The classroom was small. Tahiri hesitated at the door then took another deep breath and marched up to the teacher, handing him the slip of paper from her father. His name was Mr. Mason and he nodded to her before sending her to an empty seat in the back. She looked at the reading list and smiled, she had read most of them at her mother's insistence back home. So she'd have more time to find things to do in this overly crowded place. She spent the class thinking about where she'd go first and so was jolted out of her thoughts by the ringing of the bell. The boy sitting in front and to the right of her turned around with a smile. He seemed the overly helpful dejarik club type.

"Hey, you're the new girl. Tahiri Veila right?" He asked. She nodded, pasting another smile on her face.

"What do you have next?"

"Uh, Civilizations. In room 206." She replied after fumbling for her schedule for a moment.

"I'm over in 200, I could show you the way?" Yup, overly helpful.

"I'm Raynar." He added. They stood up and headed for the nearest set of stairs, there were no turbolifts in the school. She said goodbye to him outside his classroom and moved to hers 6 doors down. The rest of the day went by similarly, with people offering to show her to her next class. Usually boys, which surprised her.

Then there was a girl who sat in both her Math and Huttese classes, and they walked to lunch together. She was shorter than Tahiri's 5 feet 5 inches, and Tahiri couldn't remember her name. They sat at the end of a long table with several of her friends, whom she introduced her to. But she forgot their names as soon as they were spoken. Raynar waved to her from across the room.

That's when she noticed them, 6 kids different from everyone else. They didn't talk to each other, they didn't eat; though they each had a tray of untouched food in front of them, and they weren't staring at the new girl. AKA Tahiri. So it was safe to watch them without being noticed. They didn't look anything alike. Of the four boys one was big, well-muscled with dark, wavy hair. Another was smaller, slimmer, but still muscular, with hair the color of milk chocolate. The smallest was slim, with lean muscles showing in his bare arms, his head was covered with messy red-gold hair. And the fourth, the fourth was somewhere between the red-head and the chocolate haired one in height. With sandy brown-blonde hair and a lithe build.

The girls were opposites. One was tall and statuesque, with the build of a professional runner or swimmer. Her red-gold hair hung down her back in several braids, each held together with a bead or something of the like. The other one was short, with small features and hair to match the chocolate boy's hanging to her chin where it was cropped off. Yet, despite their differences, they were all exactly the same. With chalky pale skin and dark eyes. There were smudges beneath those eyes, like they were all insomniacs or were recovering from a broken nose. Though their noses, like all their other features, were perfectly straight and angular. As she sat transfixed, the small girl got up and took her tray –unopened drink, untouched food– to the trash where she dumped it and then loped out the back door faster than she had thought possible.

"Who are they?" Tahiri asked the girl, Danni; that's what her name had been. The other girl looked, though she had probably already known who Tahiri was speaking about from her tone. Then the sandy-haired one looked at her, as if looking up involuntarily when his name was called. His dark eyes flicked from her, to Tahiri, and then back to the table where he sat.

"That's Anakin and Jacen Solo. And Zekk Ennth and Tenel Ka Djo. And then there's Ben Skywalker. The one who left was Jaina Solo. They live with Dr. Skywalker, his wife, his sister, and her husband." She answered with a giggle.

"They're…very good looking." Tahiri said haltingly.

"Yeah! But they're all together. Jacen and Tenel Ka and Jaina and Zekk, I mean."

"Which ones are the Solos? They kinda look related but…" Tahiri asked, trailing off with a slight shrug.

"Well, Jacen and Jaina are twins. Anakin's their younger brother. Ben's their cousin. Zekk and Tenel Ka are adopted." Danni answered.

"Have they always lived here?" Tahiri asked.

"No. They just moved out here around two months ago, from Corellia or something." Danni replied, as if Tahiri should know this already no matter how new she was. Tahiri continued to watch them until the sandy-haired one looked up and met her eyes again, this time with real curiosity in his face. She looked away quickly, noticing something like unmet expectation in his eyes. He turned to speak to the others and then they all stood and left, depositing their untouched food in the trash and moving from the cafeteria with un-heard-of grace.