Finally! Victoria's quest for an unoccupied monitor had been fruitful. Quickly, she drug a chair over to it—lest her spot be stolen away. This is Wrestlemania…The Showcase of the Immortals. What everyone in the industry worked for—for some, it was the culmination of a year's hard work, for others—the goal to aspire to, and yet—for a select few, it would ultimately mark the end of life-long dream. For Victoria, it was a combination of everything—tainted by the bittersweet remembrance of those no longer present to participate in the festivities, and those who were, while their hearts were clearly not.

Though she'd never verbalize the words, Victoria was thankful that Flair's retirement match just happened to be today. With all of the added hustle and bustle on top of the additional Wrestlemania craziness, Flair had unwittingly caused the focus to deflect off of the presumed newest addition to the McMahon household. However, knowing it was only temporary; Victoria welcomed the reprieve, and tried to use it to decompress. Sighing, she leaned on a nearby table and propped her head on her arm.

The horrific confrontation with Shane at the Hall of Fame ceremony (the night before) had taken quite a deal out of her. In some small way the fact that she had actually been able to say exactly what she was/is and had been feeling, was a relief. However, Victoria wasn't exactly sure of the lasting effects her sentiments had—if any. Shane hadn't said much last night. Of course, Christopher had managed to show up at the most opportune time and rescue her, but even before that, Shane said very little. He had, of course, called and left messages for her at the hotel, in addition to the voicemails he left on her phone.

Victoria glanced at the screen of the chirping phone before muting it and shoving it in her jacket pocket. Let him stew. I don't give a shit. So far, Victoria had successfully managed to not run into and/or talk to a single member of the McMahon family. She was back in her own hotel room, and had even called for her own car to bring her to the arena. Victoria smiled weakly. It hadn't been an easy feat, but she was happy with her progress—however long lived it may be. Besides, they were far, far, far too busy to start screwing with her, right?

"You know—you could at least try to look like you want to be here. It is your first Wrestlemania and all…" Shawn eyed Victoria as he pulled over a chair to sit besides her.

Not bothering to look away from the monitor, Victoria smiled sarcastically.

"Yeah. Yeah. You know what, Hunter?" Shawn had adapted his patented playful tone.

Victoria groaned. So much for avoiding all manner of McMahons.Trips smirked as he sat down on the opposite side of his sister-in-law. "I don't think she's happy to see me…" Trips complained loudly in a whisper that was clearly intended to be anything but.

"I'm not happy to see you, and I HAVE to work with you! I can't imagine what it must actually be like to be related to you." Shawn shuddered melodramatically. "But that's besides the point—"

"You? Have a point?" HHH laughed sarcastically. After several moments, noting that Victoria was staring at the monitor with all the enthusiasm as if she were watching paint dry, he exchanged a look with Shawn, who simply shrugged. Suddenly, an idea struck. If for nothing else, one thing always managed to light the fire under a McMahon. HHH assumed the same position that Victoria was sitting in. However, not being able to hunker down on a table, HHH opted to sit on his chair backwards.

Shawn rolled his eyes. "Don't I always have a point, Hunter? Tell him I have a point, sweetie…." Shawn shook Victoria's shoulder.

"Point…he has one." Victoria's manner of speaking was very monotone and dull.

HHH sighed dramatically. "Speaking of which—I can't believe Vince was such an asshole earlier, Shawn. I mean—I go into his office to discuss MY match, and he just screams at me to "get out"! And he's the one who called me in there!!"

Shawn finally caught on. "Oh I know! He's been a royal pain in the ass all day! You know our friend Stan?"

"Stannnnn….Stan? Mr. Controversy?" Hunter stroked his beard.

"The very one. Vince whacked him upside the head with his office door! Poor guy ended up in the hospital…." Shawn shook his head sympathetically while HHH commiserated.

"Thinly veiled attempts to lure me into Daddy bashing will not work." Victoria piped up in the same, dull, monotonous tone of voice.

