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Chapter Five

Good evening and welcome back, I can hardly wait for you to read this my fifth story, because this is the one where I get my revenge on the one who caused me to be in this cursed place in the first place. Ryou and Malik are my next victims so sit back and enjoy...

When the Yami's got back to Domino and they searched for everyone they couldn't find them and when Bakura hit the ground and screamed, well Yami and Marik knew that it wasn't going to be good.

Bakura got up and he turned to the others and he said "Napster is behind all of this and the only way to stop that bastard is I have to go to the Shadows and fight him."

Yami then said "You will not go to that place alone, we are involved now because our hikari's and the others are missing and if we don't do something and fast we will never get them back, so stop acting like some damn hero and lets find that portal and go get them back."

Ryou and Malik woke up and they weren't in the Game Shop anymore, in fact where they were scared the hell out of them because Malik whispered "I think we're in the shadows" and Ryou nodded that he agreed and then they heard maniacal laughter from all around them and then five hooded figures came walking up to them and then they heard "Well look what we have here, it's that little cry baby and his loser friend."

Malik tried to get up because he was angry but he couldn't move and neither could Ryou. Then one of the figures took off the hood and there stood Yugi and he walked over to them and he said "Soon you're both are going to join us here" then the other figures came over and they raised their bony hands and out of nowhere they all had these wicked looking knives and one by one they all started cutting and slashing both Ryou and Malik's bodies till they were litterly shredded and their remains were shrewn all over the place. Then the figures turned to look into the deep shadow area and Joey said "Master we've done as you asked, now do we get our just rewards?"

Then a lone shadow appeared and it walked over to where they were all standing over the dead bodies of their friends and then the shadow said "I have one more thing for all of you to do to show your loyalty to me. There are three people who are going to be coming into the shadows to try to kill me and all of you have to stop them and if you do this then I will promise that each of you get what you all deserve."

Only one person knew of where the portal was to the shadows and that was Shadi, so Marik contacted him and when he related what has happened Shadi immediately appeared and he said "All of you know that if you don't succeed in getting rid of Napster he will not only own the souls of the ones you are searching for he will also own your souls and there isn't a damn thing that anyone can do for you so make sure that you know what you're going to do when you enter the shadows because you'll only have one chance."

Shadi then closed his eyes and started chanting and then right in front of them appeared a portal and he said "Go and my Ra be with each of you and remember, Napster will use the others against you to try to prevent you from destroying him, you will have to be very careful not to harm any of the others or they will remain in the shadows forever." Then he disappeared and the three of them walked through it and into the shadows and to one of the hardest fights that any of them will ever have to fight.

As they walked through the shadows, Yami said "We have to have some kind of plan if we are to be able to destroy Napster and keep the young ones and the others safe."

Marik then said "We have to keep our tempers under control at all times because that bastard will use that against us by trying to get us to destroy the others for his own benefit, so please remember block out all emotions and let's go get our hikari's and the others and bring them home."

Deep within the shadows, Ryou and Malik now joined the others and as they went in search of the ones that would destroy their master, they were all able to make weapons appear just by thinking of them. Joey then said "This is our chance to get the Master to realize how loyal we really are and when we destroy the intruders he will reward us, so lets go destroy them."

Bakura and the others were walking through the shadows trying to find out where Napster and the others were, when Bakura stopped and fell to his knees and he said "Their all dead, that bastard killed everyone of them."

Yami then put his hand on Bakura's shoulder and he said "We need to keep our thoughts clear and not let that son-of-a-bitch to get inside our heads, if we don't fight the feelings then we're already lost so clear your heads and don't think of anything except destroying that no good for nothing bastard."

Napster stood there watching the others leave and he started laughing because he knew that it wouldn't be to long before he had Bakura's and well as the other two's souls and then he could send all of them to the deepest bowels of the shadows where they couldn't ever find their way out of. He went back into the shadows to watch all of this unfold and as he saw the others coming upon Bakura and his two unsuspecting friends he threw back his hideous head and laughed till his entire body started shaking.

