"Stay here." He ordered waving Havoc back before slipping into the hall and jogging as quickly and quietly as he could after Fullmetal who stopped and leaned into the wall when he reached the intersection. "Fullmetal." He whispered coming up on the boy and the short form turned to him and smiled with relief.

"Colonel." Ed turned to face him and he frowned at the blood on the small arm. "Colonel, Envy's here." Ed said standing still as he ran up to the boy and pulled him back from the intersection. "Envy's here, out in the parking lot. I don't know where anyone is." Ed whispered and he nod with the information his hands quickly uncovering the boy's arm and examining the cut. "It's not deep." Ed whispered tugging his arm back shyly and covering it with his hand.

"Fullmetal." He scold looking at the floor about the boy. Ed was leaving a bloody footprint.

"What the hell is this?" He asked looking around confused. "Where's this coming from? Are you injured?" He demand when Ed just shook his head looking down. "Don't lie to me." He growled glancing around before crouching in front of the boy. They were in the middle of the hall; they needed to get somewhere safer. Fullmetal looked awful he was wild with concern. "What the hell are you doing? Cut this out." He frowned pushing the small head up, confused with the behavior, but Ed didn't want to look at him. "Ed." He pulled the boy's face up by his chin.

"It hurts." Ed whimpered to him and the small little eyes were filled with tears. "Damnt, it hurts a lot."

Another Run of Events

Chapter Seven

Tugging: For Which There Is No Explanation

- mirage -

"Pull yourself together Fullmetal." He scold gently wiping the boy's tears off his face. Ed was sniffling where he stood when he snatched the boy's hand. They needed to move and he stood bringing Ed with him, but Ed pulled back.

"I can't run, it hurts." Ed whined and he dropped back to his knees and tried to hoist the boy up. "I don't want you to carry me!" Ed argued shoving him away before tripping to his butt.

"You can't stand?" He asked confused. "If you can't stand well, how are you going to walk? I'll just move you out of the hall." He explained but Ed was shaking his head before grabbing his flesh leg in pain. "Ed god damnt we can't stay out in the open like this." He hissed leaning down to stay quiet but Ed had his eyes closed before whimpering a bit.

"I am scared." Ed blurt before falling silent and he followed. "Envy cut me pretty deep."

"We'll get to another room and take a look." He offered before looking up when a small noise echoed down the hall. "Ed I am carrying you and that's it. I won't have argument." He ordered getting his arms about the boy and hoisting him up. Ed felt light in his arms, and he was uncomfortable with the small arm wrapping about his neck. Ed was so close to him, much closer than he'd ever been and he felt the breath on his neck, the boy's small fingers curling into his collar. It was odd for Ed to pull so close, and it alarmed him with awkwardness. "It's alright; I am going to take care of it." He reassured into Ed's ear before turning around to the hall. His movement stopped him dead with the sight of another Fullmetal standing there looking horrified.

"It hurts." Ed whined into his shoulder and he brought his hand to Ed's back and pat gently watching the boy in the hall slowly crouch down and pull up his pants. There on the skinny little leg was a half naked girl, drawn in pen.

"Ed." He mustered licking his lips. "I am injured myself." He lied. "I don't think I can carry you." He whispered, but his words gave him away.

"Don't you fucking lie to me Colonel." Ed hissed locking onto him and he felt metal against his neck. "Where is that little shit, I know he gave me away." The boy growled turning about in his arms before spotting Ed who stood in the hall like a bump on a log.

The two boys locked eyes and Ed was speechless, staring at the splitting image of himself in Roy's arms. "You gave yourself away." Ed snapped finding his tongue. "Anymore whining and he would have puked on himself." Ed was insulted, but the boy in his arms only smiled.

"Back up now Fullmetal, or I cut open his throat." The impostor chuckled and Ed backed up a step and they shared a glance. Ed wanted him to fight; he wanted the boy to run.

He felt himself standing before a lobby chair with a boy who would not let go of his hand no matter how hard he pulled.

The creature in his arms sensed communication through their silence and spoke. "Lift your hand off my back old man, and I stab this through your neck." It threatened and he stiffened. "Ed you missed a heartwarming performance." The impostor smiled pointing to the door across the hall. "Open that door." The impostor ordered, and the voice was Fullmetal's but it was hard and cruel. He hated it so close to him, the small body in his arms so much like Ed's but wrong. There was no weight from the automail, because it wasn't true metal it was body that looked like metal. The Fullmetal in his arms weighed maybe a hundred, and felt and smelled correct making him shiver. Ed was less intimidated however and walked to the door glaring and ripped it open defiantly. "Now get the hell in there, you're botching everything up." The impostor ordered leaning back in his arms and letting the automail hand morph to a flesh one. "Follow him Colonel, if you're so worried about him. Follow him." The impostor direct chuckling with the image of its two flesh arms. Ed stomped into the room flicking the lights on quickly.

The room sparked to life with rows of lights coming on and humming in the silent night. It was a large room with a high ceiling at least twenty feet up. The walls were not as elegant here, but a basic pine about the bottom with windows lining the top. All about them were long thin work benches with metal and tools scattered about them. It was an autoshop and Fullmetal looked appropriately nervous with the new setting. "You move those hands together and I'll cut him." The impostor threatened the second Ed's hands moved closer. It was an automatic response. He saw it happen when Ed's eyes swept the room and felt part of his body was threatened. Then the small hands moved, and the creature's fingers on his body tightened. "Tell me Fullmetal, what gave me away out in the parking lot?" The thing asked climbing about him, and moving to sit on his back with the blade under his throat. Ed was silent and stood glaring. "Why wasn't my Hawkeye as good as the real one?" The thing asked chuckling into his ear and he stiffened remembering Hawkeye. Where was she.

