A/N: this story happens after the movies. Athena has revived all of her Saints in anticipation of another battle, needing their strength to succeed.

Conflicted Feelings

I am sitting in my room at the Sanctuary, watching my Saints training and laughing under the rain. They are still children. I can't help but to wonder at my Bronze Saints, they are 15 years old at most. The Gold Saints are not far off, aged between 19 to 25; not much better. I, myself am 14 years old, and Dohko is almost 264 years old.

He and I have taken what we could from our lives, but what about the others? They deserve a happy life, filled with laughter and joy, full of love.

I can't help but worry. Who will die in the next battle? What must we sacrifice to keep the peace?

The human part of wonders what happened to her lot in life. Being both Goddess and Human, I am pulled by both sides. I have the understanding and knowledge of a Goddess, and the emotions of a 14 year old girl.

The human part of me is tired of this bloodshed.

Saori wants to experience life; Athena knows that she has no time for that.

Saori thinks how she never wanted this fate, Athena understands that it has been and will always be her duty.

Saori wants to play in the rain like the little girl that she is; Athena meditates to free herself from human wants.

Saori wants to experience the warmth of another's love, Athena keeps true to her vow to Zeus, to never fall in love and lose her purity.

Saori is tired, wants a peaceful life, Athena wants the same but knows her own life is the price paid to keep the planet and its people in peace.

Saori feels sympathy for the Saints, wants to free them of their oath, Athena knows it is their duty, their calling and they must accept it.
Both sides of my soul call to me to do the right thing.

Saori knows that her desires are not significant in the face of her burden; the young girl must sacrifice all she was entitled to rightfully, to allow the others to follow their dreams and desires.

My door opens and my favorite Bronze Saints pile into the room. They are all smiling, even Ikki and Shiryu. Shun and Seiya laugh at a joke Hyuuga made. My heart fills with warmth, seeing their joyful expressions. They take my hand and drag me outside to play in the rain. Surprisingly, it is Ikki that holds my right hand, laughing and joking with the others.

Outside, we play games we are too old for, but have never played before. We have fun as we had never before. Even the Gold Saints are playing with us. It is funny to see those with long hair, grumbling, drenched and having difficulty at moving.

It is times like this that make me realize why I am fighting, why we are all fighting.

Perhaps I'll indulge myself this once, to make up for my lost life. Perhaps I'll aloe Saori one more chance to laugh and have fun. For in the next battle, Saori and Athena will disappear, to come back after 250 years, with a new life, a new name, and new companions.


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