Okay, this is my first story, so, if it's bad, please forgive me. Quick note though: this is about Miley Cyrus, yes Cyrus not Stewart. She is going on tour with the Jonas Brothers. So let's get started.

"Miley!!! You better be packing! And not talking on the phone!" yelled Billy Ray.

"Okay Dad!" Miley said, "Sorry Tory, I got to pack. Call me later? Okay. Bye!"

Later that day, Miley went over to the Jonas', considering they live two houses down. Miley had always had a crush on Nick, but she never knew if he liked her back. Truth was, Nick didn't really ever see Miley as more then a best friend.

"Hey guys," she said, walking in their house. She was replied with three different "Hi's."

"Are you excited?!? We are leaving tomorrow!!" exclaimed Joe.

"Totally! It will be so much fun! Well I just came to say hi and see you guys, my Dad probably needs me for some sort of reason, so I guess I'll go back. Bye guys!" she said, and with that she left.

The next morning, everyone was outside getting ready to leave.

Miley's P.O.V.

"Come on guys, time to go," said Dad. I walked up to my Dad.

"Promise me you will come to some shows?" I asked.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world darlin'." and with that I hugged him and got on the bus that the boys had previously boarded.

"Hey Miley, first official day on tour!" said Nick, smiling.

He was gorgeous. And especially that smile he always smiled. Stop it, Miley! Time to move on, you know he doesn't like you that way! "Yea! I know!" I said, trying not to sound too smitten.

Three hours later, it was the first stop and we were going out to eat. Nick had left to go get a drink, then he came back with another female clinging on to his arm, he had a smile on from ear to ear.

"hey guys! Remember Marie?" he asked with a huge hint of excitement in his voice. I was the only one to reply with a no. I'd never this girl, supposedly named, Marie.

"Well Miley, I would like you to meet our childhood best friend, and now, my girlfriend!" my heart was broken. But, it was Nick, and because I value him so much in my life, I had to be happy, " And now she's going to come on the tour with us!"

"Oh that's great! Hi I'm Miley!" She was pretty, I could see why he liked her.

"Hi, nice to meet you, I've always liked your music!" she exclaimed. I smiled, I think I may like this girl. By this time, she had sat down, next to Nick, after about five minutes, they were kissing right in front of our faces. I could tell there was hurt written all over my face, because they way Joe looked at me.

"Hey, Miles, you alright?" he asked with a concerned voice, Nick and Marie hadn't bothered to stop sucking each others' face off.

"Yea. Perfect. You know, I'm not feeling to well, I'm going to go back to the bus."

Finally Marie pulled apart from Nick, when hearing what I said, "I'm going to come with you, I need to bring my bags to the bus."

We left the guys, Marie giving Nick another peck before we left.

We were just fine on the walk back until she grabbed my arm and screamed at me, " Don't you even think about going near Nick! Do you hear me!?" God, how she scared me.

"Excuse me?!" I screamed back, people in cars were staring at us. Then she slapped me across the face . "What the hell was that for?!" Then she slapped me again, I was crying on the inside. By then I had fallen to the ground in pain.

"You pathetic baby!" with that she ran off.

I got up and ran to the bus, crying the whole way. About thirty minutes passed when I heard footsteps come up to my bunk and the curtain opened.

"Oh, Miley," said Joe in a sympathetic voice, he came up and put his arms around me. I just continued crying, until finally I spoke up.

"Joe, what did I ever do to that girl?" I asked.

"Actually, I was kinda going to ask you that."

"Well, everything was fine until she just grabbed my arm and started saying stuff like stay away from Nick, and she was insulting me and just slapped me, hard, across my face." Joe tightened his grip on me. I felt very protected.

"It's okay, Miles, I believe you, it's just, I don't know about Kevin or Nick."

I sighed, I looked up at Joe and did something I never knew I would do. I kissed him. But what suprised me most, was that he kissed me back.