"Daddy?" Shawn mouthed behind Victoria's back, happily surprised. HHH shot him a grin before giving him the thumbs-up. "Wha—what about thinly veiled attempts at Bret Hart bashing?" Shawn asked innocently.

Victoria pondered for a moment. "Too much material. I don't have the energy." Victoria shrugged half heartedly.

Shawn scratched his head and looked to HHH for answers. "You know, Vicky" HHH was alarmed by the look his partner-in-crime was throwing his way.

"Do I look like a two-bit hoe that's screwing one of my dead husband's co-workers?" Victoria's attention was still fixed on the monitor.

Shawn put his hand over his mouth—in an attempt to maintain a straight face.

"And here I thought you liked another cocky, self-absorbed, Canadian" HHH chided, knowing that would get a rise out of Victoria. He shot Shawn a confident look who was vehemently shaking his head "NO" behind his Goddaughter's back.

Shawn couldn't resist the chance he had been given—against his better judgment. He held up his hand as if he were a schoolboy answering his teacher's question. "You forgot something!!"

HHH did a double take. "I did?"

Shawn nodded enthusiastically, almost bouncing in his seat. "He's blond tooo…."

"Psh. You don't know what the hell you're talking about." Victoria made a disgusted face at the television screen.

"Oh no, no. Shawn has a point there Sis." HHH smirked at the glare he was confronted with. "I think he does actually have blond hair." He stroked his chin thoughtfully.

"…but whether or not it comes from a bottle is under debate." Shawn muttered under his breath. Snickers escaped from both wrestlers.

Victoria groaned—audibly. "Not that it actually is any of you alls business…but there is absolutely between—"

"Ohhh…I think we both know that. Don't we, Shawn?"

Victoria noted that her brother-in-law had the uncanny ability to magically become dead-pan and serious. Apparently he could do this at will.

"Pictures are worth a thousand words, Hunter…" Of course Shawn wouldn't ride in on his white horse and save the day. It was only Victoria. Victoria eyed her Godfather, noting the mischievous twinkle in his eye. Nope. No help there. "I was actually beginning to think they'd managed to glue themselves together."

"Look. Chris and I are friends. That's IT." Victoria protested. "You know…like you two? Without all the gratuitous butt slapping and penis jokes?"

Shawn pondered the statement, looking to HHH—who was also letting the words sink in. "Nope…don't follow you." He shook his head rather innocently.

"That's actually quite interesting." HHH stroked his chin. "Cause I sure as hell could have sworn that I caught you making out with that same cocky, self-absorbed, Canadian on the way TO the party last night…"

Victoria glared at the television, heat rising to her cheeks. "I know you're jealous Paul, but you're not my type." Shawn snickered. "And you? That's just naaaaasty, Uncle Shawn."

It was HHH's turn to smirk at the blow that his partner in crime had been dealt. "Yeah well…I did notice that I wasn't the one holding your attention, during my speech last night." HHH snickered.

"You wanna sleep on the couch for the rest of your life, Paul?"

Paul swallowed hard. He'd already been bunking on the couch. The last thing he needed was for Stephanie to get any more ammunition.

Shawn snickered. "So…" He put a fatherly arm around Victoria's shoulders, much to her chagrin. "You want to fill me in on exactly what this thing is between you and the Ayatollah or whatever the hell he's calling himself this week? I won't tell annnyone. I promise!" Shawn Michaels actually crossed his own heart.

Victoria's eyebrow shot straight up. She glared at Shawn out of the corner of her eye. "No. No nothing. No thing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. The end."

"So I guess it doesn't matter that he was looking for you earlier, huh?" HHH piped in, innocently.

Victoria's head whipped around to HHH. "And you didn't TELL me?"

"I guess that answers our question, doesn't it, Shawn?" HHH and Shawn grinned at each other.

Victoria glared a hole straight through the forehead of "The Game". HHH held his hands up in defeat. "I—I think I'll just go grab a drink from catering. I'll catch you later, Shawn…" He opened his mouth to shoot yet another jab at his young sister-in-law, but quickly abandoned the thought.

