Daniel stood at the base of the ramp making some last minute adjustments. Teal'c was standing at his side like a living statue. The Gate had just begun dialing when Sam hurried into the room.

"Wait up guys!"

"General O'Neill," Teal'c greeted with a bow "you will be joining us?"

"I thought I might." Sam smiled.

"Need a break from the SGC?" Daniel chuckled.

"Yeah, any minute now I'm going to start the autodestruct myself."

"Well this is just going to be a nice boring visit to some long abandoned ruins."

"Sounds like heaven."

"Is that sarcasm?"

"No, not at all."

Raising a doubtful eyebrow Daniel looked at Sam until she gave in.

"Okay, maybe a touch of sarcasm, but I really do want to get off world."

As if responding to her wishes the Gate snapped open. Teal'c walked up the ramp and through the event horizon as if they were off on a more serious mission. The truth was that over the past two years the excitement in the galaxy had been dramatically reduced. With the protection of the shield they had been able to launch a more aggressive attack on the Goa'uld without fear of them reaching the tipping point where they'd come to seek revenge on Earth.

Although even Sam had admitted that she had been nervous the first time a Goa'uld had come to test their defenses. However, the shield not only held its ground, but Sam had managed to tweak it into acting more like a mirror to use the Goa'ulds own fire against them.

Sam and Daniel chatted about nothing in particular as they walked up the ramp towards the Gate. They were just about to step through when the intercom from the control room squawked to life.


"Yes?" Sam replied.

"The MALP is showing that the weather has taken a turn."

"It's raining?" Daniel sighed.

"Lightly, but yes."

"Thanks for the heads up." Sam said and turned to Daniel. "I'll call Teal'c back, hopefully tomorrow the weather will be better."

"This is ridiculous, Sam. It's been three years since the incident, why can't I beat this?"

"Honestly, Daniel, I don't know. It's not from a lack of trying."

"I just wish…"

"Daniel!" Tanya's excited cry rang through the Gateroom. "Wait!"

Startled by the sudden interruption the pair on the ramp turned their back to the still open Gate. Tanya rushed up the ramp and threw her arms around Daniel's neck in an affectionate embrace. Seeing Sam's grin she pulled away and flushed with embarrassment.

"Sorry, General."

"It's alright."

"Tanya, what's going on?"

"Daniel…I…we…I just found out…" Tanya panted breathlessly.

"Tanya, breath." Daniel instructed. "Are you okay?"

"I'm pregnant."

The simple statement of fact was shocking due to the fact that this was something they had been trying and failing at for nearly two years. Daniel was so startled by the news that he took a step back. The tiny move caused him to stumble backwards through the event horizon. In the space between two heartbeats he was suddenly light years away from his expecting wife.

Daniel hit the hard wet stone of the Gate dais with a resounding thud. The light rain had become more intense and started to soak through his jacket. Still stunned he just stared at the shimmering pool of the alien Gate. He felt a strong hand helping him to his feet.

"Daniel Jackson, we must…"

"Teal'c!" Daniel interrupted with an excited cry. "Teal'c, we are going to have a baby!"

"I do not see how that is biologically possible."

"What?" Daniel was brought up short and then rolled his eyes. "No, Teal'c, not 'we' as in you and me, 'we' as in Tanya and I."

"I understand that, I was attempting a joke."

"Ah…good job, keep…uh…keep trying." Daniel chuckled and then gasped. "I have to get back there!"

Daniel turned around and went to rush back through the Gate. Teal'c calmly reached out and grabbed the collar of his shirt to stop him.

"Teal'c what are you doing?"

"Keeping your child from being born without a father."

"Wha…oh right, the Gate is going the wrong way." Daniel said sheepishly.


Daniel rushed down to the DHD and closed down the wormhole so that he could dial the SGC once again. They were quickly given clearance to return. Daniel didn't even bother with the water droplets that were clouding his glasses. Catching sight of Tanya at the bottom of the ramp he ran up and pulled her into a warm bear hug.

"Would you two like to borrow my office for some privacy?" Sam offered.

"That would be wonderful, Sam."

"Not a problem, congratulations to you both."

Looking more excited than he had in the dozen years that she'd known him Daniel accosted Sam with a wet hug. Tanya tugged on his sleeve and they retreated to Sam's near-by office.

"I can't believe this, I was actually starting to lose hope."

"Well the twins we adopted have kept us fairly busy." Tanya teased. "However, Dr. Brightman is not only one hundred percent sure of the pregnancy, but she says everything seems to be going perfectly so far."

Unable to contain his bright smile Daniel reached out and pulled Tanya close. She accepted a passionate kiss and returned it with equal vigor. Breathless once again she laid her head against his chest and noticed for the first time that he was soaked to the skin. She pulled back and looked at him in shock.

"Daniel, was it raining?"

"It was…and it felt wonderful."