A/N: So, I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy a couple of weeks ago for the first time in about a year. I'm talking a straight marathon of all three extended versions, and as I was sitting there watching I got about twenty ideas for Lotr fanfics. This was one of the first that I wrote. It's just a quick drabble, character-study of Sam. It can be an implied Sam/Frodo slash, or it can just be Sam/Frodo friendship. Hope you enjoy! Please read and review!

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Sam doesn't belong outside of the Shire. It scares him, in the big world, where nothing is as it should be. He can't trust people in the big world, and he's used to trusting. The world turns him into a paranoid mess, looking over his shoulder every moment, terrified that something will come up behind him and it will all be over.

When he was a child he never dreamt about leaving the Shire, the way most hobbit children do. It's when they get older and they realize how wonderful the Shire is, that their silly dreams of leaving fade away. But Sam was different. He never dreamt in the first place, not about the big wide world beyond the rolling hills and green lands and forests. He dreamt about becoming a great gardener in the Shire, the best gardener in all of the Shire.

Sam doesn't belong in the outside world. But the one place he does belong is with Frodo. And he'll follow Frodo wherever he goes, wherever it takes him, even into the depths of hell. He'll even follow Frodo out into the wide world, where he doesn't belong.

Because, the fact of the matter is, without Frodo, Sam doesn't belong anywhere.

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