Shawn now sat on his own chair backwards, his arms resting on the back of the chair. He was thankful that his friend had enough sense to leave voluntarily. No way would he ever be able to have any sort of productive conversation with his Goddaughter with anyone else around. "You want to tell me what's going on?" Shawn questioned his Goddaughter with a serious sort of quietness befitting the situation.

Victoria glanced at him, ready to deny the plea without batting an eyelash, but the look of extreme concern spread across his face gave her occasion to reconsider. "I'm tired, Uncle Shawn…I'm tired." The weight of an entire world coming to bear down on her shoulders, Victoria studied the cement floor. It was an odd sensation—the muscles in her eyes were twitching—but no tears fell down her cheeks. For the first time in her life, Victoria was becoming familiar with how it felt to be empty inside—and it frightened her.

Not knowing what else to do, Shawn wrapped his arms around the young woman. "I know you are sweetie." He squeezed her again before returning to his previous position. He smoothed her hair, giving her a weak smile. The image of the young woman who looked back at him sent a knife straight through his heart. Victoria truly looked like she was running on empty. The spark he had seen in her eyes, while he watched her growing up was all but gone. For the first time in her life, she had really given up, and the almighty Shawn Michaels had ran out of answers.

Victoria opened her mouth, but shut it after several seconds, resorting to shaking her head instead.

"Have you…tried to talk to him?" Half-asking, half-urging, Shawn proceeded with extreme caution. Victoria shook her head mournfully. "Well…Sweetheart…don't you think you should? I mean…before you give up on him completely?"

Victoria rubbed her eyes. "I just—can't. Every time I look into that man's eyes…there's nothing there. It's just cold…and just…" Despite the heat of a late-afternoon in Florida, Victoria felt a chill come over her entire body.

"Blank, soulless, like looking into the eyes of the devil himself?"

Damn you to hell, Paul. Victoria cursed her brother-in-law, before returning her attention to the screen in front of her. Shane had found her, but that didn't mean she had to respond to him.

"Well actually, I was kinda thinking along the lines of…he has eyes like a beady, little rat." Shane and Michaels had a short laugh over that quip. Victoria shot her Uncle Shawn a death glare out of the corner of her eye. Shawn fidgeted in his seat nervously before getting up. "I ah….I hear Hunter calling me…I'll just…go and see what he needs." He smiled brightly before making a quick exit.

And you wonder why I never actually talk to you, Uncle Shawn. Victoria feigned extreme interest in what was happening on the screen in front of her—anything that would help her ignore the presence of her Big Brother.

"I know what you're thinking." Shane assumed the same sort of interest in the monitor that his Sister showed.

"Oh…are you still here?"

Shane couldn't help but to smile. "I probably deserve that, so I'll let it slide—just this one time."

"Don't you have people to boss around?"

Shane reached over and turned the monitor off. "Clever, Sis. But I'm not going to let you change the subject." He shook his head. "Now see…I thought that maybe…just maybe the reason my little Sister wasn't returning my calls last night…was because she had gone to bed early…to rest up for today!"

Victoria smiled sarcastically at Shane.

"But seeing as how you apparently haven't gotten your beauty sleep…"

"Don't go there, Shane." Victoria hissed.

"There's my Little Sister…" Shane beamed. "And I did—just go there, by the way." Shane was thankful to finally get some sort of reaction out of Victoria.

"And your paisley shirts—did go straight in, the garbage." Victoria managed a perfect imitation of her Big Brother down to the cadence of his speech. She smirked, seeing that her jab had been fruitful.

Shane smiled, nodding his head. "And you do—look like Carlito, when you first wake up in the morning." Mocking the exasperated look on his Baby Sister's face, Shane made loud noises as if he had just burnt his hand on a stove.

"Oh…and by the way? It was your little boyfriend who told me where you were…" Shane resumed his serious tone of voice. "I guess that means he's going to be sleeping on the couch too, right?"

Victoria looked at Shane incredulously. "First of all, I don't know who the hell you're talking about—"

"Yeah—right." Shane snickered.

"I don't, Shane. And second, even if I do…how the hell would I know about any guy's sleeping arrangements…?"

