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The sun shone brightly down on the small suburb of Peach Creek. The sun just happened to shine through the window and onto a Eddy, who wrapped himself up in his purple sheets.

"Stupid sun" he grumbled and smashed his face into his pillow, getting some peace and quiet. That is, until his door was busted down and he stared at the sight. Ed was standing in the doorway, tears welling at his eyes and his bottom lip quivering. Naturally, a good friend would go over and try to comfort Ed and ask him what's the matter...but this is Eddy we're talking about people. "Ed! You stupid dolt! You don't go breaking people's doors down while it's 10 am!" Eddy shouted and Ed began to sniffle. "Take your tears somewhere else"

Ed began to cry a river, literally. Eddy's room was beginning to fill up with Ed's tears and Eddy sneered at the bed beginning to get soaked up. "Alright! What do you want?!"

"Double D is gone, Eddy!" Ed cried and fell onto the bed.

"What? That's it? Ed, he could be in the bathroom"

"No! I checked everywhere!" Ed sniffled and Eddy held his head.

"Wait, your not gonna go into flashback mode are you?" Eddy asked and Ed nodded with a semi-goofy grin. "Alright, let me hold onto something before it gets all wavy" Eddy muttered and held onto his sheets.


Ed skipped down the streets to see Double D on this fine morning. He was so excited to see him, he didn't even brush his teeth or took a bath (but then again, when has he?), like Double D always asks him too before walking into his house. Ed rang the doorbell, and rung the doorbell, and rung the doorbell, and run the doorbell...after 50 times he rang the doorbell, Ed decided to just walk in and he busted the door down. Ed looked around the house, nothing was insight, not even a yellow sticky note.

Ed walked up the stairs into Double D's room and looked around for the hat-wearing boy, but he was nowhere insight. Ed then looked at Double D's ant farm, promptly labeled 2,456 ants.

"Hello, Gargantuan, you sure had gotten big. Hello, Timmy. Hello, Johnny. Hello, Spikey. Hello, Stinky. Hello, Space Ranger. Hello, Jordan" Ed said to the ants, poking the glass for each name, that is, until he pushed the ant farm over and it crashed into million pieces, the ants sprawled on the floor. Ed wiggled his ears, for he thought he heard some tiny voice shout, "We're free! Let's beat it!" and then the ants took off in a flash. Ed looked around and then looked in the bathroom.

"Double D. Ollie, ollie, mozzarella-ey!" Ed shouted but no response. Ed's eyes welled up with tears. "Double D"

End Flashback

"Yawn" Eddy said once the arrived at Double D's house. Ed had stopped crying to tell the flashback and was now standing at the door. He then rung the doorbell, and rung the doorbell, and rung the doorbell, and rung the doorbell... "Get out of the way!" Eddy shouted and pushed Ed over and walked into the house. "I didn't came all the way here just to ring a doorbell!". Eddy looked around, just like Ed's flashback said, there was no sign of Edd or his parents around. "Maybe they went to get eggs or something" Eddy said and Ed jumped on Eddy.

"Eggs! Oooh! Can we get some eggs! Huh?!"

"Get off me, Ed" Eddy growled and Ed hopped off. Eddy leaned his pink hand on the fireplace.

"This is stupid, Ed. If you brought me all the way over here for nothing, I'm gonna-" Eddy started but stopped and looked on his hand. On it was something that was never, ever seen in Double D's house, dust. Eddy gasped. "It looks like your right, Ed"

"Right about what?"

"Forget it. The real problem is, we need to find Double D, or else I won't have any good scams!" Eddy shouted and pointed his finger towards the ceiling. It looks like a job for Detective Eddy and his pitiful lackey, Ed!"

"Okay, Defective Eddy!"

"That's Detective Eddy!" Eddy shouted and ran out of the house with Ed following right behind him. Eddy ran down the street and to the playground where he saw his first prime suspect. Johnny 2x4 was swinging merrily on the swings, sucking on a jawbreaker. Eddy jumped right in front of Johnny and Johnny slid to a stop.

"Eddy?" Johnny asked, his mouth filled with spit.

"Don't play with me, Johnny, I know you did it"

"Did what?"

"You gotten rid of Double D!" Eddy shouted and pointed an accusing finger at Johnny, who just looked confused.

"Why would I get rid of Double D?"

"I have my reasons" Eddy said and snapped his fingers. "Lackey! Get my notepad!" No response. "Ed!" Eddy shouted but there was no sight of the yellow kid. Ed was busy occupying himself with a rocket ride in front of a store. "Lackeys. Useless" Eddy said and then turned to Johnny.

Eddy's Reasons (Eddy's POV)

You always hated Double D the first time he ever said that Plank wasn't a real person, but imaginary. You secretly vowed to get Double D and had been watching his every move, his every word and pretended to be all buddy-buddy with us sometimes. But that all had changed. First, you lured Double D out of the house using Double D's most favorite thing of all time, soap. Then, you bound and gagged him and stuffed him into a potato sack and drove him to Mexico and stuck him in the river where he would float around in the ocean and eventually fall off the Earth, since it's round

End of Eddy's Reasons (No POV)

Johnny scratched his head.

"Huh? I don't know what your talking about, I've been here all the time with Plank, I didn't even knew Double D was gone" Johnny said and glanced over at Plank, who was laying beneath the foot of the slide. He walked over and cradled the piece of wood in his arms. "What's that Plank?" he asked and placed the wood near his ear. "Plank said that that elaboration of me going after Double D is completely inaccurate"

"What?! Ugh! I'm watching you Johnny! You too, board!" Eddy said and made the 'I'm watching you sign' to make it official and ran off. A few minutes later, Eddy found Ed still playing in the rocket. "Ed!"

Ed looked over at Eddy.

"H-Hi E-d-d-d-d-y!" Ed said while the rocket shook him and Eddy pulled him out of the rocket.

"Now's not the time to play games, we need to find Double D" Eddy said and looked back at the rocket. "How did you get that rocket to work?"

"I found a quarter on the sidewalk" Ed said and laughed and Eddy began to turn red with anger.

"Ed! We could have boughten me a jawbreaker!" Eddy shouted and slammed Ed's face into the sidewalk. "Come on let's go find some more suspects" Eddy grumbled and stepped over Ed. Ed gotten up with a flattened, bruised face.

"Right behind you, Ductive Eddy"

"That's Detective!"

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