part 1 "introduction"

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"Welcome children" said an aged man with tanned skin who looked very wise.

"Hello Natsu" said the boy. The two children were brother and sister. The boy had spikey yellow hair and large white eyes with a bluish tint in them. The girl however had medium length black hair with the same eyes as her brother she appeared to be the younger and more shy of the two.

"Well now that your here stay a while and..." Natsu began but was then interupted by the boy.

"We know stay a while and listen" Said the boy whos name was Kitsune "you always say that when you want to tell a story i wanna hear the one about Naruto and Hinata"

"Ha you two always loved that about an adventure or something with romance" Natsu replied laughing

"Th-thats why we wanna hear it" replied the girl who's name was Mizu.

"I see you know what you want to hear okay it all started...are you sure you don't want to hear something else?" Natsu asked

"Just get along with the story" Kitsune replied

"Please elder-Natsu" Mizu asked

"Alright you two just once more it all started a while ago" Natsu began


"Naruto you really should move on sakura does not love you" Kakashi said to his student looking like he really couldn't care less.

"No way kakashi sensei she will come around eventually" Naruto said.


"Hello Natsu oh sorry didn't realize you were telling them a story well I'll be on my way" Kakashi in present day said.

"Hello freind, Stay a while and..." Natsu began but Kakashi cut him off

"Sorry I'd love to but I'm going to be late for being late to a meeting" Kakashi said walking off.

"Such a weird young man he will regret not listening to my advice" elder Natsu said "anyway so then Kakashi said"

"Naruto...You're an idiot,which reminds me tsunade wanted to see us" Kakashi said.

"What for...I hope it's a mission" Naruto said.


"Who is tsunade" Kitsune asked.

"She was the fifth hokage" Mizu said

"She also married Juriya oh what a great story" Natsu said


"You better back off you perv." Tsunade said


"we don't want to hear that get back to the story" Kitsune said

"look I don't care who your related to you little brat you better respect your elders" Natsu said looking angry

"C-can you please continue Elder-san" Mizu said

"Sure Mizu" Natsu replied smiling.


At the hokage's office Kakashi and Naruto had arrived and saw Hinata sitting there talking to Tsunade "Oh Kakashi On time I see" Tsunade said

"No I'm an hour late" Kakashi replied looking at the clock

"No I told everyone to switch their clocks forward an hour until they saw you go into my office so now all the clocks are back to normal" Tsunade said

"What!!! no my reputation is ruined" Kakashi said looking sad

"Anyway the mission is to infiltrate an enemy village we will refer to until the mission is over as the Village hidden in the mission you are to be acting as a single father,Kakashi, who has one son, Naruto, who is taking his girlfreind with them, Hinata. You are to find out anything that looks suspicious." Tsunade said.

'This is great Naruto will notice me yet' Hinata thought blushing.

'Wonder what this is for' Kakashi thought only half interested

'Did I leave the washer running' Naruto thought forgetting what was going on.


"No way no way he said that" Kitsune yelled loudly

"Well if you know the story you tell it" Natsu said

"never mind" Kitsune said

"Now where was I" Natsu replied


"You are to leave in two days get packing and by the way try to get caught kissing in public a couple times" Tsunade said as if she had been asking what the time was.

"Wh-wha-what?" Hinata stutterd shocked. She had not seen this coming.

"Well if you two are dating then you will have to kiss a couple of times and not just pecks I mean KISS" Tsunade said as if someone had told her that she was going to have to move without any of her possesions.

"Bu-but Sakura" Naruto started to protest

"Naruto sakura does not love you she never will" Tsunade said sounding like she had been preparing to say this for a while.

"No more complaining sheesh" Kakashi said

"Oh and Kakashi to distance yourself from well yourself you'll have to either leave behind your mask or your itcha itcha books" Tsunade said.

Needless to say this made Kakashi complain a fair deal until Tsunade said that it was only a joke.

"what are Icha Itcha Books" Kitsune asked

"Well umm back to the story"


After the meeting. "Hey Naruto how are you feeling about this mission" Kiba asked his freind.

"Well I don't know I do have to pretend like I'm dating Hinata I'm not sure how she will take it" Naruto said looking kinda depressed

"Oh she'll love it" Kiba blurted out imediatly regretting it.

"What was that?" Naruto replied looking kinda curios

"I said uh, Free ramen on me"

"Alright" Naruto praticly yelled.

With Hinata "This is great for you Hinata maybe that dork will come around after all" Sakura said calming her freind down.

"Bu-but I don't think I can go through with it." Hinata said.

"Hey wait a minute you two need to get to the academy" Natsu said

"Oh your right we wanna hear more of the story when we get back alright Oldey-locks" Kitsune said

"Get out of here you brat" Natsu said angerly

"B-bye Elder-san" Mizu said running off

"Alright have fun at the academy" Natsu said laughing


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