"Uh-huh. So what I came here to talk to you about—"Shane completely ignored his sister's protests. He knew better. "You know…I'm not the one who's in deep shit right now because she ducked out of the family pictures last night…" Shane held up his arms.

"Psh. You've got to be kidding me. I don't know what you're trying to pull, but I'm not buying it Shane…I'm really, really not…"

"I'm not trying to pull anything!" Shane protested a little louder than he wanted to. "You're the one who wanted to be a part of this family." Shane held his hands up, only to note that Victoria was still shaking her head at him. "You'd best get your act together, Vicky."

"My act?" Victoria folded her arms over her chest.

"You heard me." Shane looked her directly in the eye. "You also know what the hell I'm talking about." Victoria snorted and tried to get up, only to find that a strong hand was holding her still. "This whole…writing letters and disappearing…or blowing up and disappearing—it may have worked with those screwballs on the other side of your family…but this is not how things work in the McMahon family."

Tell me something I don't know Shane. "Oh I'm well aware of that, Shane."

"No. What you're aware of is what happens on screen—"

Victoria cut him off. "Once again, something I'm very well aware of."

Shane shook his head in disgust. "Look. I'm not going to try to patronize you and tell you that storylines and real-life never intermix. I know you know better than that."

Victoria couldn't help but to concede that point to her Brother. She nodded slightly.

"Of course" Shane ran his hand through his head, trying to stall for time. "Look. I'm not happy about what you had to say to me, last night. But I am happy that you did it." Shane spotted the softened look in Victoria's eyes. He only prayed he wouldn't make a fool out of himself this time. "I worry about you, Victoria. I have…longer than you'll ever know."

Victoria shook her head. "I'm fine. Always am. Always will be."

"No. You're not fine, Victoria." Shane looked at her seriously. He swallowed hard. "I wish—" Shane's voice was on the verge of cracking. "If I had known—had any clue-- I would have taken you myself."

Shane's eyes started to water. Instinctively, Victoria reached over and squeezed his hand. "It's not—"

"NO." He knew he was as much to blame as anyone else. "I could have…I should have done something, Victoria. And I really…I really want to be your Brother…" He looked at her, searching her eyes for some hint of an answer.

"You are Shane. You are."

"If you really mean that…promise me something?"

Victoria eyed him quizzically, causing Shane to smile weakly. "No…it's not about the Shane O Mac jerseys you had stowed away…" Victoria gasped, the heat instantly pooling on her cheeks. Shane smiled inwardly. Of course my Baby Sister loves me. I'm Shane O'Mac, damnit! "You could have just asked me, you know." Shane whispered, giving Victoria just enough time to recover. "Anyways." He cleared his throat, this time reaching for HER hand. "The next time…you need to talk to someone—I don't care what I'm doing…kick, yell, scream, throw things—preferably not at me…" Shane smiled at the tiny giggle he heard. "But just talk to me? Or if you can't…talk to Stephanie…or Shawn…or Mom?"

Victoria looked just a tiny bit confused. Was Shane leaving out a key somebody on purpose?

"Or…you know…if you're feeling exceptionally…" Shane looked around, searching for the right word. Shane scratched his jaw thoughtfully. He finally gave up. "…you could always try talking to him, too. You might have to hit him over the head a couple of times with a steel chair…but eventually, Dad will listen." Especially when you start dropping names like Ted Turner, Bret Hart and Eric Bischoff. "The point is—no matter what's going on, you will always have someone right there with you….ok?"

Victoria nodded gravely. So what if the little talk had come off a bit too—well, Shane must have stayed up late watching re runs of "The Cosby Show". For some strange reason, Victoria was starting to feel like he was being honest with her. And for once, it helped.

"Good. Good." Shane smoothed her hair. "Can I--" He looked at her apprehensively.

Victoria eyed him—once again.

"I don't suppose you'd want to hug me, or anything" Shane shrugged, pouting the entire way.