"Where is the First Lieutenant Envy!" Ed snapped before grimacing when the boy on his back gave him a hug. "Envy!" Ed yelled insulted with the use of his body.

"Shut up!" The impostor ordered before cutting him. He felt it instantly. Hot and thin on his neck and Ed panicked on sight of the blood. "I am going to take off part of your automail boy." The child on his back whispered and the slicing stopped. "You're going to let me do it. Or I am going to give you two Colonels, and neither of them will be whole." The impostor point to a work bench and Ed turned to it. "Put your hand in that vice and tighten it." The creature ordered and his eyes flared telling Ed not to and the boy hesitate. "Shut up colonel" The knife hit him again and he felt the sting. "If I have any problems from you I am going to hurt someone." The impostor hissed in his ear before kissing it and he grimaced.

"Alright!" Ed snapped angry and anxious to stop the charade. The boy stomped to the bench and laid his hand in the vice before slapping the twist to tighten it. The bolt closed in and the metal clamped firmly about the boy's wrist and he watched fearful of Ed locked to the table. "Done." Ed growled giving his arm a yank to prove the hold and the creature on him point for him to move. It wanted to test the handle, and while hanging in his arms twist the vice tighter before hopping off him. He brought a hand to his neck and rubbed with the imitation boy at his side standing before Ed.

"Don't start getting all comfy yet." It growled walking behind him and he shot Ed an eye flare in regard to Ed's situation and he got one back regarding his situation. The creature ripped his gloves from his pockets startling him. "You got any more of these Colonel?" The thing asked fishing through his pockets with the knife against his back as Ed watched. "Don't get any ideas Colonel." The impostor threatened satisfied with him, and a harsh shove sent him stumbling a few steps forward. It was breathtaking the sight of the two boys, one with metal limbs, and one without. "Yes, look at me." The thing smiled. "Look." It said waving its good arm at him before running it up Ed's automail slowly and giving the boy's shoulder a squeeze.

"You're a poor manipulator." Ed spoke quietly and his imposter twin chuckled hopping up onto the table.

"You think so?" It asked adjusting Ed's hand tighter and picking up a screwdriver. "Let's get this off now, shall we." It smiled beginning on a screw and he glanced between the two boys left as a bystander in the room. He considered attacking, but he'd have to run to arrive and the impostor Ed was very close to real Ed. There were no opportunities for a well advance, and the creature seemed to know this and so was not concerned with him. It just continued slowly letting metal screws drop to the table before Ed twitched and leaned into the table with his good arm staring at the floor. "You're taking this well shrimp." The impostor smiled pleased with its work. With the fact Ed was no longer watching, but with the words the boy looked up grinning.

"You're doing it wrong." Ed said. "You're doing it the slow way." Ed chuckled and the twin stopped dead and looked up.

"You little shit." It growled swinging it's hand and Fullmetal took a firm slap to his face which threw his body back and then jerked him up again when the automail attached to the table did not give.

"Bastard!" Fullmetal yelled stumbling back up swinging and the creature dodged before laughing when Ed picked up the closest tool and threw it "Idiot." Ed seethed. "I'll do it myself." Ed growled working on his arm. He froze watching Ed work furiously with the creature slowly getting mad. Removing Fullmetal's hand was not having the effect the impostor seemed to have hoped for and while it wanted the boy beaten, Ed only seemed angry. He alone was noticing the signs he'd begun to associate with Ed's level of comfort slowly dwindling. Since Ed had been secured to the table he'd moved less as though quietly waiting for his opportunity. Now that no opportunity had presented itself he saw Ed shifting often, working quickly on his hand but sweating hard while he did it. It wasn't until the hand dropped off and hit the table with a hard and cold thud that Ed's eyes picked up and swept the room quickly in hope of finding more options before landing on his twin which stood waiting dead center on the table.

"He's amazing, isn't he?" The thing asked turning to him with a sly grin. These words effectively destroyed some of Ed's show of strength and he saw Fullmetal bristle. "This is why I love him. I am sure this is why you love him also." The thing add walking toward the boy before kicking the metal hand off the table and to the floor. "Which is more conducive shrimp your arm or your leg?" The impostor asked hopping off the work bench and starting across the room. "I have a question for you Fullmetal?" It spoke slowly morphing into another form. The small arms and legs and school uniform were growing and changing until a taller boy stood there clad only in a dark skirt and tank top with hair that grew from his head like a spider plant.

"That is Envy's popular form Roy." Ed informed with eyes locked on the thing itself. "Take a good look." Ed snort before slapping the vice loose and pulling his arm back. It was awkward now, a stump of medal at the end, and looked almost frightening. Ed frowned at it, flexing his arm gently before letting the stump hang at his side with a sigh.

