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Odd One Out

Chapter 25

"Do you, Teme, take Sakura-chan for your ninja wife? Through wounds and health?" Naruto chimed.

Sasuke nodded and said, "I do…"

"Do you, Sakura, take teme to be your bastardly husband? Through pigheadedness, and screaming?" Naruto laughed, and the audience chorused in with him.

Sakura smiled, and spoke, "I do!"

Naruto thought for a moment, "I think now you exchange vows or whatever…"

Sasuke smirked and rolled his eyes. He looked to Sakura. She was in some kind of neon white, if that's possible. He sighed and began to recite, "I, Sasuke Uchiha, take you to be my wife, I promise to love you and never leave you again, I will be the shoulder you cry on, I will stay with you until the day the world ends."

Sakura felt tears begin to form she smiled, "I, Sakura Haruno, take you to be my husband, I will never stop loving you and I will always be there for you to brighten up your day, I promise to stay with you even after the world's light has gone out." She stared at his all black attire and smiled.

Naruto then chokes a little, "Kiss the bride I think?"

Sasuke smirks and lifts the veil off of Sakura's face. He cups her chin and leans in, "I love you." He placed on hand on the back of her head, and the other hand was in his pocket.

Now, nobody has really seen the way Sasuke and Sakura make out… so they were a little surprised…

When Sasuke's lips came into contact with Sakura she immediately reacted. Both of her hands shot up and tangled themselves into his hair. She jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Sasuke staggered back and smiled. Sakura smiled too. Her lipstick was smeared on both of their faces.

They looked to the crowd, their friends and most of Konoha.


Neji: Wow…

Hinata: Sakura?

Naruto: Teme's gonna be begging for that every night!

Ino: That looked really hot.

Shikamaru: How can he stand carrying Sakura AND her wedding dress?

Karin: BITCH!!

Suigetsu: Karin, give up on him and go out with me!

Kakashi: Just like Make-out Tactics chapter 4

Tsunade: Was that really necessary?

But anyway their expressions were mostly like…



"Uncle Itachi?" The pink haired girl squeaked. She was like a miniature Sakura.

"Yes, Setsuna?" Itachi smiled looking at her even though completely blind.

" Who was the bad guy? Mommy or Daddy?" A black haired little boy asked, twin of Setsuna. He was a miniature Sasuke.

"None of them, Setsuno, your parents were never evil." Itachi mused.

Setsuna and Setsuno looked at each other and smiled, "Cool!" They chorused together.

Itachi smiled as the five year-olds sat on his lap. "Such good children."


Sakura sighed "Come on Keenan, just compact your chakra."

The tall boy, taller than his father, with black hair (looks like Sasuke's except his hair doesn't stick up) sighed.

"Hn…" He said as he successfully created a huge crater in the middle of a field.

Sakura smiled, "Yay! Perfect chakra control from your mother, and the rest from your father!"

Keenan turned around and waved dull-ish-ly.

Sakura smiled, "Off to see Donia?"

Keenan glared at his mom with his own pair of strikingly odd green eyes, as his face grew red. "Shut up."

He sprinted away as his mother laughed about her eldest son going out with Naruto's eldest daughter. (His daughter looked like him in sexy-no-jutsu form)

"14 year-olds now a days."


"Come on, Desiree, you might be the only one I can teach this to." Sasuke said smirking at his daughter.

She brushed her black and pink hair out of her black eyes, she filled her hand with chakra and ran towards the giant rock. "CHIDORI!"

The force made the rock blow up in a million pieces.

She rested her hands on her knees and panted heavily.

A single clap was heard for her father.

He hugged her shoulders and said, "As expected from an Uchiha."

She beamed one of her rare smiles and said, "Thanks, dad."

He nodded and they walked home. "You are the same age I was when I learned that."




Late at night Sakura hopped out of bed and stood outside, in the balcony.

She smiled at her life. She was truly "wanted" now.

A rustling came from behind her.

"Sasuke." She said.

"I like how my name rolls off your tongue." He smirked hugging her waist.

Sakura leaned on him.

They swayed together as if dancing.

The moon was the only light.

"I love you, Sasuke-kun."

"I love you too, Sakura."

Sakura held her face near the base of his neck. "I want you."

Sasuke broke that space and kissed here, "I know."

He pulled her towards the bed.

Sakura giggled, "Ne, Sasuke-kun, are you getting horny?"

He threw her down on the bed and with a wicked smirk he said, "Maybe."


A couple minutes later…

The kids and Itachi were woken up by the moans and loud noises.

Itachi went pale as he looked through the crack of the door, "Aw… Hell…"

"Are mommy and daddy fighting?" Setsuna asked.

"No way! They're just wrestling." Setsuno corrected.

They nodded together, "Wrestling."

Desiree and Keenan peered into the room. They went pale too.

They scooped up the kids and walked away.

"Ne? What's wrong?" Setsuno asked, he looked like an innocent version of Sasuke.

Keenan's cool demeanor was broken and his face was bleach white. "I think they need to be alone for right now."


In the morning…

Sasuke and Sakura sat at the kitchen table making cat noises at each other. "RARR!" Sakura moans.

Sasuke just purrs back.

Itachi was twitching in the corner, though when he looked into the room he did not see, he heard. He coughed.

Desiree was staring at the table face down.

Keenan was looking at the ceiling uneasily.

"Mommy, Daddy?" Setsuno asks, his big black eyes were sparkling.

"Yes, sweetie?" Sakura says.

"Were you guys wrestling last night?" Setsuna finishes.

Sakura fell out of her chair.

Sasuke spat out all of his coffee.

Itachi wheel chaired out of the room.

Desiree jumped out the window and said, "I'm gonna train!"

Keenan calmly stood up and strode out of the room, "I'm going to go to Hyuuga's place."

The kids looked at their parents with big eyes.

Sasuke sighed, "Well, when a boy likes a girl… certain feelings start to… erupt."

Sakura made a purring noise again.

And thus this ends the story of a girl who felt like she wasn't wanted.

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