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My stomach churned as I walked to my bed and fell onto it heavily. I put my earphones in place and listened to Home by Christ Daughtry. Today marked exactly one week until the wedding. To say that I was nervous is an understatement. Words cannot describe how I am feeling at this point. It doesn't help that Alice has been keeping secrets, keeping me out of the Cullen home. Alice is a very capricious vampire, and that's what scares me the most. Images of ice sculptures, crystal, a seven-tier cake, and other expensive decorations filled my mind. Why couldn't she just be happy with something simple? I am marrying Edward, that's all that matters.

Suddenly the mattress lowered slightly, and I felt one of my earphones leave my ear "so, this what they mean by a sleeping beauty…" A very familiar velvety voice whispered into my ear. His cold breath sent a rack of chills down my body. I opened my eyes to find myself staring into Edward's smoldering topaz eyes, it was obvious he had just gone hunting. His gorgeous face was only inches from mine, and he was smiling my favorite crooked smile.

Unable to control it, I blushed. Even more embarrassing, my heart was racing a mile a minute. He chuckled softly and kissed my lips lightly, pulling away to keep from getting to out of hand. "I wasn't sleeping, just thinking," I breathed.

Edward brushed away the few strands of my brown hair that had strayed onto my face. "What were you thinking about?" Edward asked curiously, although from the look on his face I had hunch he must already know.

"Same old thing" I answered, I didn't want to bother him with the usual. He must be sick of hearing about my qualms by now.

"Bella dear, you know I love you, don't you?" Edward asked gently.

"Of course! Wait…why?" I replied defensively. I knew without a doubt, he knew something that I wouldn't like.

Edward's lips parted in a grin "always defensive, aren't you?…" He sighed, "Alice is throwing you a bachelorrette party. He informed me cautiously.

"Oh no! Why?" I was mortified now, wasn't the bridal shower enough! Why did she have to throw in a bachelorette party on top of that? "You promised you would moderate her! What if she gets me a stripper?" I threw that question, just to get Edward thinking…maybe he'd get Alice to call off the whole thing.

Edward got up from the bed and brought me with him before I even realized it, he moved to the CD player. "Lets forget about that for now" he whispered staring directly at me, there was a look of apology in his eyes. I wondered what else he knew, but he soon answered my question. Out of his coat he pulled out a CD. "Alice requests that we try out this song…for our first dance has a married couple."

I panicked, "I thought we were going to leave that part out?" my voice shook with nerves now; I was going to make a fool of myself at my own wedding! "You know how much of a klutz I am!" I pointed out anxiously.

He turned back to face the CD player without another word, and searched for the right track. As the song began, he closed the gap between us in two graceful strides. Gently he guided me onto his feet, and started to move with me to the music supporting me the whole time, just as he had done at prom. The whole thing caught me by such surprise that I didn't notice the song at first. When I did register it, I recognized it as my lullaby. Edward pressed his cold lips to my ear before whispering, "I think this is a fitting song don't you?"

I simply nodded, driven into silence as we danced around the room. My heart started to beat rapidly as I found myself imagining this on our wedding day. This wouldn't be half bad I decided. I completely agreed with Edward on this one. All of a sudden I felt the shock of Edward's cold lips on my neck. I gasped slightly; he slowly made his way up my neck, kissing the hollow just bellow my ear and then along my jaw line. He whispered an 'I love you' against my skin and before I could respond he kissed me more passionately then ever before as we seemed to glide around my room. To say that I was surprised was a complete understatement. He had successfully gotten me to forget all my worries, and I had no problem with that.

All to soon the song came to an end, but Edward did not let go of me. He kissed the top of my head "all will be fine, you will see." He whispered reassuringly into my hair. Who could argue with him now? Certainly not me, after a few minutes of staying the way we were, he parted from me with a reluctant sigh. "I need to go, Charlie is expecting me to pick him up in five minutes." He smirked slightly.

For a few minutes I had nearly forgotten that Edward was going to dinner with Charlie. Most likely Charlie would be lecturing Edward, and maybe even threatening him, with me out of the picture that was all to possible. I knew Edward wouldn't be fazed by it, but still I was nervous for him. He must have picked up on my nerves, no surprise, because he kissed me once more "no worries love, Charlie just wants to talk, he has resigned to the idea that we are getting married, and he knows there is no changing our minds. He knows somehow that everything is going to be ok, and that our marriage is genuinely based on love."

I stood on my toes and kissed him lightly, "Good luck." Edward wrapped me in a loving embrace once more before going out the window and disappearing into the darkness. I stayed at the window until he returned in his silver Volvo. I ran down the stairs, where Charlie sat at the table waiting, dressed up slightly in khakis and a navy blue dress shirt, no tie and no surprise to me, but still he was more dressed up then usual.

"Looking good Dad." I complimented, and just at that moment Edward knocked on the door. I rushed to get the door, stumbling over my two feet as I went. Charlie laughed and said something under his breath, as he came into the hallway to join me. I rolled my eyes and picked myself up off the floor, before I opened the door. Edward seemed to be holding in a laugh. He must have heard me fall "are you alright?" He whispered before Charlie reached the door. I just nodded.

"Well, Bella I'll see you when I get home" Charlie said, as he walked out the door, only slightly acknowledging Edward. It was clear Charlie was anxious about the night ahead.

When Charlie was out of hearing range Edward leaned over " and I'll see you when Charlie goes to bed." he whispered before kissing my cheek. I laughed and waved to both of them.

"Have a good time!" I shouted as they drove away in Charlie's cruiser. I re-entered the house and closed the door behind me. I set to the task of cleaning up the kitchen, something to keep me busy during the quiet and lonely hours ahead. I didn't know how long it had been since Charlie and Edward left, it must have been at least an hour when I heard pounding feet running down the stairs. Fear gripped me, but then Quill and Embry appeared in the kitchen, and I calmed down, until I saw the look on their faces.

Embry walked up to me looking very mischievous, "you are coming with us."


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