"That looks truly hideous Edward." Envy chuckled snapping a remote off the wall and smiling to him. "You Mr. Big shot, back up or you're going to get hurt." The creature ordered and he obeyed not wanting to start the fire before he could gauge the situation. It was a situation of close courters combat, in a foreign terrain which was very dangerous. The room was full of metal scraps and some pieces of large machinery he couldn't identify. Currently their captor had stopped talking and was arguing with the remote it had picked up. This too he couldn't identify. Was this remote for part of the machinery? If so which one? He could identify a sander but that was it. He was short staffed, just him and Fullmetal, but he had confidence more men would arrive soon. The school was not so big they wouldn't discover one room with the lights turned on. Right now without his gloves, and Ed limited to a single hand playing the waiting game was the safest bet. "You're looking rather confident Old Man." Envy spoke giving the remote a slam into the counter top trying to get it to work. "I have no idea how this works, I'll admit it." Envy grumbled coming closer while fiddling with the thing. "You have other soldiers here I am sure." Envy spoke looking up at him and Ed turned to him as well. "That nice lady First Lieutenant was here. She's a smart one; you should give her a gold star Colonel." Envy chuckled turning the remote around and opening the back of it. "She figured me out first, which is why obviously she's not here-this stupid thing." Envy growled fighting with the small back panel. "It didn't have a manual."

"Did you hurt her?" Ed asked bluntly, but Envy shrugged sliding the back panel back onto the remote after finding nothing. "She doesn't have anything to do with you and me Envy." Ed add.

"She's fine. She'll recover." Envy sighed ignoring the concern completely unentertained with Hawkeye. "You know I really only stuck around to see you Ed, and I will admit that." Envy broke a wide grin, almost too wide and he was disturbed. It swept the things face too far on either side to not hurt. There were too many teeth, too much gum, it was hideous. "This has been fun." Envy let his hands rest on his hips for a laugh. " I must say...I did enjoy spanking the living shit out of your cocky ass." Envy gloat and Ed's eyes widened like the boy had just been lit on fire.

"You son of a bitch!" Ed yelled charging forward broken arm or not.

"Ed stop!" He yelled rushing forward, but Ed was charging full speed blind with rage. Ed threw his automail forward like a sword unable to transmute it and Envy ducked jumping and moving almost too ridiculously fast to see. The thing was agile beyond belief and without his gloves he was without the ability to spark his fire. This stilled him for a moment of shock and panic, but damnt he wasn't useless. He was surrounded by metal and there was plenty there that could cause a spark. "Fullmetal! He yelled grabbing a wrench and bringing it down on the vice Ed's arm was just in. It sparked. Soft and loud with a clang and he had fire flying toward the boy. Ed turned to him and moved quickly catching the flames against his automail leg and the fire flew and hit the back wall when the creature jumped too high to be human and landed on a table near him grinning. He hadn't calculated the way the thing could move and jump when he shot the fire. He had forgot. He was so used to blasting at people, he hadn't calculated right and all he had done was burn up part of Fullmetal's pants.

"You really are a Flame Alchemist." Envy compliment cocking hiss head gently. "That was impressive." Envy spoke and the next thing he knew it was right in front of him, and all he registered was Fullmetal yelling his name. The sharp blade was back against his neck and he heard Fullmetal's sneakers stop running a few feet from him. "Sorry, but for that little stunt I have to secure your hands." Envy smiled and couldn't fight with the blade against his jugular, but threw his eyes to Ed from over the things shoulder and then to the door. Ed shook his head and he did it again, adding an eye flare. He wanted Ed out of there. He wanted Ed safe. Soon enough someone would come, there were two other soldiers somewhere here! Hawkeye was somewhere here! "No Old man." Envy whispered into his ear as his hands were tightly secured above his head to the thin metal shelf bolted to the wall. "No one is coming. I've made sure of that." Envy smiled leaning back on him and raising the remote it had brought along. "I've figured this out by the way." Envy announced pressing a button with a dramatic shove and stepping off him. "There was another on switch on the side." Envy laughed and Ed who had been sneaking up behind them stopped dead with the development glancing around with the sudden hum.

"What is that?" Ed demand.

"What is this substance?" Envy retort turning to Ed who looked alert where he stood fixing a mad glare on the boy. "This substance, all salts, that has the ability to melt walls. While trying to figure it out, I found I couldn't touch it because it would burn." Envy was grinning as he pressed the buttons down and he realized what the hum was when he felt his belt buckle move. His metal belt buckle.

"Fullmetal." He looked up and golden eyes met his. "Get out of here now!" He ordered.

"Remember what I said about possibly ignoring your orders Colonel." Fullmetal retort before startling when the scraps of metal about the room jostled.

"Oh no he's right; you should get out of here." Envy chuckled pressing down the line of buttons.

They were lighting up under the things fingers. One, two, three, green, green, green. "Three buttons in, not so strong." Envy informed and Fullmetal started backing up looking worried, but the boy still hadn't figured it out yet. Still didn't realized what he did.

"Four, Five." Envy smiled clicking down the buttons.

"It's a magnet Fullmetal!" He screamed and Ed looked up at him, horror in his eyes before running to a bench and grabbing onto it.

"EnvY!" Ed yelled looking around wildly for the magnet to defend himself.

"Oh no hunny. Not down here." Envy smiled and Ed turned to the thing with crazed eyes. "Up there." Envy announced pointing up to the high ceiling where a large circular magnet hung. It was huge, the size of a small pool, or trampoline and Ed looked up and he saw the fear in the boy's face. Ed was staring up frozen in place before Envy hit the next bottom and a collection of scraps were sucked up and hit with brutal sounds. "Darn I don't want those there." Envy grumbled flicking the remote and the scraps fell again. Fullmetal dove under the table covering his head when Envy let the metal fall carelessly onto the boy. "Why don't you tell me what that is Ed." Envy began and with the things voice Ed was up and charging. "Idiot." Envy snort pressing in the little knobs and Ed stopped suddenly, sliding back with the pull of an unseen force.

