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"Captain Sparrow!"

Jack frowned. No. It can't be. I left her in Nassau with the whelp, due to be married once again. "What are you doing here, luv?" He asked as he turned around and then almost stumbled backwards. She looked bloody amazing what with her tight-fitting pirate garb and white shirt, revealing ample amount of cleavage and her long hair spilling from her hat. "I thought I left you with the wh-William in Nassau?"

"I'm here to find the man I need."

"Yes well…if Will has left you, he certainly wouldn't be with me. We didn't exactly part on good terms, dearie."

"Who said I was talking about Will?" She asked, smirking at his confusion.


"Think about it." She murmured, taking a step towards him.

He stared blankly. Is she serious? He looked around the dock of Tortuga and at the Pearl, which had been newly raised from the depths, half-expecting to see Norrington standing around somewhere. "Norrington's here?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Why in the bloody hell would I want James?"

Jack chuckled. "Good point, luv. Then, who could the beautiful Lizzie Swann want more than any other?"

"Are you really that dense, Jack?"

He sighed annoyed. "I don't have time for games, poppet. I've got pirating to do. Good day." He said, turning. If she was meaning what he thought she was meaning, he wanted to hear it from her pretty pink lips, no insinuations or assumptions. The last time they did that, both of them ended up frustrated and angry.

"Oh for the love of mother and child, Sparrow!" She growled.

He grinned, but kept walking up the plank, stepping onto the deck where the rest of the crew were readying the sails and putting supplies below deck.

She let out an exasperated yell, which got the attention of most of the crew and he heard a surprised chuckle coming from the direction of the helm sounding suspiciously like Barbossa, who had earned his right at Jack's side once again. "DAMMIT, JACK! Must I spell it out for you?"

"Aye. I suppose you must." He murmured, turning around to face her. Just say you want me. You know you do.

She sighed and stared at her feet. "I love you."

"What?" His eyes widened. Did she? No. She couldn't possibly…

"I love you." She murmured.

"No you don't." He replied abruptly and began walking up to the helm.

"YES I DO!" She yelled.

"NO. You don't." He replied, not really believing her.

"I do! I'm not afraid to admit it either. I LOVE CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! I LOVE YOU! NOT NORRINGTON, NOT BARBOSSA, NOT EVEN BLOODY WONDERFUL ALWAYS PERFECT WILL! I LOVE YOU, DAMMIT, AND IF YOU DON'T BLOODY TURN AROUND RIGHT NOW, YOU WILL GET SLAPPED." She threatened, but he was already heading straight for her by the time she was finished.

He stepped very close to her. "You do love me." He murmured in awe, glancing around at the crew who were now gaping.

"Aye. I do." She murmured angrily.

A growl rumbled in his throat and he yanked her close to him. "I love you more." He said, pressing his mouth close to hers but she shoved him back.

"What was that?"

He smirked. "I SAID I LOVE YOU MORE!"

"That's more like it." She murmured and flung herself against him for another one of those splendid kisses that they would spend a lifetime sharing as the surprised crew began to cheer and catcall.