Part 2 "Getting prepped for the mission"

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"Oh children you're back hmmm why are you not playing with Lee's son oh that boy never liked ninjutsu because his dad can't do it oh well I suppose you want to hear more of the story" Natsu said as Mizu and Kitsune approached.

"Yep Oldey Locks and enough about Lee Jr. we wanna hear the story now" Kitsune said smiling.

"Please Elder-san" Mizu added quickly seeing Natsu get angry

"Fine but don't call me oldey locks" Natsu said then added "Okay back to the story"


"Okay Naruto, Hinata you need to get ready for the mission we leave tommorow" Kakashi said starting to walk away.

"Alright bye Hinata" Naruto said running towards his house.

"Uh bye Naruto" Hinata whispered.
KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK "Hmm I sure do have a lot of stuff to pack I suppose I have three options A. to labor over this for hours B. Make shadow clones and make them do it while I read or C. sing a song while I work hmmm C would be fun but B is quicker I know I'll combine them" Kakashi said.

Handsigns "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU OHHHHH I, done" Kakashi started to sing but finished packing quite quickley


Hinata was walking along to talk to Kiba and Shino when she got there she noticed that they were arguing so she decided to wait out of sight until it was over.

"So your girlfreind is from the Akamichi clan huh? More coushin for the pushin' eh" Kiba said.

"At least my girlfreind doesn't dress like a whore" Shino said coldly

"Don't talk about Ino like that" Kiba said angerly.

"Hey is that Ino talking to sasuke" Shino said nearly laughing.

"My god it is" Kiba said running off.

"Good ol' insect clones" Shino laughed sitting down at the bottom of a tree.

Hinata chose this moment to come out of hiding "Hey Shino"

"Done listening in on our argument Hinata" Shino said casually

"Bu-But how" Hinata started but Shino cut her off

"Bugs are everywhere and they all talk" Shino said "So I hear you got a mission with Naruto"

"Yes but I'm not sure I think I might decline the mission" Hinata said blushing slightly thinking of Naruto.

"Don't this is your one time chance" Shino said "Besides he is going to HAVE to kiss you, one of your few dreams"

"I know but-" Hinata started

"Just do it okay I have to go my girlfreind and I have a date" Shino said dissappearing.

Hinata just sat down to think.


Naruto was packing Choosing option C. instead of B.C. anyway as he was packing he started to think of the mission 'well I havn't ever had to kiss a girl I always hoped I would save it for sakura'

:Damn you are as stupid as they say:

'shut up kyuubi'

:You keep chasing that Sakura girl she is not interested in you try someone else:

'I know that but still she is the only girl I can have a conversation with'

:what about the Hyuuga girl:

'Hinata? nah she don't like me at all'

:okay retard: (He says this in a retard mocking voice)

'what that supposed to mean you bastard fox'

no reply came 'fine be that way'

"Hello Natsu again" Kakashi said walking by reading Icha-Icha Paradise.

"Hello freind stay a while and listen" Natsu Said.

"You know I don't have to meet Anko for a while so I think I will" Kakashi said sitting down with Kitsune and Mizu.

"Hey Kakashi-Sensei" Kitsune said.

"And you are?" Kakashi said looking at Kitsune and Mizu.

"I'm the next hokage" Kitsune said.

"Oh I know you your the new Knuckle-head ninja" Kakashi said smiling under his mask then he looked at Mizu "Oh your the girl that likes Lee Jr." He added.

"On with the story" Natsu said.

"Hey Kitsune, Mizu your dad wants you" Lee Jr. said running up. He resembled his dad in every way except that his hair was more of a dark pink color and that his eyes were big and green. "Oh and Kitsune my mom said to tell your dad that my dad wants to come over later for his weights."

"ah yes leave it to Sakura to let her child do things like that" Kakashi said looking at his watch.

"My mom is an honerable woman Kakashi-sensei" Lee Jr. said.

"Kakashi is here alright I need to challenge him" you could hear Gai say in the distance. Nobody saw kakshi move quicker before or after that day.

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