"Envy I am going to pound your face in!" Ed yelled before startling when his automail began rising above his head and Ed grabbed his shoulder like it hurt.

"With what arm?" Envy laughed watching entertained, but he was horrified. Ed was skidding back where he stood holding his arm which jerked above his head before dropping when Envy hit the switch again.

"How can you make an alchemy reaction with salts?" Envy asked slowly pleased with Ed who sunk to his knees panting. "That's not alchemy, that's salts." Envy explained. "Would you take credit for that Ed?" Envy asked.

"Maybe." Ed mumbled before looking up with a grin. "It hurt when you touched it?"

"Burned as I said before." Envy admit lazily. "Now have you figured out what's happening in this town?" Envy asked. "Or were you preoccupied with more entertaining prospects, like growing?"

"I am not telling you if you insult me." Ed growled getting to his feet and glaring.

"You came out here with the Army Fullmetal." Envy chuckled. "You brought an entire team, a colonel even." Envy chuckled throwing a thumb to him. "And it never occurred to you that someone was simply ransacking your pathetic base and covering their tracks with a homemade chemic substance?" Envy asked. "You've been out here for two weeks!" Envy laughed and Ed made a face before the boy seemed to realize what was going on.

"You came looking too didn't you Envy?" Ed chuckled. "Wanted to know too didn't you? All worried someone made something you didn't know about." Envy was mad with these words. He could see it from this angle, the discrete frown the dark glare. "It hurt when you touched it because it's made out of salts. Because you aren't human, because you're a corpse. Like sodium to a slug, which is what you are." Ed exclaimed piecing it together. All of it. A prank. A stupid prank, someone doing basic alchemy, and covering their tracks with a substance made mainly of salts with a dissolvable quality erasing finger prints and evidence. This substance in fact then looked like what was used to create the attach. An alchemic attack producing a substance. Which would void the idea of equivalent exchange and instead turn alchemy into some type of trick cooking. It was intriguing the army had been informed, he had been sent out, he had brought troops, opened an investigation but weeks before someone else had come to see what was going on. This creature appeared curious, worried maybe, poking around and discovered a small group of school children who knew enough to create a basic array and combined it with a prank. The truth irritated Envy and right before killing the small irritated group of children something much more appealing caught his eye. This Fullmetal alchemist strutting around campus investigating. The perfect suspect. So only one was killed, a very loud mouthed boy who refused to be frightened by his shining eyes and grinning teeth. He killed him quickly by twisting his head to the side and assumed the small body, school uniform and new name. It was the perfect disguise to follow Fullmetal around from class to class and help make the boy suffer.

"No one knows that you're not making this Ed. I can still pretend I think it was you and take out all of my anger for wasting my time and tricking me." Envy growled at Ed's smug face before flicking buttons quick. "Seven, eight, nine, ten, green, green, green, green." The hum was loud and Ed's eyes snapped open before the boy was gone. Fast. Sucked back like someone had shoved him. Fullmetal's arm snapped him right to the magnet.

"Fullmetal!" He screamed. It all happened in a blink. Ed was standing there, before suddenly he was gone. Ripped off his feet and hanging from his arm stuck with his head bent at an extreme angle. The magnet was hugging as much of the automail as possible. After Ed disappeared they were completely silent staring up at the boy.

"Damnt that doesn't look good." Envy mumbled walking beneath the boy and studying Fullmetal who hung like a rag doll completely silent. "Crap." Envy hissed. "Are you conscious up there Full Bitty!" Envy yelled before backing up and looking at the small drips of blood which fell to the floor. His eyes were glued to the sight as the phone on the back wall started ringing and Envy backed to it with eyes solely on Ed. "Hello?" Envy answered looking from the remote to the magnet. "No, no he's here with me." Envy informed flicking off the remote buttons. Nine, eight, red, red, but Fullmetal didn't move. "He's still alive. The brother doesn't seem to be here either, but I don't care. It's no fun to play with a suit of armor." Eight, seven, red, red and Fullmetal slumped down. His arm was released so he hung from his elbow swinging slightly. "Can you hold on for a second?" Envy asked sitting the phone down before walking under Ed and looking up at him. "Full bitty!" Envy called and he felt blood in his mouth as he bit his tongue. Fullmetal was nothing, small body, little arm swaying with his head cocked to the side, maybe broken. Maybe snapped. Maybe the magnet hit him so hard it snapped his neck and the small bone cracked out the back. The small neck just cracked like a twig and dribbled blood down to the floor. Envy moved back to the phone. "Am I going to be in trouble if I killed him? And I didn't set the house on fire either. They did that themselves." Envy grumbled and he felt rage, hot rage fill up inside him like water coming to a boil. It started in his legs before rising up to his waist and crashing together like waves in an ocean when it met the heat in the back of his throat. His teeth so tight, his vision nothing but the creature on the phone. Nothing but that smiling face studying Ed's swaying body curious. "Outside? But I just started. I've hardly had any time at all." Envy spoke looking toward the door and when Envy moved he saw her.

Through the window in the garage door which allowed the students to work on cars and pick them up with the magnet. A small feminine face, blonde hair, worried eyes, gun: Hawkeye. He choked with relief and Envy turned to him dropping the phone and starting for the door. Hawkeye reappeared thinking it had left and he caught her eyes and moved them to the creature with an eye flare. His eyes said everything. Shoot to kill. Shoot to kill! KILL! KILL! He wanted it dead! Wanted it smashed, bleeding, twisted, dead!

