A/N: Inspired by my extended version marathon of the Lotr trilogy. Merry and Pippin are two of my favorite characters and I just get a really slashy vibe from them. I think they make a cute couple, don't you think? It gets really fluffy towards the end of this, so be forewarned. Enjoy and review!

Disclaimer: I hate disclaimers. I really do. Almost as much as I hate facing the fact that I do not own Lord of the Rings.

Warnings: Slight slash and an excess of fluff.


It's the middle of the night and from the even sound of breathing tells Pippin that everyone around him is sleeping. He lays awake under the stars, his hands behind his head, and, no matter how hard he tries, sleep will not come to him. He's exhausted; the Fellowship has been pushing its pace as fast as it can go, but he simply cannot sleep.

He's been thinking. It's an unsual past-time for him. Merry is the thinker of the pair, and Frodo is the real thinker of the group of hobbits. Pippin has a habit of not thinking that usually gets him in trouble. But not tonight.

With a sigh, accepting that he won't be able to sleep until he gets what is on his mind out, he rolls over. Merry is there, close and warm as always. Pippin shakes him hard enough to wake him, knowing after so many years just how hard of a shake it needs to be. Merry comes awake quickly, his eyes popping open, his hand going for the sword just above his pillow. Pippin catches his hand.

"It's all right, Merry."

Merry stares at him, groggy and confused. "What's happening, Pip?"

Pippin hesitates. "What are we, Merry?"

Merry just stares at him some more. "What're you talking about?"

"What are we?" Pippin presses.

Merry groans and rolls onto his back. "What do you mean? We're hobbits. Halflings. Shire-folk."

"I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about us. You and me."

Merry rolls on his side again, facing Pippin full on. His eyes are narrowed. "You've lost me, Pip. I haven't a clue what you're talking about."

Pippin sighs in frustration, running his hands through his hair. He sits up and Merry follows his lead, sitting cross-legged facing him. "I mean…what are we? The two of us? Are we friends or…."

Merry's eyes widen in understanding. "Oh."

"Oh." Pippin replies.

"Pip, why are you asking? You've never asked before."

Pippin pauses, struggling to put his feelings into words. "Because…it's too big for us out here, Merry. We don't belong. We never wanted glory and adventure. Just somethin' to eat and some fun. And we're a long way away from home, Merry. And…it didn't matter before. Knowing what we are, 'cause it just wasn't important. It didn't need questioning. But now…now we're a long way from anything we know, and…I just need to know, Merry."

Merry stared at him. Then he reached out and caught the collar of Pippin's shirt, pulling him closer until their faces were inches apart. "We are what we are, Pippin. I can't describe it, but no matter what, we're together." Pippin closed his eyes, some of the tension draining away. Merry's lips brushed over Pippin's and they grabbed each other, pulling closer together.

"We're together." Pippin murmured.

"Together." Merry said. "Now go to sleep, Pip. I'm not carrying you if you fall asleep tomorrow." Pippin smiled, laying back down, Merry's arms enclosing around her.

"Love you." Merry whispered, pressing his lips against Pippin again. Pippin smiled into Merry's chest and relaxed.

"Love you too." Now, finally, he could sleep.

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