Warnings: GG/AD, so that means boy on boy:)

Notes: Aww young Dumbly is so cute!

Albus doffed his nightcap as he stared at the letter he'd been waiting for all night. Tucking his long auburn bangs behind his ear he quickly opened it. It was different from their previous letters to each other. It wasn't long at all, it had the date and a time and then Gellert's eloquent scrawl of, 'The usual place'. Albus looked at the clock in the candlelight, midnight, he'd have an hour. He jumped from bed pulling on his trousers from that day wondering why Gellert wanted to meet so late. Tucking in his nightshirt into his buttoned trousers Albus stared out his open window listening for any noises about the house adjusting his glasses on his face. Upon hearing only the soft snores of his brother he donned his old vest and was out the door tying up his shoes with his wand.

The usual spot consisted of a large maple tree and an over grown hedge near a rundown old garden shed. With the full moon it wasn't too dark out, Albus was early but he could already see Gellert's short figure leaning against the maple. As Albus approach the blonde ran his fingers through his curly locks looking up at the taller boy.

"Eager?" his friend questioned.

Albus grinned at the adorable smirk of the boy's lips, he come to terms with the feeling of butterflies in his stomach every time the blue eyes cast themselves upon him, "If I'm eager you must be doubly avid in anticipation why could this meeting not wait until the sun was at least up?" Albus leaned against the falling shed with his hands behind his back.

Gellert chuckled, "Because then you wouldn't be followed."

Albus rolled his eyes, "Aberforth means no harm he's just curious and we always loose him quite easily."

"Yes but the little mole could listen in on something not meant for virginal ears Albus."

Albus laughed uneasily, "The things we talk about aren't that bad-"

Gellert had pushed himself up from the tree and stepped closer to his friend, "I'm not talking about old things," Albus froze when he stepped closer and tracked two fingers up his arm staring up at him, "I'm talking about new things," he moved his finger's from Albus' shoulder and slid one down his nose pulling away with a small giggle. "I'm quite flattered actually," Ablus' eyes widened and he blushed in the dark at the other boy's touch, "You have such naughty dreams about me."

"Wha-?" Albus fell against the vine-ridden shed and quickly tried to stand straight again as Gellert moved closer.

"Yesterday," Gellert smirked down at the frozen boy on the ground, "I went to surprise you early in the morning, I hadn't slept that well and you hadn't answered your letter yet," Albus tensed against the vines, "In your window I saw the strangest scene," the blonde had a devious glint in his eyes, "You arching in your bed, my, my were you hard," scheming eyes flittered down to the older boy's crotch and then back up to his face as he remembered the rise in the sheets.

Albus felt as if he were about to vomit, Gellert smiled.

"Of course I watched," the blonde licked his lips, "And then I heard my name," Albus was contemplating the many escapes around him, he couldn't take the embarrassment, "You were calling my name-"

"Gel-" soft lips pressed themselves against his mouth, Albus' eyes widened at first but as the kiss progressed they delicately fluttered closed.