Her eyes sparked and her head disappeared seconds before bullets smashed through the glass and he smiled as they hit the wall around him. They were her bullets and he felt safe with them. Envy whirled around laughing before throwing the remote to the ground and smashing it. "It's been a pleasure Colonel." Envy smiled to him giving a salute before leaving. Hawkeye forced the garage door up from the bottom with Envy laughing his way down the hall.

"Sir!" She called. Seeing him harnessed to the wall brought nothing but concern, but he shook his head.

"Go after him! Hawkeye! Get him!" He yelled and she ran past him gun raised and he heard her bullets start in the hall. Tearing up the laughter as he yanked at his hands. He pulled and struggled wedging his body forward with his left leg. It hurt his body; he felt his spine yanking, burning as his wrists refused to budge. "Fullmetal!" He yelled pulling, using his legs to push himself up and shove at the top of shelf. "Fullmetal!" He screamed slumping back down with his hands stuck above his head panting. They wouldn't budge, not without severing them from his body first.

"Awk." Ed made a noise. The first one, and it echoed about the ceiling before falling to the floor and splattering.

"Edward!" He yelled up to the boy who emptied his stomach fast and moved a bit. "Fullmetal." He called and he watched the small legs move before the flesh arm rose up against the magnet and pushed turning to his voice.

"Get me down" Ed croaked.

"I am trying." He frowned standing where he was watching the boy. The relief he felt watching that small body moved was amazing, it was like morphine swimming to an open wound, or death after a long struggle. Ed kicked a bit, his good hand rubbing his head and neck holding his shoulder as vomit dripped down to the floor. "Are you injured?" He called up and his voice echoed as he began tugging again. This moment of relief had blinded him and now he was rushing back. It had stilled him, but now he was back and alert and pulling and wiggling his wrists, his right was starting to give a bit, slipping though the ropes just a tad, a hopeful amount. An encouraging amount.

"Havoc!" Hawkeye's voice shot through the hall and bullets followed. He startled along with Ed who was struggling against the magnet and smacking it with his palm frustrated. "Havoc!" She ran by their room shooting and he became insistent, forcing himself up the wall, pulling himself with his arms, and biting at the ropes. Catching skin and twine between his teeth he yanked and chewed as hard as he could.

"Please get me down." Ed mumbled and the boy sounded sleepy, his voice echoed softly as though tired.

"I am!" He shot back watching Ed rub at the magnet with his good arm before startling when the door opened again and Hawkeye came in aiming, blood on her forehead and hands before dropping the weapon to its holster and locking the door.

"Sir." She was in front of him immediately drawing out a knife. "I am so glad you're safe."

"I could say the same for you Hawkeye." He exhaled, feeling the cold blade against his skin sawing gently. Her eyes studying him and the cut on his throat, she was alarmed. She did not understand why he would be restrained to the wall.

"Three's a remote about the floor." He mumbled as his right hand dropped down. "We need to find all the pieces to it. We need to repair it." He said urgently, his voice panting heavily as she dropped her hands with this, holding his wrists gently to examine the small cuts about them. "I made those myself. Where is Havoc?" He asked and she sighed dropping down at his feet collecting pieces.

"Further down the hall injured. I could not move him. Fuery is doing it." She said and he was alarmed. He was worried about both of them, and not about her. She seemed safe, and still in civilian clothes. She wore a fitted pink dress shirt, dirt and blood spattered about it gently, before a jean skirt that ran to her knees and high boots. Her image was almost confusing for him, outside of her uniform she was a woman, but not the eyes. The face and the eyes did not change; they held authority and strength of which he'd always admired. "Don't worry about me colonel." She said glancing up, with a palm filled with small parts of metal, and all at once he did. With her words he did. The soft tone, the feminine voice, his duty came back to him. He was to protect. He was to serve. He was the colonel and she was his, and he was to protect her. The same way he was to protect...

"We need these pieces now." He said dropping to his knees and collecting them frantically and she increased her pace but seemed alarmed with him. "A homunculi was here Hawkeye. I have a fantastic story for you." He said, bitterly sarcastic and she slowed her collecting and gently grasped his hand which was shaking.

"Sir. I haven' t been able to locate E-" She stopped and startled forward and almost into him when from the ceiling Fullmetal made a series of rough gagged noises and emptied more contents to the floor not seven feet from Hawkeye. "Colonel." She whispered her body jumping from the splatter before lifting her eyes to the ceiling and she was on her feet in an instant with a hand over her mouth horrified.

"This controls the magnet." He supplied diverting his eyes from Fullmetal. He didn't want to see the boy in such need without being able to help.

"Edward!" Hawkeye cried taking a step toward the mess and looking up at the boy. "Edward, don't worry we're going to get you down!" Hawkeye yelled and he could hear the shake in her voice. The panic. The urgency she felt within her. "Sir."

"Please help me find these pieces." He whispered when she turned to him and she was on her knees at once, sweeping them to him. Their hands were being scratched and cut, but as he watched his flesh bleed he could not feel it. Hawkeye too, overtaken with a sense of adrenaline did not seem to notice the small tears as they piled the pieces and quickly he drew the array. The remote assembled incorrectly and he ran a hand through his hair turning from it.

"We're missing pieces." Hawkeye blurt turning about the floor before taking a few steps from him and flipping the chairs up onto the desks.

"Roy!" Ed yelled sounding weak and the boy cleared his throat before speaking again. "Roy, something's happening." He squint up at the boy who started wigging.

