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Chapter One

Good evening and welcome to another of my tales from the shadows. Tonight I will tell you of how some young people from the town of Domino got trapped in the shadows all because of their stupid curiosity and of course I sent them invitations to a Grand Ball at the Old McCready Mansion. Set back and enjoy the first story and this involves someone called Joey Wheeler………

When Joey got home from school today he checked the mail and found some kind of invitation to attend a ball at the McCready Mansion on Friday night. The invitation read:

You are invited to attend the Grand Ball at the McCready Mansion Friday night at eight o'clock, come to the address below and don't tell anyone about this or the invitation will be null and void. You will be receiving a package in the mail tomorrow and inside you will find several pieces of clothing that you are to wear. Remember come alone and don't tell anyone.

Joey stared at it and he looked at the envelope and there was no return address on it. He wanted to call Yugi and tell him but it said "tell no one" so he folded the letter and put it back into the envelope and put it in his dresser drawer and went to start dinner for him and his father. That evening after dinner, while he was doing his homework he kept thinking about that crazy letter and if he should go or not and then he thought "why not, it might be interesting and afterwards I can tell all the gang about it. He got ready for bed and as he fell asleep the letter started glowing and if you listened carefully you could hear evil giggling coming from inside the envelope.

The next morning as he got ready for school, Joey opened the drawer and there lay the envelope so it wasn't a dream and when he touched the envelope it seemed to be almost alive and it scared the hell out of him and he slammed the drawer and left his room and went to take a shower and got ready for school and as he closed and locked the front door, the drawer opened mysteriously and the envelope came floating out and landed on the floor and then as if by some magic the package that was mentioned appeared on the floor of Joey's bedroom for him to find when he got home from school.

Joey hurried to find the others and he was going to tell them what he got in the mail but as he met up with Yugi and was about to tell him, he forgot what he was going to say and they walked to school and as they found the others Joey had this horrible feeling that something really bad was going to happen but to whom and when he didn't know and it bothered him the entire day.

When the last bell rang and all the students filed out of school and went home, Joey and Yugi said good-bye and Yugi said "See you tomorrow." Joey nodded and something was making him walk faster and faster till he was almost running to get home. As he opened the front door, there laid some kind of package and then he remembered the letter and he cautiously picked up the package and placed it on the table and he went to touch it when it opened by itself and out popped the most wonderful suit and shoes and they floated around the room and then they landed on the table and Joey was terrified and tried to run away but something kept pulling him back.

Then he looked at the clock and he saw that it was five o'clock and he walked into the bathroom and took a shower and as he was toweling off he walked into his bedroom and there laid the suit complete with shirt, tie and cuff links and a pair of socks and shoes. After he got dressed the clock read seven and so he put on the jacket picked up his keys and left the house and walked to the address mentioned in the letter, when he got to the address he saw that the gate was open and the place was immaculately decorated and he could hear music coming from inside.

No one had seen Joey walk to the old place and if anyone walked by all they saw was a run down old mansion that needed to be bulldozed down because it was such an eye sore.

Joey walked through the gates and as he got up to the door it opened but no one was there. He went inside because he had to and as he got inside the door closed and his nightmare began. He looked around but saw no one then he heard someone call out his name and it was coming from the top of the stairs and he couldn't stop his feet from moving and so he climbed up the stairs and when he got to the top he saw this beautiful looking woman and she was motioning him to follow her and so he did.

He came to the end of the hallway and there was a room and the door was ajar and he pushed it open and there stood this vision of loveliness and she smiled at him and said "Come here and sit beside me on this bed."

What else could he do, he went over and as he sat down beside this lovely lady she smiled at him and touched his face and everything went black. When he finally came to he was lying on some kind of slab and all around him he could hear chanting and people dressed in long black robes with hoods over their faces. He tried to sit up but found out that he was tied down and then he tried to scream but he had no voice.

Then one of the figures walked over to where he was lying and the figure said "Welcome to our world and now you will never be able to leave." Then the figure raised it's arm and there in its bony hand it held the most evil looking dagger and as Joey watched the dagger came plunging towards his chest and when it was buried deep with in his chest he tried to scream and then he heard maniacal laughter and then he felt like his body was floating and when he looked down upon the body beneath him he saw blood everywhere and the eyes in the face of who he use to be was open and the expression on his face was one of horror and then he heard himself screaming and screaming and then everything went black.

Joey bolted up and fell out of bed and when he hit the floor he felt his chest and there was no dagger in it and he ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and found that he was alive. He walked back into his room and as he opened his bedroom door and walked out he screamed, it wasn't a dream he really was in the shadows and he knew that he'd never get out because he accepted that damn invitation.

Yugi couldn't believe that his good friend was really gone and no one knew where he had gone. All his things were still in his room and his father had been taken into custody because he had been the last person to see his son alive. He was finally released when they couldn't prove that he had anything to do with the disappearance of his son. To this day Frank Wheeler sits in a room at the Domino Sanitarium where he will be for the rest of his life. He went completely out of his mind when they couldn't find his son.

As for Joey's friends, well they'll all be joining him one by one, but that's another story…….

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