Bakura stopped walking and he turned to the Yami and Marik and he said "We have company and if we don't do this right we will lose all of them to the shadows." So they all stood there and let the others come to them and as the Yami's watched as Joey, Tristan, Duke, Tea, Yugi, Ryou and Malik all approached them they could tell that they were almost lost to the shadows and that they didn't have time to waste, but something happened that changed their plans.

Napster had used some of his shadow magic and there in front of the Yami's appeared three swords and shields and as they looked at the others approaching them, they too had swords and shields and then Joey said "We do this for our Master!" Then they all started charging the Yami's with their swords held high and the only thing they could do was fight to stay alive.

As Joey and the others charged the Yami's they had to raise their shields and try to stop them from striking them with the swords because as Bakura said "They are made from shadow magic and are powerful and can strike us down if they hit us, so make damn sure that they don't hit us and we have to try to get near enough to them to absorb enough of the magic to turn it against them and we can make them seem to die when in reality all we're doing is making them go to sleep."

So as they fought with Joey and the others, they did get hit once or twice with those swords, but the Yami's were strong enough to fight off the effects of the shadow magic. One by one they were able to take down the others till Yami and Marik could take down the ones left so that Bakura could go find Napster and put an end to him once and for all, but he didn't have any idea how he was going to do that since Napster seemed to be more powerful then when Bakura fought him before.

Bakura ran in the direction of where he thought that Napster was in and sure enough he found him hiding in the shadows trying to stop Yami and Marik from defeating the others and as he was busy doing that, Bakura got behind him and he said "We meet again and this time I'm going to send you to the bowels of this world and when I'm through with you there won't be enough of you to put back together."

Napster spun around and there before him was the one person who defeated him once and now it seemed that if he didn't do something and do it fast Bakura was going to do it again. Napster raised his arm over his head as if to strike Bakura down when all of a sudden he screamed as he looked down and there sticking out of his middle was one of the swords that he had made to stop Bakura. Napster blinked and then he screamed as Bakura started chanting and then all of a sudden Bakura shoved the sword further into Napster and then there was a loud explosion that sent Bakura flying backwards as Napster's body blew up and went flying all over the shadows.

Bakura got up off the ground and then he started chanting again and the shadows appeared and they all grabbed pieces of Napster and consumed them and that was the end of his evil reign of the shadows. Now Bakura ran back to where Yami and Marik were and as he got near he heard Marik say "Are we to late?"

Yami said "We have to get them out of this place and we just might have a chance to bring them all back." Then the portal opened again and there stood Shadi and he said "We have to hurry we're almost out of time."

When they got back with Joey and the others Ishizu and Odeon were waiting and with Shadi's help they all began chanting and then Yami, Bakura and Marik all joined in and they kept it up all night long and then as the first light shown into the Game Shop, Shadi said "It will take a few weeks for them to recover completely but I think that they are all going to be alright."

As they waited to see if all of the young ones would all be alright, Ishizu sat down on her bed and she wrote a poem that reminded her of all that had happened:

The Calls Of The Night

The calls of the night

Chill the air

Breath is hard to keep

Death is on the horizon

Fear creeps in

Light fades

With the calls of the night

The calls of the night

Fills a room with no sound

Emptiness is next

Soon dread will be coming

With the calls of the night

The calls of the night

Will call you

Will you be ready

Or will it all be a dream

You'll never know but

The calls of then night will

Ishizu put the paper and pen down as tears ran down her face as she closed her eyes and prayed for a miracle to happen to bring her brothers and the others back to the ones that loved them.

It was early the next morning when everyone was asleep when Joey woke up and he looked around and he touched Yugi and he asked "Was that a dream or did it really happen?"

Then they all came to and one by one they sat up and tears ran down their faces as their loved ones opened their eyes and hurried over to embrace them in their arms and as Shadi watched this happen he softly said "We give thanks to Ra for bringing our loved ones back to us and for sealing that evil thing in the shadows for ever."

It took years for Joey and the others to get over what happened to them but today they are alright and have been able to get on with their lives with the help from Shadi, Ishizu and all the others...


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