Oh man. You sure as hell know how to work it, don't you? Normally, Victoria would have dismissed such a gesture. But between everything she had just witnessed, and the completely beaten down person that sat before her, her heart was genuinely torn. Victoria sighed. What the hell. Cautiously, she wrapped her arms around her brother. She even kissed him on his cheek—for good measure.

"God, don't scare me like that ever again, Baby Sis…" Shane whispered the same sentiment over and over, his arms wrapping increasingly tighter around her shoulders.

Victoria rested her head on her Big Brother's shoulder, enjoying the feeling of being cared for.

"I just LOVE family reunions! It just—" Jericho swaggered towards them. "It's just so damn touching!" With a flourish, he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and blew his nose—loudly.

"Do you MIND, Jericho?" Shane was more than a little annoyed at the disturbance, especially when he was about to win "Brother of the Year".

"If he blows any harder, his mind will be coming out of his nose." Victoria muttered under her breath, burying her head into her brother's shoulder.

"You actually think there's something up there?" Shane muttered back, during one of Jericho's hysterically melodramatic sobbing fits.

"I LOVE YOU ALL!!" Jericho wrapped his arms around Shane and Victoria both, attempting to butt his way in to the moment.

"EWWWWW GOD!" Victoria yelped as Chris planted a rather sloppy kiss on Victoria's lips—at least, that's what he was aiming for. At the very last second, Victoria had been able to turn her head so that Chris lips met the corner of her mouth.

Chris smirked. His eyes met Shane's. An extremely tense showdown ensued. Victoria wriggled out of both men's grasp and pushed her chair back. Shane and Chris turned their attention to her. "Don't mind me. I'd really like to see you try this one, Chris…" She folded her arms over her chest, waiting for the ball to drop, or, in this case, the first fist to fly.

"Well…that is a bit…." Chris rubbed his chin. "…that's a bit kinky, even for you, Bunny. But…if that's…"

Shane shot up from his chair, pushing Jericho back so that he was at least an arm's length away. "Don't you even fucking try it, Jericho!"

Victoria stifled a giggle. She hadn't had a chance to see Shane get upset—seriously upset. And it was really quite funny.

Chris clamped his hands over Victoria's ears. "Watch your MOUTH! There are children here!!"

"And I'm looking at him!" Victoria slapped at Chris' arms until he took his hands away.

"See? Now look what you've done!" Jericho whacked Shane upside the head.

Victoria gasped. "YOU DON'T GET TO DO THAT!" She jumped up, quickly going to her bewildered brother's aide.

"Do what?" Jericho shrugged. "I didn't do anything. I don't know what you're talking about." Suddenly, the state of his manicure had taken on an entirely new place of importance. "Damn…I should ask Edge where he gets his nails done…"

Victoria reached over and whacked Chris upside the head—hard.

"Damnit, Bunny!" Chris rubbed the back of his head. "What the hell?"

Victoria smiled sweetly. "You can not hit my brother Shane."

Chris snickered uncontrollably. "My brother, Shane? My BROTHER, Shane? MY BROTHER, SHANE?"

"YES. HER BROTHER, SHANE!" Shane was convinced that Jericho had begun stalking him. Ever since they arrived in Florida, it seemed as though Jericho just happened to pop up at the most opportune times.

Chris wiped the tears from his eyes. It was too good to be true. "My God you've been spending way too much time with your sister, Stephanie." Jericho continued to laugh at himself.

"You know what, Jericho? I think you should go take a nice long walk off a very short bridge." Shane didn't have time for Jericho's elementary antics.

Victoria put her arm around Shane. "Don't worry about it; I know how to get rid of him." She winked. Victoria went to stand directly in front of Jericho. She waited. Her presence alone should have been more than enough to secure his full and complete attention. Judging from the fact that he was doubled over on the floor laughing—it wasn't. Resorting to her back of time-honored and proven tricks, she placed her hands on her hips and began to tap her foot—irritated. "HEY!" Victoria yelled out, trying to get Chris' attention.

Even Shane couldn't help but to wince at the tone of Victoria's voice. Chris looked up at him, holding his ears. "And to think—she could do that before she ever met the other one…"

Shane shuddered. One Stephanie was more than he could handle.

