I really like Tau'ri music. My form allows me to recall it so perfectly it is like it plays in my mind. It is so good to have what O'Neill would call a 'soundtrack' to play as I work. Though in truth, one could say this is play and not work. I would use another Tau'ri phrase, combining business with pleasure.

Another enemy down, and another, another, the terror is gratifying to see as my eyestalks take in the Jaffa as they try to find the source of their death. Some run, most stand and fight, all of them die.

It is good to be their death. A misquote I know, but one I feel appropriate to what I am to them.

I particularly love the wild firing as they try to shoot what is firing at them, killing them.

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

And another one gone, and another one gone

Another one bites the dust

Hey, Im gonna get you too

Another one bites the dust

Ah, Tau'ri music. Sometimes it can be quite...appropriate.



"Well, I take it Kalakek is sufficiently terrorizing the Jaffa while we wait for said Goa'uld to poke his head out in the inevitable escape route he has?"

"Well Daniel Kalakek is a -terrorist-, so that is what he knows what to do," Jack sent back as they transmitted to each other from their various positions.

Sara piloted the Gateship, while Teal'c, Drey'auc and Sam spread out to cover likely escape routes of the Goa'uld in question once Kalakek flushed him out into the open.

"Which snakehead is this one, again?" Jack asked over their tacnet knowing perfectly well which one and knew they knew he knew, taking a look around he added, "Different sort of pyramids here."

"Something Central or South American?" Sara asked to talk to someone. While technically everyone was alone and in position, she felt the most isolated in the Gateship since she wasn't suppose to actually do something other than play getaway driver.

"Aztec," Daniel filled in absently for the audience, "Acolmiztli specifically, a god of the underworld."

"Hence why he's mostly underground?" Jack ventured as he watched more Jaffa rush into the entrance he covered, "More Jaffa pouring in. Our boy Kalakek is drawing the crowds. I don't think we're going to have many Jaffa out here soon. T you ready?"

"I am O'Neill," Teal'c replied looking across the field at what he knew as several Udajeet and his Tau'ri friends would call Death Gliders.

"You sure Kalakek knows to -just- smoke our snakehead out? He's not going to try and take him on?"

"He might, the Re'tu have more reason to hate the Goa'uld than we do. The Goa'uld nearly wiped them out," Daniel reminded Jack, and was about to launch into further elaborations when he saw movement at the entrance he covered, "Jaffa are no longer running in, they are running out of the pyramid."

"Same here sir," Sam chimed in.

"I also see them running out, O'Neill," Drey'auc reported from her position, "They appear to be not just running, but fleeing."

"I'd say abject terror sir," Sam agreed.

"Yeah, I'd say they were running for their lives. Notice how some are even disguarding staff weapons as they run, one or two Zats as well," Daniel noted on the channel what they plainly could see at each of their hidden positions.

"The invisible terror, sounds like a monster movie doesn't it?" Sara threw out for general comment.

"Ah, here our boy comes," Jack sent eagerly getting his M24 ready, he didn't mind how fast he could ...think, no compute, never compute, range and the windage, "He's looking burned. I think our boy Kalakek tried to get him."

Despite the fact he didn't need to breath, Jack did and gently pulled the trigger once he had the shot. Acolmiztli's head disappeared in a mist that splattered his personal Jaffa guard.

"Regenerate that snake head," Jack muttered to himself not transmitting over the net, though he did a moment later, "Target's down."

At each location, Daniel, Drey'auc and Sam started to put away their M24s. It had taken Jack a while to teach them snipering, but it wasn't as if they didn't have the time to spend. No-one pointed out how quickly they picked things up, what took weeks and months back at Camp Robinson Arkansas, took days and weeks with how their new selves picked up things.

It helped that they could remain perfectly still for quite a lot longer than a human being could, not that they had to with Kalakek's modification of what was becoming standard operating plan of action. Jack noted, with the rise of one death glider, that Teal'c is making his run on the rest of the grounded gliders. His part of the plan included hitting the depots where Carter's demolitions should help pack the punch to raze them.

Right now they were five for five minor Goa'ulds. The Tok'ra had a standing request to ask first before trying to take out a major Goa'uld and especially a system lord if only to prevent any losses on their side or power shifts to a System Lord that would increase their threat instead of diminish it.

"He's giving chase," Daniel sent to the rest o them, "Should we call him off?"

"Nah, Danny boy, let him have his fun."

They watched as one lone Re'tu gave chase after the fleeing Jaffa, one-by-one shooting them as he went along. With their symbiotes now unable to sense a Re'tu, especially a robotic one, they had no idea what was killing them.

A few veterans of the Re'tu holocaust did have some inkling of what this could be, but once identified they lasted the lest amount of time as Kalakek made sure -they- died.

And another one gone, and another one gone

Another one bites the dust

I really like this refrain, I think it says it all. Ah, another Jaffa trying to double back, but since he can't see me he doesn't know what he's doubling back around. Now he doesn't have to wonder at all.

Hey, Im gonna get you too

Another one bites the dust

I'm running out of Jaffa!

Author's notes: as if it needed to be said, lyrics by Queen.