Summery: Ok, so Emily is the new girl at Domino High School. She is the captain of both the basket ball team and the fencing team. She becomes best friends with her neighbors Atem and Yugi and their friends. But what will happen when the popular girls go after the boys and separate the group?

Chapter two

Popular people

Emily woke up at five in the morning and took a shower before she got dressed in her school uniform and heading downstairs.

"Good morning dear. How did you sleep?"

"Good, thanks mom." Emily set her bowl of cereal down on the table and sat in the chair. It wasn't long until she finished eating and was cleaning up and getting ready to leave.

Emily looked up when she heard the door bell ring. She got her backpack and walked over to it and opened it to see Atem and Yugi in their blue uniforms.

"Hey, ready to go?" Atem asked.

"Yeah, see ya later mom!" Emily called out as she walked out the door.

"Bye dear!"

Emily, Atem, and Yugi walked down the sidewalk with Emily in the middle. They talked about school and other things as they neared the school.

As they entered the high school they made their way to their lockers only to see in cluttered with their friends as usual.

It was the same everyday. Joey, Otogi, and Honda were auguring while Bakura, Mai, Anzu, and Shizuka talked.

"What is it this time?" Emily asked as she opened her locker and grabbed her books.

"Um… I think it is about Shizuka." Bakura said in his British accent.

"I see."

"Hi, Yugi." Anzu said. Emily stood next to Atem and smiled. She knew that Anzu liked Yugi and she also knew (thanks to some of the boys) that Yugi had a big crush on Anzu.

Yugi's face went bright red and the whole group began to laugh.

"Great game captain!" Sora said as he and the team passed by.

"You to Sora."

"Hey, Captain better run! Populars are coming!" Jessica yelled back.

"Dang their right!" Emily pulled back her brown hair and put a hair band in it. "I'll see you later; I have a few things I need to talk about with my team. See you later." Emily took of down the hall and joined Sora, Jessica, and Tyler as they all made their way to first hour.

"Oh, great not them again." A cold voice said. Everyone turned to see Seto Kaiba leaning by Emily's locker.

There was a loud noise and everyone turned to the door and saw a group of popular girls walking in with a large amount of boys behind them.

"Hello boys." Amber said. She brushed up against Atem while Heather, Tiffany, and Buffy leaned on Joey, Yugi, and Honda.

"Um… I think we will go find Emily and Tyler. Um… See you after school guys." Anzu said as she, Mai, and Shizuka slowly backed away.

"Hey, why don't we come with you? I'm sure Jessica wanted to tell me something. Come on Kaiba I think that Emily wanted to tell you something." Otogi said as he grabbed Kaiba and began to pull him along with the girls.

"Wait, we'll come with you!" Joey cried out as he tried to get over to the group.

"No, that's ok; I think you should have fun with the girls. See ya!" Mai called as she and the others ran down the hall.

"Oh, great the girls ditched us." Honda muttered as Buffy dragged him and the other boys away from Emily's locker.

"Emily!" Emily and the others turned and looked at the door as saw Anzu, Mai, Shizuka, Otogi, and Seto sitting in the desks around them,

"Hey guys, where are the others?" Jessica asked.

"Oh, them? They got captured by the popular girls. I am thinking we wont she them till lunch."

"I see." Emily said. Sora, Tyler, Jessica, and Emily all began to laugh but were stopped when the bell rang and school began.

The first half of the day went by fast. Otogi was right. No one saw the boys or the popular girls at all.

When lunch came around they all headed to their normal tables. Tyler, Sora, and Jessica said their goodbyes and left to join their friends while Emily, Mai, Anzu, Otogi, Kaiba, and Shizuka made their way to their own table.

"Hey, so those friends of yours are coming into town today?" Otogi asked.

"Ya, do you guys want to come with me to the airport to pick them up? I have to go right after school. My parents are meeting us there."

"Sure, what are their names again?" Otogi asked.

"Well, there are three boys and two girls. The first boy's name is Andrew, the second is Alexis, and the third is Scott. The girls are Lea and Zora. They are like no one from around here I warn you. They are kind of like me. The boys are all on the basket ball team and the girls and fencing (1) girls. They are tougher then you think." Emily said with a smiled.

"I think we have all learned that from you." Otogi rubbed his shoulder where Emily had hit him when they had gotten into a fight.

"Oh, stop crying. You're the one that wanted to beat her in the first place" Anzu said as she pushed him.

"So every one of your friends are as tough as you?"

"No, they are far tougher. They are very protective of me and won't stand to see any of us hurt. But they're ok as long as you don't get on their bad side."

"Hey look, there are the guys!" Shizuka said as she pointed to the popular table where indeed the other boys. Atem looked up and saw the group looking and he nudged Yugi and he to looked up. They smiled and mouthed "Sorry."

The others smiled and nodded before returning back to their conversation.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Kaiba had left to go do some business and Joey, Atem, Yugi, and Honda were still with the popular girls.

Emily, Mai, Anzu, Otogi, and Shizuka stood outside of the school door 30 minutes after the bell had rung.

"We can't wait for them any longer. Come on." Emily said as she and the others began to walk to the airport.

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