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Odd One Out

You know. This has always been Haruno Sakura's life.

The odd one.


She walked down by the bench, not caring to give it a single glance. No one spared her one, so this is her way of returning it.


I mean really what kind of child has a wide forehead, wide green eyes, pink hair, and lives in Japan? No one else.

Her parents said that there are other people like her.

Not really.

They said that she was special.


She did take a look at the Hokage tower.

She longed for her sensei. The woman who cared enough to train her.

She knew this would break her heart but…

Everyone has already broken hers.


Naruto and Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei all have amazing attributes, but what does she have?

Nothing. Just her wits. Her brains, and semi-determination.

See Haruno Sakura is definitely not special. Not like everyone else.


She knocked out the people who saw her and asked her questions. Déjà vu?


Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru all have jutsus their parents have taught them. They were passed down.

Neji, Sasuke, Hinata they have natural talent. They were born in a prestigious clan, so they get to be more talented than others are.

Kiba, Shino those boys have an attachment to animals. They have families connected to each other.

Rock Lee. He attained his abilities through hard work, as did Tenten. He at least had someone who cared enough to train him. Tenten had teammates who cared and would help her.

Haruno Sakura was alone.


'They will probably hate me for this. But… maybe their days won't be as difficult as they are when I'm around.'

The woman sighed softly.


She didn't realize this until the night Sasuke left.

"On that day, you taught me that solitude is painful! I understand that so well right now. I have family and I have friends but if you're gone… It'll be the same thing as being alone!"


'This solitude…

Will it be different…?

Than what I feel everyday?'


He left her.

Knocked out on a bench.

Vulnerable as she usually is.

She and Naruto spent many days searching for him. They promised they'd get him together. Even if they had to fight him, or break every bone in his body.

Sakura thought about this. She thought about what Naruto said when they were fighting on the rooftop of the hospital.

"Next time, Sakura-chan, don't interfere."

Then what was the point of her helping then? She decided to find a mentor anyway.

She'd get stronger to prove herself.


She picked up a rock.

In crushed into dust.

Just as Sasuke had days before the chunnin exams.

Except… this hurt…

Her hand bled because she put too much pressure into crushing it.

'That was my hopes.'


She asked Kakashi to train her.

He went back to being half of an ANBU.

He had no time to find out what Sakura really was good at.

She went to Naruto.

They would spar together, but it was too uneven.

All Sakura could do was run away or give up.

She didn't even have a signature jutsu.

She couldn't get a teacher until Sasuke and Naruto fought.

She had to go to the Hokage.

She pleaded to become stronger.

This was one of the good things in her life.


She picked up a heftier rock.

She crushed it, ignoring the fact that her hand was already bleeding.

'That was my trust.'


Now her life is regular, or normal.

It was like a roller coaster. It goes up and down.

Getting a teacher was an up.

But after that everything just kept going down.

Naruto left. Down.

Sasuke was already gone. Down.

Kakashi was never seen around very much. Down.

And everyone else had their own team that they were devoted to. Down.

She, she had no one, nothing.

The roller coaster formally called her "life" straightened out.

She got a job at the hospital.

She bought her own apartment.

She is known as one of the best medics in shinobi history. (One of the bests…)

She had potential to surpass the Hokage.

Then everything started to go up.

Naruto came back.

Kakashi spent more time with them. Mostly because Naruto was back.

They were 14. He was 14 as well.

And he came back.

On his own.

They didn't even have to provoke him to come back.

He came by himself… with some "friends…"

Karin, Suigetsu, and Juugo.

A red haired "sassy" girl that has the ability to sense chakra… better than most people. She has an unhealthy obsession for Sasuke.

A blue haired "shark" that reminds them of Zabuza and he even has his sword. He's a sword collector.

A man who cannot control his cursed seal, and has a problem with his killing too. He wants to find a way for him to stop the need to kill at random times.


The woman is in the middle of the village at the moment.

She leans on a wall.

'I never got the chance to help.'

She slid down the wall and sat down her head in her hands.


The Karin-girl did not like Sakura. She hated the fact that Sasuke would rather be trapped in a room with Sakura instead of her.

Suigetsu, really liked Naruto, they both like to "goof" around. Cause some mischief. Bother Sasuke. That was their good life.

Juugo had been in the hospital, being checked on and so that he wouldn't go on an unexpected killing spree.

So in the broad reality everyone was happy.

Everyone was kind of friends.

They have totally ignored the medic of he team.

They baffled at the rest of the team's achievements.

Naruto has learned a new technique with his rasengen.

Sasuke killed Orochimaru.

Kakashi is now an ANBU captain again.

The medic news seemed as though it was last weeks' news.

She helped a lot of people. She brought them back to life.

Sasuke killed one man.


'Would they still need my help?'


She healed. He killed.

Which sounds better?

Yet these people let him back in with open arms.

She did too, but a little hesitation.

Who wouldn't? When you're love waltzed back into your life after being gone for 2 years.


'Would I ever come back?'


He kept telling everyone that he came back because Orochimaru was about to swap bodies, he said it was the only chance of killing Orochimaru.

But she knew the truth.



"I-I came back be-because I need help… And I-I missed you guys…" Sasuke let out shakily.

He wrapped his arms around Sakura.

He wondered why he wasn't getting any response.

"Did you tell anybody else this?" She pulled away from him, crossing her arms.


"Then it's clear that, that isn't the real reason. Or the whole truth." She walked away her back facing him.

"Sakura. What happened to you?" His cold voice was back again.

She turned to him and smirked. "You're annoying."

Sasuke didn't notice it but Sakura was crying.

He didn't notice because he felt his heart clench.



So now…

She made her decision.

It is exactly like his.

Cut off all bonds and leave.

Forever this time.


' No the question is... would they accept me back?'

The woman stood up shakily.

She continued to walk towards the gate.

She swayed around like some drunken idiot.

She was crying.

She cried because she was never accepted.

Never liked.

Never loved.

Never trained out of free will.

Never had a real friend.

Never special.

Never normal.

Never was acknowledged.

Her bleeding hand didn't compare to the pain she was feeling.

She reached the gates.

She reached her decision.

She reached hell.

'Do I go for myself or for the others?'

She would go for the others.

She would stay if she wanted to.

But she was nothing but a forever burden.

They would never need her.

Unless she became something valuable.

She doubted that she ever would be.

She thought that she was nothing more than a freak.

A burden.




She was nothing but trash. They don't need her.

Besides they had a replacement set up already.


She would take over.

They seem to like her.

Sakura kept doubting herself.

Then she finally took one step out…

'Finally… I'm free.'



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