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Author's Note: I had a few scenes I wanted to fit into 'Falling', and this particular one never quite made it in. So now it's after. Title is inspired by Finger Eleven's song 'Paralyzer', though the song really has nothing to do with the fic.

- Paralyser -

Prowl wasn't aware of what Jazz was doing until the first few mechs came into his office to deliver reports, and grinned the entire time. Considering one of them was Gears, Prowl was understandably wary as he reached over his bond to Jazz, knowing that only his bondmate could have caused this unexpected phenomena. They had been met with grins and 'how was the vacation?'s when they returned, of course, but that had died down fairly quickly. This...this was new, and with a new source.

:Jazz...: Prowl said warily over the bond, and instantly he was filled with the brilliant presence of his bondmate. His bondmate was in a very good mood, and Prowl had to fight to keep his own mood from rising in response, and subsequently dismissing the whole reason he'd contacted the saboteur.

:Yeah Prowler?: Jazz replied with a grin in his voice, and Prowl knew immediately that he had been correct - his bondmate was behind this strange phenomena of grinning mechs.

:Would you happen to know why Gears spent his entire report grinning at me?: Prowl intoned, and there was a barely noticeable pause from Jazz.

:He must be in a good mood!: Jazz said, a chuckle in his voice now.

:Gears. In a good mood. Jazz, I know you know how to lie better than that.: Prowl said dryly.

:He got some interfacin' last night?: Jazz tried.

:And I suppose if I mention that Mirage was also grinning, you'll say that he was the one Gears was interfacing with.: Prowl said patiently.

:Nah, wouldn't spread nasty rumours like that. Hound's m'friend.: Jazz said, a smirk drifting through the connection, partly as a feeling, and partly as an image, triggered from Prowl's own databanks. For a moment, he could almost see Jazz's face in front of him, smirking. It was...vaguely disconcerting, and Prowl pushed it aside.

:What are you doing that has Gears grinning at me?: Prowl asked, getting back to the point.

:I ain't doin' nothin'!: Jazz protested cheerfully.

:Jazz...: Prowl said warningly.

:Prowl...: Jazz replied, mimicking his bonded's tone of voice. Prowl frowned, then felt along the connection a bit more. It wasn't hard to establish that Jazz was in the rec room, and as Jazz yelped mentally, realizing what his bondmate had done, Prowl quickly activated his computer and accessed the security monitors, using his command codes to bring up the one in the rec room. He was met by the sight of Jazz surrounded by mechs, who were looking at what appeared to be a multitude of pictures...of his and Prowl's recent enforced vacation. From the few of them Prowl could see decently, he knew that there were more than one or two that he hadn't known about. Most especially the ones of him stuck up in that blasted tree, the shark bite he'd managed to get and they'd had to call Ratchet to come fix, and several of Jazz's attempts to 'decorate' him while asleep. He'd quickly learned to wake up before Jazz when there were no other mechs around to distract him while Prowl slept.

This, obviously, explained why Gears and Mirage had been grinning at Prowl during their reports - it would be hard for any mech not to after seeing some of those pictures. Which was why he'd asked, nicely, that Jazz not show even the pictures Prowl knew about to the other mechs. Jazz had...well, Jazz had distracted him and never given Prowl an answer. A mistake Prowl wasn't soon to forget...especially since it opened the perfect opportunity for revenge.

:Prowl?: this time, Jazz was the wary one as he spoke over the still-open bond, obviously feeling the unusual mischievousness in his bondmate.

:I can't help but notice your picture collection is lacking in some respects.:Prowl replied amiably, and he felt Jazz tense. It was rather cute, how Prowl being amiable and mischievous had Jazz on high alert.

:No, these are pretty much all'a 'em.: Jazz replied.

:Reeeeeally...: Prowl drawled slowly, digging around in his databanks for the perfect image, and found it quickly. :What about this one?: He didn't bothering filtering out the associated feelings or sensory data attached to the image - after all, they were what he wanted. He was fairly sure they, more that the image of Jazz's face the first time Prowl had made him overload, would affect the saboteur the way Prowl wanted them to. On the camera feed still displayed on his computer, Prowl saw Jazz imperceptibly still, the other mechs around him carrying on without noticing.