Victoria growled. Reaching in front of her, she slapped Chris upside the head, yet again. Shane snickered at Chris who was, once again, massaging the back of his head. Victoria turned her attention to her Big Brother, slapping him upside the head, just as she had done Chris. It was now Chris' turn to snicker at this sudden turn of luck. "Hurts…doesn't it, Shane O'Mac?"

Shane glared at Chris. No one upstaged Shane O'Mac. Especially not his Baby Sister. He cleared his throat. "I suppose for a performer of your particular caliber it would hurt." If Steph teaches her to bitchslap, we're all in deep shit.

The two men proceeded to boost their own egos by throwing around a few choice words. "You know what I think?" Victoria stepped in between the two, clearly having had more than her fill of Shane O'Mac vs. Y2J.

"You want me to kiss you again?" Jericho made obnoxious kissy sounds, making his way towards Victoria.

Victoria was horrified. "I think that when my Daddy fires your ass, I'm going to have a party!" Victoria shoved Chris back before taking cover behind Shane—much to the later man's amusement.

"Where, oh WHERE have I heard this before?" Jericho groaned melodramatically, to no one in particular. "Haven't we already had this discussion Princes…err…I mean Steph….err…I mean….Bunny?" Jericho grinned at a very flustered Victoria McMahon. "Why don't you just save yourself the trouble….because we both know you're never going to tell your Daddy anything….and just…go ahead and kiss me? Hmmm? One little kiss?"

Oh Chris, don't. Pleasssse, don't. Shane prayed, however late he was catching onto Jericho's little scheme.

"Really? Is that what you think?"

"Duuuuh…how many times have you used that particular threat?" Jericho taunted, trying to see just how far he could push Victoria.

Victoria nodded. "Fine. Have it your way." Quickly, she turned on her heel and headed straight towards the office of the devil himself.

"Holy Shit, I didn't actually think she'd do it…." Chris snickered as he and Shane tried their damndest to keep up with Victoria.

Victoria turned to Chris one last time before knocking on the door to Vince McMahon's office. "Any last words, Christopher?"

Jericho and Shane exchanged glances before returning their attention to Victoria. Both men stood behind her, unable to say or do anything. White as sheets, they could not believe what they were witnessing.

Before she lost the nerve, Victoria pounded her fist into the door several times.


Victoria took a quick breath before inching her way into the office. What exactly was the point of this entire….?

Vince sat bent over a desk—littered with papers. "GODDAMNIT! WHERE IS THE REVISED SCRIPT?! YOU'D…better…" Vince looked up, ready to fire yet another screwball staffer, only to be surprised by who he saw standing in front of him.

Victoria winced, backing away from him—just a bit.

"Oh…it's….you…" His voice softened. "I didn't…is something wrong?" Vince was completely dumbfounded.

"I ah um…." Victoria ran her fingers through her hair—tucking it safely behind her ears. She caught Jericho's stifled snickers. That was all it took to remind her of her purpose. "That man" She pointed at Jericho. "That man—has been stalking me!" Victoria sniffed.

Vince sat back in his chair. "He's been….what?" Truth be told, he was still very much in shock that his daughter was speaking to him.

Jericho rolled his eyes. "Once again, you're—"

Vince eyed Jericho. "If I were you, I'd keep my mouth shut."

Victoria batted her eyes at Jericho, behind Vince's back.

Vince turned his attention back towards Victoria. "Now…what exactly is your problem with Chris?"

Victoria continued her sniffling routine, as if she were about to burst out into tears at the drop of a hat. "He…" Victoria's eyes began to water, more from the excess sniffling than anything else.

Concerned that his youngest child was about to go into hysterics in his office and that somehow he would be blamed, Vince got up and let Victoria over to the couch.

"I can not fucking believe…" Chris threw up his hands

"You've got to be—" Shane retorted, not even aware that Chris was speaking.

Vince shot both men a death glare that wiped the smirks off both their faces. "Go ahead. They're not going to say anything else."