"To the magnet?" He called glancing about for an enemy when Ed started kicking. Ed was trying to push side to side and possibly wiggle his arm loose.

"I think you should get me down!" Ed yelled sounding slightly panicked before all his movement sucked his leg up as well. "Ah!" Ed screamed back flat against the magnet before slumping forward. His leg was not as conductive as his arm and Ed pulled and wedged with his flesh leg but tired too quickly and couldn't get it free.

"Edward, please stay still!" Hawkeye yelled looking up at the boy from beneath a work bench searching for pieces.

"Roy!" Ed called to him.

"I am coming!" He snapped turning to the walls, for other options.

"Something's happening" Ed yelled again sounding more alarmed, and they could hear the magnet humming. "Get me down! Please! Please get me down!" Ed cried pushing at the magnet with his real limbs before hanging only from the metal pair and he could hear the small wince of pain this caused.

"Colonel, we have to get him off that thing." Hawkeye said standing up and ignoring the dust that clung to her knees and skirt.

"Alright." He said starting for the door at once. He needed a tool to get him up there. Something to get him up there and get Fullmetal down.

"Roy!" Ed cried for him the second he started leaving and he turned back to ease the panic.

"Ed, talk to Hawkeye." He ordered nudging her and she stepped up.

"Edward, keep your eyes on me." Hawkeye direct sweetly stepping below the boy to look directly up at him. He watched her get as close as possible as he entered the hall with her voice behind him, encouraging and sweet.

"Men." He barked startling Fuery who was helping Havoc limp down the hall. "I need a ladder Havoc. Where would one be." Havoc cringed bringing a hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead before breathing heavily.

"Ah..."Havoc trailed glancing about as Fuery rubbed his shoulder looking concerned. "There's a few, there's in the janitor closet, there is a few."

"A long one?" He asked starting down the hall in the direction Havoc was pointing.

"Not sure." Havoc supplied and he broke into a run with the words. The door to the janitor's closet was heavy and solid wood, the room small and cluttered. Ladders however, were easy to spot and he was pulling them forward one after the other, examining them with his eyes. All of them too small. All of them too small! Roughly he shoved them aside. Out of the way, move! He needed a tall ladder. Tall! A tall ladder to reach up there! To get him up there! God damnt he was not just leaving his man up there! There had to be a ladder tall enough! Damnt they had light bulbs! And cobwebs! And vents! And airducts! Spiders! There had to be something long enough to-There. He found it, and faster than he thought he'd ever be able to move a ladder in his life he had it back in the autoroom and up against the wall. Hawkeye was steadying it below him as he made his way to the top and reached for the magnet.

"Fullmetal." He whispered and Ed opened his eyes to him. Those eyes, they were filled with pain and need.

"How is that going to help?" Ed whispered cringing when he slid his hand to the small flesh one and gripped it. "Roy." Ed whined closing his eyes. "Please. I don't want to start crying in front of Hawkeye." Ed was squeezing his hand painfully and he smiled.

"I am going to fix this."

"Than do it." Fullmetal whispered letting his hand go and he climbed up the last four rungs of the ladder passing Ed and moving to the top of the magnet. There was power getting to the magnet, like anything else it was a working tool being used and he was going to short circuit it.

"When it shuts off, you're going to fall." He informed pulling himself onto the thing and Ed whimpered for a moment when it swung. "I am going to slide this down to you. Hook it to yourself Fullmetal, and for god's sake do it well." He said sliding a piece of outdoor rope toward the boy. It was used for hoisting something and had a beaner at each end.

"You're going to catch me right?" Ed asked from below him as the rope was pulled and he snort.

"I'll think on it." He mused trying to lighten the situation as he took a look at the wires trying to decide which was the power before grasping all. "Are you secured?" He asked wrapping the other end about his own waist and securing the beaner to both the rope and his belt. "You ready?"

"As ready as I'll get." Ed answered and the wires gave a small puff of smoke when he heated them before the rope yanked and he grabbed it tight with both hands, looping an arm about the chain holding the magnet so he would not be tugged forward. Ed detached and fell before swinging when the rope caught.

"I got it!" He yelled when Hawkeye screamed. "Fullmetal pull yourself up!" He yelled pulling the rope as fast as he could. There wasn't an abundance of slack, and if he couldn't feel Ed's weight he'd be worried Ed wasn't there at all.

"Help." A small hand appeared and slapped up to the magnet before whining for him. With one hand he reached forward and grabbed it. "Pull me up." Ed croaked and he did, hoisting the boy up as fast as he could and Ed appeared shaking heavily looking horrified.

"Come here, use your legs. I can't let go of this." He said hanging tightly to the chain wishing he could reach the boy easier. "Fullmetal." He urged trying to get the boy to move and Ed was pushing himself forward slowly. All limbs trembling too heavily to make coordination easy. "Come here." He whispered catching Ed's hand again and dragging Ed into him.

"Ah, everything hurts." Ed whispered crumbling into his body with closed eyes. There was blood in Ed's hair and the boy was shaking from the fall.

"I think you're going into shock." He reasoned running a hand up Ed's good arm to his shoulders and rubbing at the small tight back.

"It's not numbing the pain at all. You think it would." Ed breathed as he looked over the boy's automail arm which was crushed in like it'd been slid into a trash compactor. "Can't move my arm."


"Yeah, kinda." Ed whispered before pushing to sit up and get off him. "Where's the ladder?"

"I want you to go down on my back. With your coordination off you could fall." He reasoned and even with Ed reluctant there was little the boy could do as he scoot around in front and grabbed the small thin arm that looped about his neck. "Hang on tight."

