"You mean that thing about Shadow Moses

"You mean that thing about Shadow Moses?" he said as he put his finger to his mouth. "I read the first couple of lines, but I felt bad about it." He got onto his knees with Hal and tried to gain his eyesight. "It didn't feel right reading something that wasn't mine," he went on, "that's like listening in on someone else's codec call, you just don't do it." Hal tried not to laugh, the mans logic was simple, but honest.

"Then why did you... Just now," Hal breathed as Dave sighed.

"That was mainly for myself," he said in a low voice, "thought the mistletoe would cover for me..." he shook his head. "Can't be right all the time I guess." Hal looked at him carefully. "I... To be honest, there's something about you I can't help but love." with just these words, Hal froze. "I never planned on telling you..." he added quietly, "but after you left, I couldn't take it anymore. Mei Ling had to actually track your address down for me in the end, no one knew."

"I didn't want anyone to know," Hal sighed, "I wanted to forget everything..."

"So," Dave said, "it was that bad just to live with me?" Hal shook his head as a tear rolled down his face.

"It was and it wasn't" he said as he wiped the tear away. "I loved the fact that I could just be near you..."

"But I told myself every day it couldn't be..." he leaned himself cautiously into Dave's arms. "The more I loved you, the more it hurt." Dave wrapped his arms around Hal, who lifted his face to see Dave's eyes, they looked like ice no matter what, but his expression always hinted at the opposite. Leaning forward, he allowed his lips to brush with Dave's, who gladly ran his tongue along the bottom of his lip. Hal opened his mouth slightly, letting Dave's tongue slide in to caress his own. Dave lifted a hand to Hal's cheek and slowly pulled out of the kiss. Dave nuzzled Hal's nose as they heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Dave called as he shook his head, trying not to laugh.

"Natsu-Hatsu Urinashi!" the door said back as the intruder started scratching, "can we come in?" Dave sighed happily and got up.

"He was supposed to be here in a couple days," he said as he opened the door, "what made you come back early?" Natsu fidgeted a bit.

"Nothing," he said as he tried to look sad, it wasn't working. "I don't know anything about a specific and unnamed taxi driver keeping tabs on you for the ultima of SNAKEXOTACON!" Hal's eyes went wide as he sat up against the door.

"Ultima of what?" Snake said, slightly annoyed.

"It's a fandom term used," Hal tried to explain with his own confusion. "Adding X to the characters names means that's how the fan intends they be coupled..." Natsu smiled widely as Sunny walked up with her backpack.

"Uncle Dave!" she said happily as she hugged his knee, "uncle Dave I had so much fun!"

"Perfect timing Sunny," Natsu said as he started to run off laughing and got into his car. Sunny looked to the side of Dave's knee to see Hal sitting up against the door hinge.

"Uncle Hal!" she all but screamed as she ran into his arms, "uncle Hal where did you go?"

"What matters is he's back," Dave said as he bent down next to them, Sunny nodded, rubbing her cheek up against Hal's while doing it, forcing Hal to laugh. Dave got up and walked to the stove to move the eggs around a bit, glad they hadn't burned. "Are you hungry Sunny?" the girl nodded, but refused to let go of Hal as he stood up with her. Dave grabbed three plates and proportioned them with eggs and bacon as he grabbed the toast and gave one piece to Sunny, one for himself and two for Hal.

"We're not having sandwiches?" Sunny asked as Hal sat down with her, "or noodles?" Hal laughed and was handed his plate and started eating.