"He….he pulled my hair!"

Chris was genuinely confused. "I…pulled your hair? When have I ever pulled your hair?! Pulled your chain…perhaps…well…yeah…but I never pulled your hair! You pulled—"

Vince was getting pissed. "Do I need to pull your chain?" Chris had no choice but to shake his head "No". He didn't want to give the boss any ideas.

"You did too! You pulled my hair! When I was SEVEN!" Victoria covered her eyes with her hands and began to "sob".

Chris stood there, racking his brain as if his life depended on it. He simply could not remember pulling Victoria's hair—all though, he smirked to himself, he probably did commit the crime.

"You're just making shit up--" Chris moaned. Vince shot him yet another look. Chris knew he ought to quit while he was still ahead.

Victoria looked at Chris as if he had just slapped her across the face. Her lips parted slightly, but no words came out. Frustrated beyond belief, she sighed, before hugging herself.

Chris ran his hand through his hair. "Victoria—look"

Vince held his hand up. "I think we've heard enough—from both of you." He motioned for Chris and Shane to leave.

Shane scratched his head. What the hell did I do? Why is he kicking me out too?

Chris shook his head before exiting the office while Shane continued standing in the same position—somewhat shell-shocked.

"Don't let him get under your skin, Vicky—you know how he is." Shane sat down on the other side of his sister, pinning her in-between Vince and himself.

Vince raised an eyebrow. Why are you still here? He eyed his son. God help him, but sometimes Shane could not take a hint.

Victoria wrinkled her nose at Shane.

"What? What did I do?" Shane held up his hands in self-defense. Judging by the looks on both his father and sister's faces, he was about to be strangled. "Vicky, come on! You liked me two seconds ago."

Victoria cut her father a glance out of the corner of her eye.

"Shane…don't you have something better to do?" Vince was trying to be nice about the entire situation. Shane had obviously been sucked into the entire scene. He just, Vince reasoned, needed a little help extricating himself.

Shane got up and walked towards the door—huffing and muttering to himself even after he had exited the makeshift office.

Several seconds elapsed before father or daughter dared to make a sound. Finally, Vince cleared his throat. "So…"

Victoria nodded her head, focusing her attention entirely on her fingernails—something that had become customary as of late. What exactly was she supposed to be saying to this man? Especially since this was only the second time she had spoken to him, in her entire life? "Hmm?" She looked over at Vince, cautiously.

Vince swallowed hard and adjusted his tie. "You know—" He motioned towards the door. "You know Irvine?" He looked anxiously at his youngest child.

Victoria rubbed her head. "Excuse me?" No way. There was absolutely no way that this was happening. I am SO not having this discussion with you—father or not.

Vince scratched his neck nervously. "Jericho. You two seem to….be getting along pretty well lately." Vince shrugged innocently.

Victoria groaned. "Ok. You want to know about my relationship with Chris?" She folded her arms across her chest.

Vince swallowed even harder. The only relationship HIS baby girl needed to be contemplating was the one she shared with HIM, not with some other man who would only steal her away—again. "I was just—"

Victoria cut Vince off, standing up from the couch. "Chris is—he's like…" Victoria paused, searching for the right words. "You know the type of person…no…that's not right." She scratched her chin. "Ok. I'll put it to you this way." She motioned towards the door. "Chris Jericho, the Ayatollah of Rock and whatever…the King of Bling Bling….the all powerful Fuzzy—"

Vince was a bit bewildered. "Don't you mean, Fozzy?"

Victoria rolled her eyes. "As I said, Fuzzzzzy, and, my personal favorite, BAM-BAM."

The smirk on her face reminded Vince of himself. No wonder people think I'm scary.

"He's….he's like an infection that you just can not get rid of. You just…you try to kill it with different antibiotics…and he's—" Victoria was on the verge of sneering at Vince. "…he's Matt Hardy. HE WILL NOT DIE!" She threw her hands up triumphantly before making her own exit—leaving her father sitting on the couch, alone, trying to make sense out of what had just occurred.