"Don't drop us. I'll kill you." Ed whispered as he got to his knees thankful the magnet was so heavy that nothing but the jump from the ladder to its heavy metal could move it. Their small shifting was like nothing. "Colonel." Ed sound nervous as he neared the edge reaching for the ladder. Ed ducked his head into the back of his neck squeezing him as he got them both on.

"Sir! I've got the bottom!" Hawkeye yelled up as he decent slowly hanging onto each rung like it was his life while trying to stick out his back end as much as possible to give Fullmetal's body something to lean into. Ed's automail leg wasn't hanging on tight at all, and if he didn't need both his arms he'd be supporting it. "Easy!" Hawkeye startled when he slipped and as soon as he was close enough to the ground for her to touch him, her hands met his legs. They slid up his legs slowly before Ed jerked, but on sight of Hawkeye relaxed when Ed identified the touch as a kind feminine one, rather than one of his hands.

"Easy Edward." Hawkeye whispered getting a grip on the boy and hanging onto Edas he let Ed get to his feet. Heavily Ed's weight sunk into his legs, slouching him over with a hand to his stomach. "It's all alright now." Hawkeye spoke wrapping an arm about Ed and hugging him into her as he got down with a heavy breath. Ed didn't seem to fully comprehend Hawkeye. The boy's body was trembling, blood from his hair smearing onto his forehead and dripping a bit. "Sir." She whispered giving him a look when he just stood there and he nod starting for the door and looking around for Fuery and Havoc. They were no longer in the hall, and the only logical explanation was they moved back to the car which was of course their escape. In front of the school, before the large doors it was there running and he took off back to the workshop on sight of it.

"We're going." He said stepping in and glancing around for anything left behind that could incriminate them.

"Ok Ed, we're leaving." Hawkeye informed the boy gently. She was rubbing his back slowly before letting her hand move across his shoulder to his chest. Ed yanked from the touch groggily stumbling forward until he scooped the boy into his arms like a bride.

"We're going now." He ordered ignoring Hawkeye's startled expression and starting for the door. Ed was like a doll in his hands, the boy's head fell back and he looked dazed as they left quickly heading right for the SUV.

"Does this mean I get to leave now?" Ed mumbled sloppily and he nod.

"Yes of course."

"Are-are you coming Roy?" Ed asked his eyes drooping closed against his will and he nod letting Hawkeye get the car door before handing Ed to Fuery. "I feel tired." Ed mumbled as he climbed in with Hawkeye and let her take the wheel. In Fuery's arms Ed's eyes were fighting to stay open as he crawled in and squeezed in next to Havoc who was doubled over in his seat.

"Drive! Go!" He barked throwing his arm forward and Hawkeye hit the gas launching them all back in their seats. Fuery startled and squeezed Ed breaking a strangled noise of pain from the boy. "Hand him to me." He sat up reaching forward and Fuery began adjusting Ed forward before stopping when Ed's eyes opened again. "Ed." He bent down into the boy's vision capturing the golden eyes that turned to him slowly.

"Where are-what's?" Ed mumbled quietly.

"We're on our way home." He answered watching Ed's eyes close. A small trembling hand raised and latched to the front of his jacket. "Back to central."

"I wanna..." Ed mumbled before coughing a bit and he took the initiative and started pulling the boy into himself. Ed's automail hung like broken appendages strapped to the boy. Crushed and twisted parts of it were sharp, and he pushed those away from the boy afraid they might hurt him.

"Where are your automail directions?" He asked watching the scenery become familiar as Hawkeye pulled back up to the small market and Fuery was getting out with her.

"We'll be right back!" Hawkeye called into the backseat unbuckling and he nod.

"Grab bottled water among our provisions." He ordered and they left entering in the back door quickly and locking them within the car.

"Ed, it's just Havoc and myself now." He spoke giving Ed a gentle shake. "Your automail is crushed." He ran his hand down Ed's metal leg and he could feel the jagged pieces inside. "We're going to get it off you as soon as possible."

"I wanna." Ed rasped again and he leaned down to the boy stroking his face gently. "I-I wanna.." Ed tried again swallowing with a wince, eyes closed and breathing unsteadily. Ed looked like he'd fought too hard and for the time being needed some rest.

"Tell me, are you in any pain?" He whispered tucking Ed's top half closer to his chest. "You don't seem to be bleeding anywhere besides this mark on your head. Do you think you're alright?" He continued watching the golden eyes open and stare ahead exhausted before coughing again.

"I wanna ride in the front." Ed managed before clearing his throat. "On the ride" Ed croaked before coughing again and he felt a smile sweep his face.

"After we get this automail off, we won't have to spare the seat Ed. You can ride in my suitcase." Havoc teased sounding more like there was a frog in his throat than the soldier they remembered.

"Sir." Hawkeye appeared climbing back into the front seat handing things back to Fuery who was crawling in.

"Havoc take all of these." Fuery direct dropping pills into the man's hand and Havoc was tossing them back without question. "This is hot chocolate." Breda elaborate handing Havoc a travel thermos before turning back to him and opening the bookbag of emergencies Fullmetal had packed himself. Outside of extra clothes, toothbrush and other personals, was a fat stack hundred and forty page manual to his automail.

"Get that out and find what page we need." He ordered easing Fullmetal down to his lap so the boy lay gently over him breathing quietly.

"What page do we need sir?" Fuery asked wiping some of the sweat from his forehead as the lights from the town started disappearing and the open road began appearing.

