Lost Lamb

Chapter 11:



Dedicated to: The wonderfully patient, Chibi-Daisuke-Chan.

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Pairing: LuciferxKurai. Technically speaking.

"Why does this mural have the same face as Sakuya?"

Arakune blamed it on his sins. The Mad Hatter didn't know what to think. Abaddon cried for his mother and from somewhere in his labyrinth, Astaroth broke into hysteric laughter. All that Setsuna knew was that he messed up - a hundred times worse then letting his own sister die.

In the end, the little Evil had ended up as Hell's sacrifice and though she cried as she fell farther from grace, her painted lips curved cheerfully - a beautiful, warm smile that could've made any man fall in love with her (but, she concluded, he was still too dense too receive her feelings).

"You have no idea what it's like to be in love."

The Dragon Gods whispered things she couldn't understand, even though Noise still held the tablets in her possession.

There wasn't any pain as the velvet blackness of the Pit began to consume her or maybe she just couldn't feel it as her vision became clouded by the black featers that rained down endlessly.

When she finally woke up, the darkness was gone and Kurai was curled up by the silent, unrippling river of the dead...and she wasn't alone.

Her eyes took in the moon kissed skin and the endless, ink coloured waves - she was proppued up like a doll in a throne that shouldn't have have really been there but it still strangely fit.


Kurai blinked, not even paying attention to her bare, grown up body as she stood and walked to the apparently sleeping Organic Angel. As her hand reached towards Alexiel's neck but before she bothered to find a pulse, she half expected Setsuna to still be inhabiting her, expected him to jump up and say that this was all a dream before someone's all too familiar sigh reached her ears and the comforting smell of smoke wafted towards her.

"It's just her body, Kurai-chan." The cross earring's metal was warm against her wrist, swiging lightly as she drew her hand back.

"Why is Sakuya here?"

Now that she thought about it, why was she in this place? Shouldn't she still be in the Pit or was this where she was supposed to meet her weird, sex maniac of a husband?...Or was she really dead and he was nothing but an illusion coming from the madness of Death?

Kira put out his cigarette against his hand, watching boredly at how his skin still tried to knit back the burnt flesh even though the Mark was almost faded now.

He stalked towards her after the magic gave up and she stood there like an unwitting lamb.

She finally noticed her state of indecency when his strangely cold hand lightly cupped her face for a moment, then slowly trailed down, tracing her neck then down the middle of her chest and finallly, it gripped her hip. Just like that time.

"...You better not be feeling me up." Her quip came to late and he smirked slightly. Belial had told him Kurai was beautiful in her own right yet he'd compared her to Alexiel. He gave a quick glance to the empty vessel and back to the girl - the woman - before him. There wasn't a need for comparing them.

Kurai was Kurai.

"Oh, of course not." His hand gave a teasing squeeze even though he's held that hip a hundred times over but gave a pleased chuckle as she gave a surprised squeak.

"I'm just getting you prepared."

"For what, exactly?"

Kira gave a thoughtful "hmm" and she could have sworn his eyes flashed to grey as he leaned forward, pressing their heads together.

"To copulate our marriage, I guess."

"You don't love me." Killing the silence, her voice was neutral with faint traces of mellow after glow. His hand paused before it began fiddling with hers, head resting on her stomach.

"No, I don't." That was half a lie, the boy apparation known as Kira Sakuya whispered beside him.

Kurai propped herself up slightly on her elbows acknowledging his agreement with a smile.

"Change me back?"

With a small, feelting brush of lips, she looked like a twelve year old again, tiny and adorable and wearing nothing but his trench coat.

"You know, you're the first wife that I've ever done this with."

Fingers tangled in her hair as he made her forget everything again.

And in some twisted way, (the next time he finds her curled up on his bed and he eyes the scars on her thighs that she doesn't remember how she got them and places three studs in her hand - "So you won't have to steal Setsuna's.") - he revels in the fact that he was the one to taint her.