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HOLY SHT I'M STILL UPDATING THIS STORY!? I THOUGHT I ENDED IT... GOD KNOWS HOW FCKING LONG AGO!?--string of profanities nobody needs to hear or think about-- This takes place between the end of Black Moor and the Epilogue. The unofficial epilogue. This where Seto and Jou are reincarnated (Weir brain of mine is coming up with weird ideas...) the first time, as kids in a village. And Jou's dad is still a drunk. Not an alcoholic, a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings. XD

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That which I love, that which I treasure

A baby's wailing was heard throughout the village, along with the sounds of sobs. A new arrival. A new addition of life to the small european village buried in a forest. A new chid. A small crowd of people gathered around the small hut, ranging from the lowliest thief or pick pocket to the priest and the head of the village. A boy with brown hair and blue eyes who was about four struggled to get through to see, but it was proving rather hard since he was one of the shortest. It took a while, but... when he finally made it through, he smiled.

There was a woman sitting on a bed, crying happily and holding her baby in her arms. Her husband stood by her, smiling. The baby in her arms looked more like his father, with honey colored eyes, when you could see them, and a little bit of blonde hair. The priest stepped forward, a bowl of something called holy water in his hand. He recited a few lines, the only one's the boy could understand were 'Our father in heaven', 'Bless tis child', and, 'In the name of God'. The only ones he knew the meaning of. Come on, he was four. The priest christened the child, whatever that meant, and went to stand beside the end of the bed.

The woman started coughing violently after that, handing her baby to her husband. A small stream of blood ran from her lips, spattering a little when she coughed more. The medicine woman pusher her way forward, holding her supply of cures.

"Let me see" She said, he voice full of concern. She took the woman's face in her hands, turning it towards her, observing.

The woman coughed up more blood, filling a bowl the medicine woman had with blood.

"The red sickness. Red death. There is nothing I can do. I am sorry." She said, her eyes sad.

"Wh- what do you mean, nothing you can do? You have to do something! Save my wife! I can't raise my son by myself, and he needs a mother!" The man said, doing his best to keep the new child calm.

"There is no cure. There is nothing I can do."

Everyone was silent for a minute, before someone yelled something indistinguishable. Probably one of the drunks from the streets. The new mother kept coughing up blood, the father trying to get the medicine woman to save her, the priest reciting a prayer. The new mother gave a series of coughs, none leaving any room for a breath. She clutched her chest as she kept couching up the red liquid. Somewhere in the crowd, another woman started crying, followed by others.

The mother coughed up even more blood, more than what the boy thought was possible, as the bowl overflowed. She clutched her heaving chest and coughed up more blood before laying her head back on the pillows on the bed and laying still.

Everyone was silent, even those who were crying not a minute before. The boy felt tears stream down his face silently, and he struggled to remain a strong appearance in the faces of all the people here, but unsuccessfully. The newborn, which had been amazingly quiet when his mother way dying, now broke the stifling silence. The boy couldn't stand to be there any more. He pushed his way back through the crowd and ran.

He passed into one of the fields, stopping in the middle of it.

"Seto, what's wrong?" A voice said, kind and gentle. The boy turned, trying to hide his tears but failing miserably. The woman behind him also had brown hair and blue eyes, but her hair was shoulder length. His friend, Anzu.


"n- nothing..."

"It's about the woman who died, right, Seto? You don't have to hide it, it's okay. Were all sad."

"B- but... her baby... what about it?"

"Don' worry, we'll all be it's family. Were already one big family right? So even if the baby doesn't have it's real mother, we can all help raise it in her place. It won't be the same, but it might help. Right?"

The boy nodded, still sad. They were silent for a while out in the field, before the boy broke the silence.

"A- anzu?" He said, trying to speak around the tears.


"It's... it's going.. to r-rain today..."

"But... it's clear."

"No... that's not rain..." the boy said as even more tears gushed down his face. "This... is rain..."

"... Yes..."


A few years later, Seto was eight. The child born that day, Katsuya, was four. Everyone acted nice to him, the memory on his mothers death weighing heavily on all their minds except Katsuya's.

But his father was destroyed by his wife's death. Katsuya often had bruises on his arms and stomach from his fathers depression, which had turned into child abuse. Katsuya never told anyone about it, he cared for his father, Seto could not see how. He was a repulsive man. Drinking all the time, usually he knocked himself out, abusing his only child, and more.

