Lost Sheep

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He found her sleeping across Setsuna's body, tiny fingers clutching onto his white shirt tightly. Faint tear stains trailed down from the corners of her eyes, some droplets still clinging to her feathery eyelashes.

"Beautiful, don't you agree?" An amused voice questioned. A white gloved hand carefully ran itself through her hair, not stopping even as Shiranui was pointed threateningly in the owner's face.

The opposite hand trailed just as carefully along Nanatsusaya's hilt, only stopping when the small demon shifted, muttering "Setsuna..." Mad Hatter frowned slightly even though her bright eyes gleamed wickedly. "Love is despair." She whispered, slowing fading back into the darkness.

He sheathed his blade and looked down at the girl below him. Sighing, he relaxed her clenched hands and hauled her into his arms, bringing her to her room.

Once he set her down, she whimpered slightly and she reached out her hand which brushed against his cotton sleeve.

Brown eyes stared at her for a moment before shifting to the still open door. The light from the torches pouring though the entrance died as the door shut.

Kurai snuggled into the blankets more, sighing lightly as a bittersweet, masculine scent reached her nose.


Her blue eyes snapped open and she sniffed again.

"Kurai!! Time to wake up" She rubbed her hand over the empty space next to her before sitting up as Arakune came in, smiling slightly.

Kira gave a slightly weary look to the person standing in his doorway. He sighed through his nose in an irratated manner before rolling over to the side, the bed squeaking lightly at the new weight.

"Don't expect this often." He couldn't spoil her, after all.

Kira stiffened as she curled up against him, placing her legs above and between his and her head rested slightly against his chest. For a moment he imagined that it was her by his side, pretending that the form next to him had pale skin, a more longer and womanly body. He pretended that waves of black blanketed his skin, softer than anything in the world.

Her warm breath felt nice against his skin.

But the black waves that should have slipped over his skin turned dark silver and got tangled in his fingers as he absentmindedly brought his hand through her hair. He became well aware that this body next to him was still in development as his wandering hand gave an involuntairy squeeze as it rested on her hip and he knew that the black tshirt she was wearing was his. He knew that the sleeve falling off her shoulder and the slightly hiked up hem revealed darkened flesh instead of moonlight luminesence.

But what princess could care less about the indecent clothing she wore casually to bed (though she hardly notices the innuendo anyways), Kira mused as he looked at her face with bored, half-lidded eyes.

"...Thank you, Sakuya."

He looked over to the corner. The candle on the nightstand gave off just enough light to see a sly smile on black painted lips against a pasty white face before it disappeared with a flap of butterfly wings. Kira's eyes narrowed slightly before he looked back at Kurai's innocent, sleeping face.

'Beautiful indeed.'

...yeah. That didn't turn out as expected. But I like it (even if the title doesn't match) :D

DON'T KILL ME PLEASE!!! This is my first attempt at writing something about Angel Sanctuary. I've only read up to Vol 11 -,-;

So my apologies if the characters are OOC. I have no clue why I wrote that Alexiel part so don't ask. Don't ask about the whole 'bittersweet' smell thing too...you know what, just don't ask about a lot of things. No flames and it's up to you if wanna leave feedback. If there's any mistakes I'll edit later.