"DeidaraSempai! Sempai!" Tobi chittered to his superior, who was busy trying his best to ignore the masked nin. "Sempai! Don't ignore me!" Tobi pouted, setting down a wooden spoon. "Deidara-Sempai, I need your help. After you put the chocolate-chips in, what do you do?"

Deidara gave Tobi a dark frown. "Dumbass. Sugar cookies don't have chocolate-chips in them, un."

"They don't?"


"They do now!" Tobi smiled, earning himself a fwap! across the head from his blonde-haired partner.

"It's bad enough you forced me to make the friggin' cookies, and now you're screwing up the recipe, un," Deidara sighed, blowing a stray strand of hair out of his cerulean eyes. He took a quick glance at the batter, and then back at Tobi, who was caked in flour and egg and goodness knows what else he tossed into the mixing bowl. Deidara looked at himself, and found he was in no better shape.


"Something wrong, Sempai?" Tobi questioned, picking up the wooden spoon again.

Deidara gave a bored look. "I'm gunna go take a shower and clean myself up, un. You do . . . whatever . . ."

Tobi saluted, and smacked himself in the face with the spoon as a result, splattering batter and speckling the kitchen with drops of the goopy liquid. "Ow."

Deidara muttered something under his breath and lingered for a moment as he watched Tobi measure out a cup of sugar and add it to the mix before he left.

- - -

"Wow . . . They . . . actually smell good, un!" Deidara exclaimed to himself as he left his room, now clean of the mess he had left in the kitchen. "Tobi, un? Did you seriously–" Deidara didn't have a chance to finish his sentence as he peeked into the kitchen, for Tobi had stuck a pink-frosted heart-shaped cookie into his mouth.

"HowisitSempaididIdogood?" Tobi rushed out, tripping over his words as he watched his Sempai snap the cookie in half.

Deidara frowned for a moment. "They–" He couldn't finish his sentence. Tobi's puppy-dog expression– he took off his mask for this– was too sad.

"I screwed it up, didn't I?" Tobi mourned.

"No! No, you didn't, un. In fact, they're better than good," Deidara comforted, finishing the heart-cookie Tobi gave him.

Tobi brightened up, smiling with glee. "Really?"


Tobi bounded out of the room– to tell Zetsu of his success, no doubt.

Deidara gave a half-hearted smile. He didn't have the patience to tell Tobi he used salt instead of sugar.