:I...don't really think th'other mechs would wanna see that.: Jazz said after a moment.

:No? What about this one?: Prowl sent another, of Jazz walking down a corridor in the ark ahead of him, temporary door wings spread teasingly, and hips cocked at an angle that made quite clear the fact that he'd been saucily wiggling them. Once again, Prowl was sure to let his feelings and sensory data associated with the image leak through.

:That might traumatize Blue.: Jazz said.

:Hmm, true...and he certainly wouldn't want to see this one...: Prowl sent another image, of Jazz with his hands cuffed up around a nearby tree, arching into hands caressing his headlights. Not giving Jazz time to recover, Prowl continued, :Or this one: Jazz looking down at him from a starry sky, a predatory look on his face, only moments before pouncing on his bondmate. :And definitely not this one.: Jazz splayed out on the sand of 'their' beach, as they'd dubbed the spot Skyfire had dropped them, with his spark exposed and giving Prowl a look that had yet to precede anything other than a night of multiple interfacings. :Wouldn't you agree?:

:Uh...: Jazz couldn't seem to formulate a response, and Prowl smirked as he watched his bondmate jump when someone in the rec room touched his arm. There was obvious laughter among the other mechs, and while Jazz was trying to recover from the unexpected return to reality, Prowl took the opportunity to plunge into Jazz's own databanks.

:I doubt he'd find any of those quite as traumatizing as these ones, though.: Prowl said, and brought to the surface several more images, all of Prowl, from Jazz's point of view. Since the memories were already stirred up by Prowl's images, they were mostly the other side - what Prowl had looked like in response. As Prowl had anticipated, the images hit Jazz even harder, since they were his own. Jazz, however, wasn't head of the Autobot Special Ops for nothing - eventually, even under the barrage of images Prowl was sending him, he gained his footing, and Prowl found the images forced right back on him. He kept his cool, however, and changed tactics.

In the rec room, Jazz's visor flared and he was suddenly sitting ram-rod straight as Prowl left memories behind and accessed the saboteur's sensory network, creating ghostly feelings of his hands on the saboteurs neck, drifting up to his helm and then to the horns. Now the mechs around Jazz were getting concerned, and Prowl smirked as they tried to nudge Jazz to get him to respond, and the sensation of being touched shot through Jazz's suddenly over-active sensor net. Prowl could feel Jazz forcibly shut down his vocalizer as he continued with the sensor ghosts, and then the saboteur came after him, trying to force him out of his sensor network. Prowl went...straight into Jazz's auditory systems. He'd discovered, during their vacation, that certain beats, and certain tones, got Jazz...excited. And he quite freely subjected the saboteur to them now.

He was interrupted by the beeping of his comm. line, and he only half withdrew to answer, since Jazz was pretty much unable to think straight at this point.

"Prowl here." he said.

"Yeah, Prowl...wouldja mind not overloading Jazz in the middle of the rec room? Blue's CPU might melt, and the rest of us don't care to see it much either." Ironhide drawled over the line, and Prowl glanced over at the monitor screen to see Jazz sitting somewhat dazedly on the couch, other mechs now giving him a wide berth, either laughing or looking vaguely traumatized, except for Ironhide, who just looked resigned as he looked down at the saboteur.

"I wasn't planning to. I believe he's learned his lesson by now, anyways." Prowl said dryly.

"Weren't you two supposed to work all this out on yer vacation?" Ironhide asked.

"Supposedly. Evidently we did not, however." Prowl replied. "I believe we'll be taking the rest of the day off to remedy that." Ironhide snorted and closed the line. Prowl, smirking, sent one last image over his bond with Jazz - this time of what he was seeing on the monitor for the rec room - and muted it, withdrawing to his own CPU and watching as Jazz suddenly burst from the couch, swearing up a storm and storming out of the rec room to the laughter of everyone around him. Prowl quickly turned off his computer and informed Optimus that he and Jazz would be taking the rest of the day off before leaving his office, right as an enraged Jazz rounded the corner. They froze for a moment, eyeing one another, and then Prowl transformed, peeling out and heading for the entrance of the Ark, with Jazz in hot pursuit.

The next mech to see them was Ratchet the next morning, who threw a fit about the dents and scrapes they'd 'somehow' gotten themselves covered in.

- END -