Dean Winchester interprets classic proverbs and clichés with meanings in today's world. Pretty much, he just smarts off.


All things grow with love- Just touch me and I grow in 3 seconds or less

American as apple pie.- NO MORE FREAKIN' APPLE PIE!

An angel belongs in the garden. And a slut belongs in Bed.

An axe to grind.Sounds like FUN to me.

Ants in his pants.Hey, keep your kinky crap to yourself

As cold as ice.Willing to sacrifice.

As fresh as a daisy.Summer's EVE

A good denial, the best point in law. Lie like a MOFO!

Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Get off your ass and vaccum

As welcome as a skunk at a lawn party.Who farted?

At the bottom of the pecking orderI like the bottom… or being on top.

A drowning man is not troubled by rain. No shitReallycause uh HE'S DEAD! Numbnuts

At the crack of dawn.Been there.Met a girl named Dawn once.

Beat around the bush. want me to comment on that ahem

Beat it into the ground. Can we skip the beating section? Cause, this is too easy.

Between a rock and a hard place.Yes, you can have directions to my pants.

Bit off more than you can chew. See comment above this one.

Do unto others like you want them to do unto you. You do me, I'll do you.

Beauty is the Mistress, the Gardener Her Slave. I have handcuffs. Let me tie you up.