"Are these windows tinted?" He called up to Hawkeye who was driving well above the speed limit. Thirty seconds ago he'd seen her open the window and stick their military clearance badge on the front so they shouldn't be stopped. She frowned into the mirror and he flicked on the internal light without taking it any further. "Find the page that tell us how to get it off." He direct opening Fullmetal's shirt slowly. "Ed, are you going to sleep?" He asked slowly popping buttons and the boy cracked an eye at him frowning.

"Are you serious?" Ed rasped before cracking a soft smile. "Roy." Ed snort before hissing when he started peeling the shirt off Ed's arms.

"Try to endure it." He reassured getting the shirt off as gently as possible and marveling at the twisted arm that now looked so wrong, and hours ago seemed so meticulously crafted. "Fuery?"

"I am...studying sir." Fuery answered sliding from his seat to kneel before them and digging through Ed's bag for the necessary tools. Though he had never told the boy, the fact he found most amazing about that automail were how few tools were needed to adjust it. While it may looks intricate, and have revolutionary support and flexibility, or so the mechanic said, the most ingenious aspect by far, was the fact it could be taken on and off with just a simple wrench. It was amazing, and Fuery seemed almost confused as he held one looking to and from the packet and Ed who was breathing quicker the more clothes he removed. He slid his own jacket off and fold it beneath Ed's head so it would have support. Carefully he pulled his arm away and untucked the boy's wife beater from his pants before working on them.

"We've come such a long way Fullmetal." He mused smiling to himself as he undid Ed's pant button and fly before laughing at the boxers which were underneath. "And yet, there are still surprises." He chuckled pushing the boy's pants down to his knees and sliding his boxers up to the start of the automail. Now it all seemed so silly, the effort they had gone through in the beginning with each other, and how much easier it now was.

"Fuery." Ed whispered and Fuery looked up holding the wrench as though it were a scalpel. "Righty Tighty, Lefty loosey." Ed whispered before smiling and reaching for him. With that sly grin and those exhausted eyes locked on Fuery, Fullmetal's flesh hand slid up his chest to the collar of his shirt and gripped closing his eyes.

"Fuery." He extend his hand for the wrench after watching Ed brace himself. Where he assumed removing the twisted metal would bring relief, he also now began to realize removing it might bring pain. "Fullmetal please tell me if I injure you further so I know if I am doing this right."

"There's really no wrong way to do it." Ed answered still eyes closed as he brought the wrench to the first bolt and began to twist lightly. "Unless you're an idiot." Ed mused cracking an eye and he glanced up and the smug little grin before shaking his head. An hour later Fullmetal lay in his arms weighing nothing in comparison to the boy's customary weight. He sat on the backseat at an angle with his legs stretching across. Resting on top of him was Fullmetal. The boy's head lay on his chest admitting only soft breaths, the sole flesh arm gripping the seat belt across them. Havoc had started dosing twenty minutes into the ride, and Fuery too was dead asleep with his legs propped over his own.

"We're an awfully sorry bunch...aren't we." He mused aloud to only Hawkeye who was awake and driving steadily.

"Sir." She glanced back into the mirror to study him: his exhausted expression, his body in much need of some food, strong liquor and a shower.

"A bunch of fall prey to a hoax...and then come...stumbling back like this." He chuckled pitifully bringing a hand to his face and rubbing his temples before laying it on Fullmetal's chest and smiling with the steady rhythm of the boy's beating heart.

"We may not have accomplished everything we had illustrated Colonel." She replied and he turned to her, studying her own exhausted form. Somehow she found the power to make sure they all regrouped and moved steadily toward safety. "But might I say, we accomplished some unplanned goals...which are, equally as important." She said and with the end of her words, her eyes met his in the rear view mirror and the sight of his body slumped over with Ed sleeping soundly on top brought a smile to her face. "Might I even say, what we indirectly accomplished might be more important than what we planned to." She smiled and he turned away lazily, looking back down at Fullmetal and shifting beneath the boy. Ed startled in his sleep and he instantly froze not wanting to wake him.

"Mmmroy." Ed murmured turning his head quickly before relaxing. Ed's body became a bit heavier with the small hand losing hold of the seat belt and slipping onto his stomach. He smiled. His name had come first. His name had come out today, even before the brother. Even before Alphonse, he had filled a social void. He had proved he was something, shown he was important, he had made a stand. Silently he brought his fist up and back for a personal score.

Where he thought he might fail, he succeeded. When before he thought he paid enough attention, and held his own with Ed he had found he hadn't. Fullmetal had been abandoned in this mission feeling lonely even with him, where as now, he felt a respect and commitment to the small burden on top of him, he never could have imagined.

"Sir." Hawkeye called back stealing his thoughts and watching him from the mirror. "You're smiling sir." She comment sounding both confused and a little alarmed, but he simply let it grow with her statement.

"Goodnight Hawkeye." He said closing his eyes and sliding his arm up over Ed's chest holding the boy tighter and keeping him warm. "It's been a long day. Wake me up when we get there." He muttered, and his body found peace and sleep much easier than it did lying alone.

Feeling the warmth of another, the beating heart, and sound of soft breath was a lullaby which touched his subconscious in ways he couldn't understand. He felt pride and a calm excitement lingering inside him when he let darkness over come. Tomorrow was in fact another day, and of course to save them all from their own gullibility, there was lots of bullshitting to be done. All in all case closed, it was just another run of events and luck just happened to smile on them, even if it was in a very ironic and twisted way.

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