Title:Nine Months: Two Weeks

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Notes:If you haven't read the Nine Months stories, here's an overview. John is dead in these stories. It is post Supernatural. Dean is married to Mackenzie. Their children are: River (age five, boy), Pandora (age three, girl, triplet), Rain (would be age three but was stillborn, boy, triplet), and Patia (age three, girl, triplet). Sam lives within the same county and is married to Alexandrine. He's a lawyer. They have two girls: Isabelle (age four, girl) and Isadora (age one, girl). Hope that helps! Any questions, just ask!


Dean walked inside his house from a long day at work. Mackenzie should be home making dinner, the twins playing, and River finishing his kindergarten homework. If today was a normal day – as he thought it would be – he'd come in, kiss each of them, and change into something more comfortable.

Walking into the house, he closed the door behind him. He paused for a second. Something was weird: the silence. His house was never silent. There was always something going on – the kids fighting, the TV playing, kitchen utensils banging: heck, he'd even settle for the toilet flushing right now.

But there was silence.

Hunter instinct took over and he went to search the house when he heard the turn of a page. Dean walked into the kitchen, peeking around to see the table first. Mackenzie sat there, reading the newspaper.

"Kenz," he asked, stepping in the room fully.

She looked up and smiled. "Hey. How was work?"

"Good," he answered, distracted. "Where are the kids?"

She folded the paper back up and left it on the table before getting up. Looping her fingers in her belt nervously, she replied, "They're at my Mom's. I kind of needed to talk to you."

Okay, that explained it. His hunter instinct went latent and he crossed the two steps to his wife. He placed two hands just below the small of her back so that she was right next to him. "You're not leaving me, right," he joked. "Because if you are I think I need to talk to my lawyer first."

"No, Dean!" She smiled, knowing that he wanted to relieve her tension. She wanted to tell him sooner but she wasn't sure how to. She wanted to be unique this time around. The other two times she told him were kind of… blah, if she does say so herself. "Um…" She moved her hands to his chest and let her fingers gently tap. She watched them for a few seconds, knowing she was touching the large protection tattoo underneath. "I uh…"

"Kenz, tell me."

Screw being original. "I'm pregnant." It scared her. After Rain died, they decided not to have any more children. But they didn't always use protection – after all, they were married and it wasn't like having another kid would be a horrible thing… just not expected. So she wasn't sure how Dean would react. She was dead positive he'd be happy, but there still was the sliver of a thought that he would be mad.

Her eyes glanced up toward his face and she saw that stupid grin he put on when he was so happy he couldn't put it into words. Swooping her up by surprise, he placed her on the kitchen counter before pulling up her shirt.

He kissed her stomach over and over. "Hey, I'm Daddy; you're my baby." She smiled and held his head in her hands as he held his head against her stomach. "I promise it wasn't the postman," he smiled. "I remember when I made you." And he did: that night the girls had their dance recital and everyone had gone as a family. Later that night, Dean asked for a little choreography of their own. "Mommy and I did a good job, didn't we?"

"Dean," she laughed, "don't scar her just yet!"

He smiled, leaning up and capturing her mouth. "I love you so much, Kenz," he grinned, eyes looking a bit watery and smile looking a bit crooked in a cute way.

"So you're not mad? You want it?"

"Why wouldn't I?" He placed his hands on her thighs and stood in front of her.

She fidgeted a little on the counter. "After Rain, we decided no more, remember?"

He shrugged slightly. "Things happen, Mackenzie. I'm not getting rid of this baby." He was kind of pro-life – well, not really. He just never thought abortion was acceptable for the situation that he was judging, making Mackenzie think he was slightly pro-life.

"Okay," she said, smiling. "I was hoping you'd want it too."

"Mackenzie," he said, "I don't want it. I have it." He paused for a second before picking her up. "Now, let's go make twins."

Okay, this is the first chapter. Hope you guys like it! I just want you to know that the OneShots I've written about this family (in Nine Months: The Epilogue) do play a role in this story.

Hope you're enjoying!