Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible. Disney does. I do however own several action figures still in box. This story isn't for the kiddies. It's gonna contain naughty bits. But not full blown naughty happy stuff. Hope you enjoy this one shot.

Someone being naughty on the Internet yeah!

Ron logged onto his yahell account. He noticed that Kim was on. He clicked on her name and typed:

Booya123: Hey KP how is the most badical girlfriend in the world doing today?

Worldsavingred: I'm fine. Got a new webcam today. Wanna see??

Booya123: Uh yeah.

Worldsavingred has invited you to view her cam

cam view accepted.

Worldsavingred: what do you think of the quality?

Booya123: It rocks. I can see every detail of your room and the fact you are wearing a towel.

Worldsavingred: Yeah you caught me coming out of the shower.


Worldsavingred: You know that emoticons went out like about three years ago.

Booya123: the smiley never dies. NEVER DIES!

Worldsavingred: ok ok chill.

Booya123: sorry i like all caps sometimes. Like i like other things. wink wink

Worldsavingred: Like when I flash you on cam? Or when I cook?

Booya123: flashing most def flashing. Your cooking can put someone in the biohazard ward.

Worldsavingred: that is not a nice way to get your gf to flash.

Booya123: sowwy

Worldsavingred: I'll think about it.

Booya123: PWEESE with nacos on top (mmmmmmm nacos drool)

Ron's eyes nearly popped from his skull when he saw the towel vanish for a moment only to return. The image of Kim's nakedness still lodged in his mind.

Worldsavingred: how was that lover boy.

Booya123: Two words for that, ah boo and ah ya.

Worldsavingred: You're weird, but I like weird.

Booya123: I'm the whole package, i can cook, i'm weird in my own little way, and i've got a tonuge that goes past my chin.

Worldsavingred: you do know that it's spelled tongue right?

Booya123: tonuge, tongue whatev it's the licky part of the body.

Worldsavingred: you do know that's not a word.

Booya123: which one?

Worldsavingred: licky

Booya123: but it's in the urban dictionary.

Worldsavingred: so is donkey punch


Ron saw Kim laugh at his reaction. He really wished he had a webcam so that she could see him, then the idea struck him. Duh I live like right down the block.

Booya123: can i like come over?

Booya123: didn't mean to type the

Worldsavingred: sure give me like ten minutes to dress

Booya123: can I watch?

Author's note. The spelling errors are there on purpose. I just see Ron as a lousy speller. I hope you guyes liked this little ficlet. Just a little plot bunny that had to escape.