, making the fit unbelievably tight, he couldn't suppress his growl of pleasure.

Kagome tried to buck her hips up and him but his body weight covered her. Shifting his hips a bit, Inuyasha managed to find her G-spot, ramming against it had her screaming. When her back arched towards him like a statue, she tightened up. The sweet friction had a second release swirling through his system, but he denied the feeling. He already came first once, that wasn't happening again tonight.

Eager to get to watch her face as he fucked her, Inuyasha pulled out, causing Kagome to blink back at him in confusion. He rolled her over and then pulled her on top of him. Figuring that she would ride him out hard after he just robbed her orgasm, Inuyasha was surprised when she took the same position he just had, feet at the shoulders and hands on his thighs. She sunk him back into her and started swiveling her hips in circles, rubbing her clit against him.

Her head fell back in pleasure and he felt his mouth water as he watched her breasts sway in tantalizing circles from her body's motions. Inuyasha stared as his cock disappeared into her, the sounds and the sights overwhelming. Her long hair tickled his thighs as it brushed against them; the tight grip of her hands on his muscles was arousing. She slid her hands down to his ankles and formed a bridge with her body.

Pushed to the extreme by her teasing, Inuyasha yanked her feet to get Kagome to look up at him. He sat upright to bring their chests flush while he remained fully sheathed in her. Gripping her hips and caressing her ass, he used his arms to pull her up and down on his length. When she reorganized her feet back under her, Kagome took over riding him hard.

He engulfed her moaning mouth in his kiss, their tongues dueling with passion. She clutched at his shoulders while he flattened his palms on her back, keeping her as close to him as she could.

She turned in their embrace to look him in the eye, a few tears leaking out of hers. "I love you Inuyasha." She rained kisses all over his sweaty face. He snuggled into the turn of her neck, finding her mating spot and sucking on it, loving her shriek of ecstasy. Her whole body started convulsing as her pussy pulled him tight and she ripped into what seemed like a full body orgasm. His name spilling brokenly from her lips as euphoric look crossed her face sent him over. His hands held her hips immobile against his as he thrust up a few times more.

Fully spent, he fell back against the pillows, Kagome following him. Propping her chin up on his chest, she gave him a heart-melting smile. He returned it warmly as she slid off of him to lie beside him on the bed.

"Let's get some sleep Inuyasha," She yawned, snuggling into the pillow.

"A nap?" he suggested, "I'm waking you up in a few hours."

She giggled. "Fine with me." Her smile turned salacious "now that we're married, I've got a few moves I've been dying to try."

Kagome burst out laughing as he lunged for her and tried to pull her into his lap. "Down boy." She kissed his nose. "Wake me in a few. Us weak humans need our rest."

Snorting, he placidly let Kagome nestle up against his side. He smiled down at her as she almost instantly fell asleep. Eyeing her belly, he felt a bit disappointed with how flat it still was. He couldn't wait until she was huge, it would be so funny to watch her try to get around the house. That and he heard pregnancy sex was amazing.

Pushing a strand of hair out of her face, Inuyasha felt like his heart was going to explode with all the feeling in it. All for this tiny woman below him, all for his Kagome. Settling down to be comfortable until she woke for round two, Inuyasha knew that no matter what happened, Kagome would be there. No matter where they went, all he needed was Kagome, and he would be home.