Summery: Ok, so Emily is the new girl at Domino High School. She is the captain of both the basket ball team and the fencing team. She becomes best friends with her neighbors Atem and Yugi and their friends. But what will happen when the popular girls go after the boys and separate the group?

Chapter one


Emily watched the basket ball court carefully. Her best friend Jessica was about to make a shot but Emily knew deep down that she would miss.

"Emily get in there!" The couch yelled over the cheering crowds. Emily snapped out of her thoughts and took off her jacket and ran out onto the court. The team cheered louder when Jessica passed the ball to Lisa and then to Emily.

Emily shot a three pointer and made it as usual. The buzzer rang and the team encircled Emily cheering for her and some even giving her a punch on the shoulder.

Emily was 17 years old and she was 5 feet tall! Everyone thought it was crazy when the couch of the basket ball team put her on but they didn't think that after they had seen her play. It had only been two weeks since Emily moved to Domino city from New York but she was already the caption of the basket ball and fencing team.

Emily let out a sigh and sat in her chair as the crowd left the gym. In her hands she held a cup of water.

"That was a great game M. I fell sorry for the who ever is taking us on next week." Emily smiled. Only one person called her M, Tyler.

"Thanks Tyler. But I couldn't have done it without you and the rest of the team." Emily got to her feet and pulled her black jacket over her shoulders and swung her bag over her left shoulder.

"Oh we all know you're the only reason that any of us got this far. You want to come out with us. Sora, Jessica and I are going out to celebrate."

"Sorry, but I should get home. Maybe next time." Tyler nodded and smiled

"Ok, see you tomorrow M."

"You to Tyler. Oh and tell the guys that they played great tonight."

"Will do." Emily smiled and left the gym and began to walk home.

(30 minutes later.)

Emily fell onto her bed and sighed. Her border collie jumped up and began to lick her hand. Emily smiled and petted her dog.

"They just get harder and harder to beat Cassie, I'm telling you. I'm worried about how good the team at finials will be." Emily sighed again and got up and began to unpack her bag and sort out everything.

She took off her jacket and set it by the basket ball that was on the floor. She quickly changed and went down stairs and got a cup of water.

"Well, I must say that was a rather good game." Emily spit out her water and coughed before turning around to see her friends Atem and Yugi sitting on the couch.

"Do you have to sneak up on me like that? And who let you in anyway?"

"Your parents let us in about and hour ago while you were still up stairs. We have been waiting for you." Yugi said happily. Emily sighed and set her water on the kitchen contor and walked over to the two boys sitting on her couch. She took a seat next to Atem and sighed as she put her head back and closed her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Atem asked as he pulled Emily closer to him so she was resting his head on her shoulder. Emily had gotten used to the way that Atem would pull her towards him and she would rest her head on his shoulder.

"It was a rough game. That team was good." Atem rested his head on hers and spoke softly.

"You were great." Yugi smiled. He knew his brother had the biggest crush on Emily and he showed it.

"Yeah, you did great Emily." Yugi said

"Thanks guys. You should be getting home. It is late." Yugi and Atem nodded but Atem and Emily stayed together for a while longer.

"Come on Atem, grandpa will be worried." Yugi said as he stood up. Atem nodded and kissed the top of Emily's head before standing up next to his brother.

"We'll see you tomorrow." Yugi said as he walked out of the door.

"See you later Emily." Atem said with a smile. Emily smiled and headed up stairs and lied down just as the phone rang.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Emily called out as she picked up her phone.

"Hello," Emily said.

"Hey Emily, great game. The girls and I wanted to say good job. Didn't we guys?" Anzu's voice said.

"Yeah, you did a great job, hun." Mai said.

"Hey I saw you and Tyler talking what did her say?" Shizuka asked.

"How many times must I tell you Shizuka, Tyler has no interest in you. Besides he only wanted to tell me good game, and ask if I wanted to come hang out with Sora, Jessica, and him."

"Oh, well did Atem and Yugi drop by?"

"Yeah why?"

"Just wondering."

"Hey where is the fencing tournament going to be?"

"Down town. You guys are coming right?"

"Of course, we know how much this means to you. Besides do you think we would pass up and opportunity to meet you friends from New York?"

"I guess not. You're going to love my friends. They're strange but they are a lot like me. I should get going. I see you guys tomorrow."

"Talk to you later."

Emily hung up her phone and lied down and welcomed the darkness.

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