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Note: I was planning to write a story for Wallflower ever since I read it for the first time, which was three years ago. But I was only fourteen and in my second year in high school so I deemed it inappropriate to write a story under a perverted plot such as this. Now that I'm almost seventeen, I guess it would be okay to post this already. Enjoy, and don't forget to review!

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Oh, To Satisfy Kyohei and His Perversions

He had enough tonight.

His face reddened at the thought of him pining for the likes of Sunako Nakahara.

The color of his eyes darkened with that dreaded thing. The dreaded thing that he had been suffering for so long.


It was clearly seen in his manner as he moved rhythmically under the weight of his blanket. He became an ardent slave of his hand now, as it was the only thing that could purge his desire for her. Suppressed moans came from his lips. All he could see underneath the dark of his room was red. Blood was drawn out from his lip as he bit it, indicating that he had reached his climax. The metallic taste made him close his eyes with added ecstasy.

He had enough tonight.

His breathing became uneven now; fast, short, unstoppable. Ragged. His grip on his length tightened as he let out his final gasps upon his release.

He had enough tonight.

A string of curses emitted from him; just like every other night whenever he caught a glimpse of her nude silhouette. Damn that hole. He really should stop looking through the crack by the wall of her bathroom. His clothing seemed to be much of a burden now. It clung on to his skin uncomfortably as he sweated from his post-release.

He had enough suffering tonight.

Sunako Nakahara had to pay for being so desirable to him. All he could see was red as he closed his eyes. As much as he wanted to get rid of his shirt, he felt too tired to do so.

"Oi, Kyohei!"

He opened his eyes with a start. "Yeah?" his voice seemed hoarse. This sort of humiliation was caused by her. While he felt such fervent concupiscence for Sunako before, now he felt like wringing her neck.

Her smooth, white neck.

He squeezed his eyes shut at the thought of sucking on the skin on the hollow of her throat. The least she could do was to stop taunting him even more with that wretched skin of hers! He had endured enough already with the sound of her voice whenever he succumbed to his perversions during the dead of the night. Imagining her moaning beneath him with pleasure became sort of a habit for Kyohei at that point.

"Are you okay? You sound sick." Yuki's high-pitched voice was muffled through the door of his room.

"Yeah." He cleared his throat. It still sounded hoarse, the way he replied. His body stiffened for a while as he waited for Yuki to leave. The distant sound of clothes rustling was enough of a sign for him.

He had enough tonight.

And he was going to make sure that Sunako would pay for his suffering.

…Willingly or not.