Seto had feelings for Katsuya, and it went far beyond the friendship they had now. He remembered what had happened in his past life, Marik, father Marcus, he still didn't know how he confused it with ted. Katsuya had grown to be a healthy, sturdy child, just like then. Seto just wondered if he had regained his past memories like him. He wanted to be with Katsuya again.

He walked out of the shop where he worked along side with Anzu. He was worn out, it had been busy today, and his anger was starting to boil in his chest. Katsuya's dad had forced him to get more booze today. He just wished that the blonde would say no for once.

He wasn't looking where he was going and ran into a wall. The wall, as it happened, was the wall to Katsuya's house. Everyone was staring at the house, but not Seto, or where he ran into it, but the door, with looks of fear and horror on their faces.

"Someone should go in there..."

"He used to be such a decent man..."

"That boy's birth was a blessing but now it's more of a burden..."

"It's all that child's fault, he killed his mother and his father's mind went. All due to his birth."

So it was Katsuya's fault that his dad lost his mind when his wife died?

Seto heard yelling and a few broken sentences coming from the house. Whatever Katsuya's dad was doing to torture him this time sounded like it was even worse than all the other things.

This. Was. It.

"Shut up. It's not his fault." He said, turning to see who said that, staring down the person behind him.

And with that, he did something that was so stupid now that he looked back on it.

He burst into the house, trying not to gag at the odor of alcohol and abuse and blood in the room. At another time, Seto might have actually enjoyed the smell of blood. But not now. He saw Katsuya over in a corner, his father standing over him, holding a bottle that was cracked from the bottom up. That was a scary sight. A drunk man, a small, cowering child, and another child standing at the door looking horrified and angry as hell.

Seto might have been eight, but for being eight years old, he was smart. And he was quiet. He saw a bottle that was intact, no fractures or cracks or breaks anywhere on it. He picked it up, and, sneaking up behind the man, who was a good deal taller than him but hunched over considerably from his drunk- ness, he raised the bottle.

He knew where he could hit the man with it and he would pass out. Ao he used that to his advantage.

He angles the bottle so that it was in line with the cluster of nerves at the base of the man's neck, and, as hard as he could, brought the bottle down onto it. When the man didn't move all that much, he tried again. This time, he fell over.

Katsuya managed to get out in time, cowering against the wall at the knocked out form of his father and the brunette boy standing wit ha bottle behind him.

"Are you okay?" Seto asked, cropping the bottle and walking towards Katsuya, offering him a hand to get up. He was relieved that Katsuya could stand up, and even more relieved when he spoke, even though it was in broken sentences.

"Wh- what.. did you... d- do to h-him?" The blonde asked, obviously on the verge of tears from what just happened.

"Knocked him out."

Seto led Katsuya back to where he lived with Anzu since his parents died, in some vampire attack when he was only a few months old. People described the vampire that sis it as,

'A beautiful boy, with lavender eyes that turned red and sandy- blonde hair with tan skin and egyptian features.'

Malik. Again. Couldn't he just move. On.

Apparently not.

Seto noticed that Katsuya had several new scraped, and he would have some bruises in the morning, too.

"W- where are we g- goin'?" He asked shakily, gold- brown eyes confused and sad and scared.

"To my house. I'll fix your cuts and bruises, okay?"

"A- alright..."

When they arrived, Anzu almost dropped the knife she was holding on her fingers. And when you almost drop a meat cleaver on your fingers, your scared as hell.

She asked what happened, frantic and worried and womanly, going into 'mother hen' mode.

Seto had answered after he led Katsuya to his room, laughing slightly as Anzu almost dropped the meat cleaver on another part of herself and hurried to the medicine woman;s hut.

Seto turned back to Katsuya, seeing the small boy huddling in the corner.

"Are you okay? Come here." He said, kneeling down before the blonde.

Katsuya hesitated for a moment, and the crawled over into the brunettes arms. This brought an odd image to him mind...

A kiss, two sharp... fangs, he guessed, and blood.

He saw a face, too, with brown hair and blue eyes, just like Seto... like an older version of him.

It all came back, like a lock clicking into place.

Set was a vampire... he wasn't human...

Katsuya tried to push away, but Seto held him close.

"It's okay. Your not going ot be hurt any more." He said lovingly as he moved his hand over Katsuya's hair, petting him like a dog.

Katsuya felt safe here, like he would never be hut again, like Seto would protect him. He relaxed, for now, leaning into Seto's touches.

He closed his eyes contentedly, holding onto the brunettes shirt.

He was vaguely aware of what seemed like a pair of lips brushing against his is a short, chaste kiss.


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