HalxDave, SnakexOtacon of Metal Gear Solid which belongs to Kojima sensei.

Hal Emmerich walked down a couple of the lonely apartment steps. He'd gone from one of the best known hackers, to a simple worker in tech support, to the unemployed lonely man that sulked upon those very steps. After months of trying for no reason he broke up with his girlfriend, he never liked her to begin with.

"Another fine mess," he muttered as he leaned against the cold railing. Small snowflakes began to caress his hair as he sat. Winter was not the best time to be homeless, maybe he could find a friend to live with. He tried to think through who would work best as a car drove up to the apartment building. He didn't have his glasses to see the figure, and didn't even notice them getting out of the car.

"Hal," the figure said, getting closer. Hal sat there not fazed. Maybe he could contact Dave, he was almost sure he wouldn't mind, but then... The reason he stopped living with Dave was because... "Are you still refusing to talk to me?" the voice rang out again. It didn't sound real to Hal though; he was too deep in thought. No, he didn't want to be a burden to Dave anymore... "Hal, you awake in there?" Suddenly he felt someone lift his head up to look at him. Through a small blur, he could make out brown hair and light blue green eyes.

"D-Dave," he said as he tried to get up. "How long have you been here?" Dave shook his head.

"What's going on?" he said, "you seem pretty distracted." Hal picked up his bag. What he wouldn't give to be able to stay with Dave again. "Are you moving?"

"Something like that," Hal said as he rubbed his eyes. They hurt from being strained, he always wore his glasses.

"Where to?" Dave said as he took the bag from Hal. "I can help you know."

"Don't know," Hal replied with a shiver. "I got kicked out today..." Dave looked at him sympathetically.

"You can always come live with me again," he said as he put the bag into the taxi. "I really miss your company." Hal blushed a bit as he slowly made his way to the taxi, unsure of what to think. "You look like hell..." Dave went on, "where are your glasses?" Hal shook his head as he finally got into the car.

"Vanessa broke them." He said bluntly as he buckled in and closed his eyes again.

"Who?" Dave said as he fastened his safety belt.

"My ex," Hal said quickly, "I broke up with her and she didn't take it to well." Dave nodded in understanding.

"Where to sirs?" The taxi driver cut in. Hal didn't mind, he'd rather avoid the subject.

"Eyewire," Dave said, trying not to chuckle. Just the thought of that name reminded him of the old days. Rather than being the simple words on a poster however, it was also a shop for glasses. The driver nodded and started off.

"I don't really have any..." Hal looked down, he felt so hopeless, "Vanessa made me leave almost everything there." Dave put his hand on Hal's shoulder in a familiar way.

"What's to say I won't help?" he said as he kept his eyes on the window. "Unless you still don't want to be friends..." Hal looked up with surprise.

"Why wouldn't I?" It made no sense to him at all.

"You never returned my calls," Dave said, "I left some messages on your answering machine every few months but got nothing back." Hal sighed.

"I'm sorry Dave," he said quietly. "Vanessa... She just really hated you, she probably deleted your messages before I got home." Dave laughed uneasily.

"What do you mean?" he said through the laughter. "I don't even know who she is." Hal knew he'd said too much and quickly thought of a way to fix it.

"She's really possessive," he said dryly, "and I thought only guys could be like that..." Dave looked him up and down.

"She didn't ever hit you did she?" Hal shook his head.

"Loved me too much for that," he said. "The problem was that I never really cared about her."

"And here I thought all this time you were doing well," Dave said as he stretched slightly. "If I knew she was a creep I would have came earlier."

"Thanks," Hal brushed his hair back a bit. "Everything would have been fine if I didn't... Never-mind." Dave glanced at him slightly, but decided to shrug it off.

"Eyewire you said, ne?" the taxi driver said as he pulled over.

"Keep the motor running," Dave said as he opened the door to step out. Hal did the same and tried to avoid oncoming traffic as he found his way to the curb. "You're sight must be really bad." Dave grabbed his hand and led him into the shop.

"It's not that bad," Hal said as he allowed himself to be pulled. "I just don't make a habit of walking around without them." Dave snickered.

"That's true," he said as Hal tried looking around. "I've never seen you without them unless you were sleeping, and now of course." They approached the counter and were greeted quickly by a woman with a pair of her own glasses.

"How can I help you Mr. Emmerich?" she said cheerfully, Hal looked down and pulled the pair of broken glasses out of his pocket.

"I kind of..." he felt horrible. He just bought those glasses last week.

"Clumsy as always huh?" she pulled out a few papers and read down them as she spoke, "here you are, nearsighted... Uh huh... Uh huh..." She turned around to the wall and found the right selection and brought it down for Hal. "You here to help him sir?" Dave nodded as he worked his way down the line and saw Hal's regular style.

"Here we are," he said as Hal took them from Dave's hand. "Unless you want something new." Hal shook his head.

"Those glasses were different for once," he said as he was finally able to see properly again. "I'd rather stick with the old for now." Dave got out his wallet as the woman at the counter rung up the price. Dave couldn't wait to go home again.