I've thought about this for a LONG time. Is it just me or can I really make people laugh?


It was the middle of summer and the hosts were once again at Kyouya's … pool.

"BANZAI!" Hikaru yelled as he jumped off the diving board.

A wave washed over Kaoru. "Hikaru!"

"Ah, I'm sorry Kaoru, did I scare you?" He pulled him close.

"H-Hikaru…" He blushed and looked down.

Oh my god…Was Haruhi's thought as she watched the two.

I wonder if they did this in public, would people shout "Get a room?"

Hani-senpai was playing with a monkey nearby. Tamaki… Tamaki is… He's busy.

Kyouya observes from his chair.

Ah… I'm bored and like hell I'm going to swim with the twins.

She looked over at Mori-senpai who was standing with his usually stoic face on.

Hmmmm…I think I've found something to do.

Haruhi grabbed her empty glass, which was filled with ice.


Mori turned to look at the small girl.


"Why don't you so much emotion?"


"Can I test to see… what kinds of certain conditions your face can withstand?"


"See if I can make you crack?"

Those twins have really gotten to me.

A low voice from the senior gave permission for her to do so.

Everyone else took notice at Haruhi.

They saw her poke is cheek. The twins got out of the pool.

They saw her attempt to tickle him. Hani-senpai stopped playing with the monkey.

They saw her step on his foot. Tamaki stopped doing whatever he was doing and Kyouya smirked at Haruhi.

"Geez, Mori-senpai you're really though to crack." Haruhi exclaimed.

"Un." Mori-senpai thought what she was doing is really cute.

"Ok then this is my final try then!"

The others hosts got closer, but she didn't notice.

She took her glass filled with ice and poured all of it down his swim trunks.

From then on the hosts could never forget the day Mori-senpai screamed.


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